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Why dream of the moon: interpretation of the dream?

Most of the dream books claim that the dreamed moon symbolizes the dramatic changes in the dreamer’s life, his desire to learn something new and unusual. Sometimes a dream like this can warn a person that he has vain hopes, his wish will not come true.

When interpreting the plot, one should take into account the appearance of the moon, its phase, the presence in the dream of other celestial bodies, their number, the actions of the dreamer.

Important points to pay attention to the correct interpretation of the dream are the appearance, color, shape of the moon:


Dream treatment

For a girl, a dream promises a marriage proposal, and for a young man — a fateful acquaintance with the future spouse

Much happiness

To quarrel with family members

In a cloud or fog

To the ailment of someone from close people. If the dreamer is going on a trip, then it should be postponed for some time.

The huge bright moon promises auspicious changes in all spheres of life. If a sleeping man was frightened of a big month, then this is a bad sign. He promises an intimate bond that will cause many troubles in the dreamer’s life.

To problems in the family because of love affair, gossip

Blood moon promises to quarrel, mutual insults and claims, conflict situations at work

For an interesting trip

Dreamer should expect invitations to the solemn event

A quarrel with a loved one is possible

Need more rest. This will avoid health problems.

The dreamer takes the opinions of people around him too seriously

Ahead of a sleeping person, important business negotiations await. If the face was strict, then everything will go smoothly and quickly. If the moon smiled and laughed, the conversation will be long, but it will bear fruit.

Blue moon on fire

To career advancement

To material difficulties

With dark spots

Greater danger or death of distant relatives

To a quarrel on the ground of jealousy of a loved one

Uncertainty in personal life

To deception or betrayal

Why dream of the moon: interpretation of the dream?

The interpretation depends on the phase in which the moon was:



Soon the dreamer will have the opportunity to realize his wildest ideas. They will bring not only moral but also material satisfaction.

However, it is worth waiting a little, not to commit hasty and rash acts. Such a dream also foreshadows a long journey.

Dreamer expects promotion through the career ladder, improvement of living conditions, meeting with the second half, the realization of the cherished desire. For a girl, a dream promises a marriage proposal or acquaintance with a worthy young man.

Sleep promises the dreamer success in personal life and issues related to finances. Such a dream has a negative meaning for those who are hiding from the investigation, since the crime will be solved. See the full moon by day — prepare for a momentous event

An unfavorable sign that promises treason and betrayal. There may be unexpected obstacles in the implementation of planned cases.

Why dream of the moon: interpretation of the dream?

Sometimes an unusual dream can occur in which several moons are seen at once. Interpretation depends on their exact quantity:

  • Two moons — A sign that a sleeping person can not decide in his personal life. The dream warns him that he may lose his other half because of his prudence, mercantile spirit, the desire to weigh and evaluate everything. It is alarming and scares people.
  • Three moons — a symbol of betrayal of a loved one, hostility to the sexual behavior of a partner.
  • Many moons in the sky — confusion and confusion in the affairs of the dreamer. Admire the many heavenly bodies — to a pleasant gift, good luck in business and prosperity.

Why dream of the moon: interpretation of the dream?

To dream of the moon and the sun at the same time is a good sign. Look at them — to the meeting with the second half.

Watch them carefully — for big profits. However, for a correct interpretation, you need to pay attention to what happens to the sun and the month:

  • Connect — to the birth of a son.
  • Fade fast — to pregnancy.
  • Illuminate the dreamer’s body — to move up the career ladder.
  • ABOUTthe bottom of the lights falls — to the wedding.

If you dream of a starry night and the moon is clearly visible, then this is a sign of success in business and good health. Seeing the month against the backdrop of the stargazing — to positive changes in the dreamer’s personal life.

To look at the reflection of the month and the stars in the water — to the attainment of spiritual harmony, deliverance from harmful thoughts.

If the moon turned into one bright star, the dream promises the realization of the planned event, but the result will be unexpected. If in a dream it was possible to observe how a star fell next to a month, and to make a wish at the same time — such a dream is dreaming of failure.

You should also consider who dreams of a dream with a month and stars:

  • a girl — a symbol of the imminent birth of a daughter;
  • young man — a sign that he is trying to stop loving someone.

Dreams of the moon may have other interpretations:



To commit an interesting journey in which the dreamer will meet his other half

Think carefully about all your steps.

To the fateful acquaintance with the future husband or wife

A lunar eclipse is an unfavorable sign that promises a dreamer an infectious disease or quarrel with a loved one. The dream also warns that the time has not yet come for the realization of the cherished desire.

When interpreting a dream, it is necessary to take into account what exactly happened to the heavenly body in a dream:

What happens to the moon


Sits down by the mountain

Sleep promises a stable and trusting relationship with the second half

Great happiness and luck. The dreamer can win the lottery, get a new position, buy their own housing or meet their love

Breaks apart

Dream promises reverent attitude of a loved one

The dreamer will commit an act of which he will be proud

To management praise

To receive unexpected news that will cause strong emotions

For a correct interpretation of sleep, it is important to take into account where the dreamer saw the heavenly body or its reflection:



To deception, betrayal, great disappointment

To make a big profit

To success in professional activity, advancement on a career ladder

In a bucket of water

Learn about the secret admirer

To a new hobby

To the invitation to a romantic date

By the arrival of guests from afar

To meet an old friend

To talk with the authorities

To unexpected news from afar

For a business meeting with new business partners

The dreamer’s creative inspiration will bring great success

A sleeping person will be able to solve a difficult question in an original way.

To intrigues and gossip envious

The meaning of the dream about the moon can change depending on who saw the dream:

  • Girl: if she looks closely at the month, this is a good sign. Soon the dreamer will get acquainted with a worthy chosen one or will unexpectedly meet an old friend who will become her lover.
  • Married woman: she should wait for a pleasant surprise or pregnancy, and not necessarily her own. If the dreamer is already in position, then she will have a boy.
  • The man: Soon he will be married to an intelligent, beautiful, and economic girl.

The actions of a sleeping person are of great importance for the correct interpretation of a dream:



To drastic changes in life

To a hopeless situation and despondency

To a new romantic acquaintance

Walk on the surface

To obtain a profitable business offer

To receive a joyful event

  • In the telescope — to commit a rash act.
  • Through binoculars — to the desire to surprise your other half.
  • From the window — to an unexpected profit.
  • Sitting in the hayloft — for a romantic acquaintance

Sit on the month

To an important conversation with your loved one

To warming relations with its second half

To career advancement

To the birth of a boy

The moon is one of the most mysterious symbols in human dreams, the interpretation of which many seers, magicians, psychologists, astrologers are interested in. Each of them has its own point of view on this matter:

Dream Interpreter


  • Full moon — to good luck in love and professional activities.
  • A huge month — to petty quarrels and troubles.
  • Lunar eclipse — to the emergence of an epidemic that will hit the environment of the dreamer.

A girl a dream in which she asks the moon about her fate promises marriage to a worthy man

  • Crimson moon — a warning about the ecological catastrophe.
  • Moonlight — obstacles in achieving this goal.
  • Split month — a person has difficulty choosing a life path.

Look carefully for a month — the dream of the dreamer to learn something new.

  • Reflection of the month in the water — to vain expectations.
  • Moonlight — for a trip to a faraway country. The journey will leave only pleasant memories.
  • New Moon — a warning that you need to protect your physical and moral strength
  • New Moon — to big profits, winning the lottery, inheritance.
  • Full moon — to serious changes in the life of the dreamer

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact on what day a person had a dream about the moon:

Day of the week


For promotion

Sign of desire for self-development

To the good news

To illness, weakening of immunity

To obtain a profitable business offer

Need to think less about work

To mutual love

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