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Why dream of talking on the phone: interpretation of the dream

Why dream of talking on the phone: a detailed interpretation of the dream

The interpretation of dreams in which a person had to talk on the phone depends largely on the details, so you need to take into account the topic of conversation, the identity of the interlocutor, the duration of the conversation and even the type of telephone (mobile or stationary). Also plays a role the place where the events occurred.

If there is no possibility to recover this information in memory, you need to prepare for the changes that will happen soon.

If there are problems in the field of love or relationships, as well as on the eve of important events in your personal life, the dream will have the following interpretations.

  • A married man will reconcile with his wife, if his interlocutor in a dream was one of the older relatives. A conversation with a wife can predict both the birth of a child and another reason why the family life will change. If the mother-in-law called and congratulated him on his birthday or other memorable event, friends would try to make the dreamer spend more time with them than at home.
  • The blank will take a serious decision concerning his relationship with the current passion. Unambiguous interpretation of sleep is missing. Likely the option that he marries her, and the one that offers to leave.
  • The young guy will be able to attract the attention of a girl he likes, if in a dream he was talking with his teacher or boss. The conversation took place in a friendly manner — the chosen one will respond to feelings in return; I had to apologize or make excuses — a declaration of love is better to be put off until later.
  • Married a little away from the family. It is possible that she will have a new relationship that she will hide from her spouse. If she was in a dream talking on the phone with an emergency dispatcher, in real life she lacks the warmth and attention of men.
  • A free lady will enjoy her loneliness. A telephone conversation with a deceased relative predicts her independent journey to where there is space and beautiful nature; Cheerful chatter with a friend — a sign that she will spend time in good company.
  • A young girl will marry a man with whom she has known only a couple of months. If she does not have such plans, cardinal changes in her professional activity await her. A student can transfer to another department.

During pregnancy, a telephone conversation with a doctor means that there is no reason to worry about the health of the mother and the future baby. Calling an ambulance in connection with the onset of labor, although in reality before the planned date is still a long time — the woman will have to go on maternity leave later than she had planned.

For older people, such a dream promises a meeting with school or university friends, their first love. However, if the conversation was negative and there was a feeling of irritation or depression, the bad news about those with whom there was once a close relationship is more likely.

Why dream of talking on the phone: interpretation of the dream

If you can remember not only the fact of talking on the phone, but also the place where it happened, it will help to decipher the dream in more detail.

Where did you have to talk on the phone?Interpretation
HousesTo changes in public life. A person will be respected or, conversely, he will lose his reputation, be invited to a new company, or his former friends will nullify communication.
At workThe situation that had previously caused bewilderment or anxiety will become clearer. Hiding from colleagues during a conversation, talking more quietly than usual — you can achieve your goals only after analyzing your capabilities and choosing the right strategy.
In the forest or parkThe dreamer will do most of the work, but all the laurels will go to another person.
On the streetHearing someone from passers-by talking loudly on the phone, the sleeper will be accused of excessive curiosity. Do not hesitate to speak on personal topics yourself — the behavior of a business partner or a loved one will seem suspicious
In the cafeMutual interest on the part of a handsome dreamer man. Such dream promises the guy rivalry in love affairs
Behind the wheelA person does not have the ability to make decisions independently, or he is dependent on many circumstances that he is not able to influence. Get a fine for talking and driving — temporary empowerment
In the phone boothThe basis of strong relationships are common interests.
In bedWithout warning guests descend. If a person was woken up in a dream by a phone call and he answered without getting out of bed, this is unfortunate.

Why dream of talking on the phone: interpretation of the dream

A call on a mobile phone symbolizes the desire to control the situation, on a stationary one, the interrelation of events from the past and the present can be traced.

The topic of the conversation, the duration and the mood are no less important if the sleeper wants to know exactly what the subconscious mind is warning him about.

What was the conversation on the phone in a dream?Value
Love cooingPromising discord in relationships in real life. If the voice of the second half seems unfamiliar or is strongly distorted by interference — this is to parting. A declaration of love uttered in the tube is a sign that a period soon will come that is favorable for all undertakings.
Business dialogueTalking with the boss, the dreamer raised a voice to him — to dismissal; quarrel with a business partner means changes in the system of cooperation; and the discussion of legal issues suggests that a person does not want to solve the problems of the company on his own and wants to pass them on to an employee of lower rank. A conversation with a former leader indicates positive changes in the dreamer’s life. Unemployed such a dream serves as a hint that now is a good time to find suitable vacancies.
Long chatter about anythingThis dream has several interpretations. According to the first of them, a person is waiting for an invitation to visit a very pleasant couple or a trip to a bachelorette party before a girlfriend’s wedding. According to the second, someone wants to use the sleeper for mercenary purposes and pretends to be a well-wisher to ward off suspicion from himself. The third interpretation is that acquaintances are tired of the dreamer’s empty promises and are about to break off any communication with him.
Pleasant conversationSymbolizes success. A conversation with a stranger took place — the person will have a powerful patron
Talk news, gossipIf the news was positive, unexpected perspectives will open before the dreamer. The topic of conversation was a disaster, an epidemic or war — it is worth preparing for failure in a seemingly simple and familiar matter. Learn gossip about yourself — to the deterioration of health
Short talk on the case
  • To call a doctor — a person will sacrifice something important for momentary entertainment; will indulge in meaningless pursuits instead of solving their problems.
  • To call a plumber or gasman — the subconscious mind makes it clear that there is a way out of the situation that bothers the sleeper, and you need not to despair, but to act.
  • Order food delivery — finding ways for self-realization. I had to call in several places and everywhere to hear the refusal — the dreamer would make a mistake when filling out the documents.
  • Call a taxi — plan a trip. The second meaning of sleep — will soon be cherished desire.
  • To give instructions to a subordinate is to forgive the one who has offended; let go of a situation about which a person has been worried for a long time
QuarrelSwearing on the phone with your loved one — a sign that in reality he does not want to work on the relationship, and the second half feels a dismissive attitude towards himself. Scandalize with the official — to the obstacles to the goal. Telephone clashes, in which not the dreamer himself participates, but a person standing nearby warns of impending danger or dissatisfaction on the part of an influential person.
Wrong numberThe sleeper experiences difficulties in communicating with someone, but also has no opportunity to break the contact. If the dreamer himself was wrong with the number and apologized to the one who picked up the phone, he would accidentally become a source of inaccurate information.

The conversation suddenly stopped — you need to reconsider their plans. To hang up, imitating accidental disconnection — the person was not ready for what is happening in his life now.

Why dream of talking on the phone: interpretation of the dream

The person with whom the sleeper had a telephone conversation was also important for the detailed decoding of the dream.

Who did the dreamer talk to?Value of sleep
Father or motherIf the dreamer is in a difficult situation and does not know what to do, the advice of an experienced person will help him. Talking on the phone with the deceased mother, who is calling from the next world — to miss a significant detail in an important matter
Husband or wifeMisunderstanding will arise in the relationship of spouses, even if they had previously understood each other perfectly. The second half called the work number — the stumbling block is that one of the partners pays too little attention to another.
Favorite boy or girlTo temporary separation
Ex boyfriend or girlfriendTo illness or mild ailment. If there was a proposal to renew the relationship, recovery will not be fast.
FriendsAn indication that the dreamer is heavy. Soon he will have to ask for help from the one he hurt.
ChildMore housework. Someone from the family may be sick and will need constant care.
ChiefGreat care should be taken when performing work tasks, as the management looks to the dreamer, evaluating him and deciding whether he is worthy of moving up the career ladder.
distant relativePeople whom the dreamer would not like to see at home will soon be informed that they are visiting. It’s impossible to refuse them
Person who likesTo successful completion of cases
EnemyYou should work on yourself, honestly evaluating all the strengths and weaknesses. This is the only way to avoid failures.
dead personYou should not hope that someone will keep your secret. Talking with the deceased on neutral topics (about music, weather) — in reality you need to be careful when dealing with competitors, important information may be leaked. To argue, swear — a person knows that his calculations are wrong, but refuses to believe it
Unknown manOn the way to the goal will constantly occur interference
Unfamiliar womanOpportunity to find a true friend

The authors of the dream books explain in different ways what the telephone conversation is about. Preference should be given to the option that seems most likely.

Dream interpretationInterpretation
MillerA woman should take into account the fact that her friends envy her position and at the first successful opportunity they will try to harm her. Talk about anything — to parting with your loved one, the cause of which will gossip
LongoIf outsiders were disturbed by the talker, interrupted him, then they would try to deceive him with reality. The conversation went smoothly — a person will be helped in a difficult moment.
FreudFor a man, a telephone conversation with a woman in a dream means a desire to have sex with her. If she was talking on a cell phone, she is well versed in the art of love.
HasseIn real life, foes plotted against the dreamer
TsvetkovaThe woman talked to her beloved — she would soon have a real meeting with him; a man called the lady of his heart — important changes will occur in his life
WangiIf you had to talk in a dream on the phone with a deceased relative, you should remember the content of the conversation. There is a high probability that there was a hint on how to act in a difficult situation
SlavicThe person will receive important news.
LofaA conversation with a loved one marks a good event in the life of the sleeper. A woman who dreamed of a telephone conversation with a stranger, will lead an intrigue on the side

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