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Why dream of taking the exam: interpretation of different dream books

Most dream books interpret the dream of the exam as a symbol of the dreamer’s anxiety and fear of the upcoming important event in his life. This responsible event will require a sleeping person to mobilize all physical and mental strength.

In addition, a similar dream plot characterizes the dreamer as an adventurous and gambling person who likes forbidden pleasures. However, accurate interpretation of sleep is possible only with regard to such details as the subject on which the exam was, the test location, the actions of a sleeping person.

If a student or a schoolboy dreamed an exam on the eve of this event in reality, you should not think about the meaning of the dream. This is a reflection of the student’s thoughts, feelings and experiences.

If a dream about an exam was dreamed of by a teacher who should soon take an exam while awake, then this characterizes him as an arrogant and proud person. You should change your attitude towards others.

Otherwise, this behavior can cause quarrels and conflicts with relatives and friends.

If a student was able to remember the number of the examination ticket, then it is imperative to learn it well, since these questions can be in real life on the exam.

If a dream dreamed of an adult, then this suggests that the dreamer has conceived a risky event and doubts his ability to complete the work he has begun.

In addition, the dream warns a sleeping person that the time has come to reconsider their views on life and change attitudes towards loved ones.

Why dream of taking the exam: interpretation of different dream books

One of the main points to pay attention to is the dreamer’s actions.



Taking an exam and feeling a sense of fear is a sign that the dreamer has a hidden desire to learn all the unknown and forbidden

  • If a person dreamed that he had passed the exam well, then this indicates his fear of smashing his face in front of the person to whom he feels sympathy. The reason for this is the fear of the dreamer to appear inexperienced and inept in intimate relationships.
  • In addition, a similar plot speaks of a properly chosen life path. Do not pay attention to criticism from the envious.
  • For a woman, the dream suggests that she can safely implement her ideas and plans.

Get a bad mark

The dream says that a sleeping person really wants to brag to his friends on victories on the love front

Not passing the exam is a symbol that it will take more time to solve an important problem than the dreamer expected.

Know nothing

Symbol of insecurity, isolation and problems in communicating with other people

Go to retake

Sign of the need for great effort to achieve the goal

Being late for an exam at the institute is a sign that it is important to do everything in time to achieve the goal.

The dreamer will manage to get out of a difficult situation with honor

A sign that a sleeping person vainly condemned or criticized someone. You need to reconsider your decision.

  • The dreamer will have to do hard work, however, his efforts and hard work will be appreciated.
  • In addition, this plot characterizes the dreamer as a shy and unsure person.

Cheat from another person

Sleeping person is difficult to contact friends for help in difficult times.

See someone else rent

If the dreamer dreamed that the test is being taken by someone else instead of him, then this is a sign of the need to help someone from close people. Should look back and change attitudes towards their relatives

Why dream of taking the exam: interpretation of different dream books

You can clarify the meaning of sleep, if you remember what subject the exam was on.

What was the exam subject?


The dream foreshadows the dreamer a serious conversation, during which he will need to clearly articulate and express his thoughts, avoiding allegories

In English language

A dream foreshadows a long trip in which the dreamer will meet interesting people.

The dreamer is very sorry for the act that he once committed, and would like to fix it

In Russian

In the near future, you should be especially careful when drafting and signing important documents.

You should pay attention to health, more rest. Otherwise, it will not be possible to avoid the development of the disease.

Why dream of taking the exam: interpretation of different dream books

If the dreamer used a cheat sheet to successfully pass the exam, the meaning of the dream may change.


Interpretation of sleep

To serious changes in personal life

Hand over with cheat sheets

If you managed to successfully use the cheat sheet, then this is a favorable sign. He foreshadows success and luck in all areas of the dreamer’s life. The time has come when you can implement the most daring ideas and projects

Cheat sheet was useless

This is a sign that you need to use simple and proven methods to solve important issues.

Being caught with a cheat sheet

Sleep is a warning that it is better to refuse a risky event.

Hide it under the skirt

For a girl, sleep promises great luck and luck.

Many famous esotericists, visionaries, psychoanalysts and magicians have their own opinion about what dream of the exam.

Dream interpretation

Interpretation of sleep

  • Gustav Miller focuses on the personality of the examiner. If he was in the form of an animal, then it is a sign of failures in his personal life. Do not despair in finding the second half. One day, the moment will come when the dreamer will receive even more than he expected.
  • Preparing for the exam — a very serious conversation is expected.
  • If you often dream of failure at the exam, then this suggests that you need to look for other ways out of this situation.
  • If the dreamer dreamed that she was not ready for the test, it is a sign that she is not ready for family life.
  • Passing the exam is a symbol that someone from close people needs the help of a dreamer.
  • Being in the role of an examiner in a dream — you should not criticize your partner for the fact that he is not an ideal lover.
  • It is good to pass the exam — to the beginning of a calm and measured life, when a sleeping person can not worry about anything. This lull period should be used to restore moral and physical strength.
  • A bad mark is a sign that the dreamer is too serious about what others say about his sexual abilities.
  • Seeing dreams of passing exams is a symbol of the dreamer’s uncertainty in himself and his abilities.
  • Fail the test — to great luck in real life.
  • A good point is that a sleeping person overestimates his or her capabilities. This will have a negative impact on the outcome of an important matter.

If the dreamer dreamed of passing the exam at school, then this is a sign that the person lives according to generally accepted standards. It is necessary to bring diversity into your life and not be afraid of being different from others.

The exam symbolizes an important life test that the dreamer will have to pass soon.

Psychoanalytic interpreter of dreams connects the image of the exam in a dream with something new in reality. It is possible that the dreamer will change his place of residence or work.

The dramatic changes in life will be associated with many trials for which the sleeping person will not be ready. If he can overcome all obstacles, then he will begin a bright streak in life.

To experience fear during the exam is a sign of the dreamer’s desire to learn something new in sex. A sleeping person does not dare to tell the second half about his fantasies, as he is afraid of condemnation

  • Dream about the exam says about the accumulated moral and physical fatigue. It is necessary to save strength and more rest. Otherwise, health problems are not excluded.
  • Successful surrender promises trouble and excitement.
  • If the dreamer did not pass the exam, then it means that in real life he is not satisfied with himself, with his position in society. In most cases, these beliefs are unfounded.
  • The plot of the exam means the beginning of a dramatic change in the life of the dreamer. In order to fulfill your dream, you have to work a lot.
  • To come to the exam in inappropriate clothing is a sign that in a real life the dreamer has to follow many formalities that tire him

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