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Why dream of swimming in water: the interpretation of sleep

Swim in a dream: the interpretation of the image of various dream books

To swim in a dream is an auspicious sign, promising a person success, pleasure, well-being, pleasant pastime in the near future. Also, dreams can have negative values. In order to compile the most accurate and truthful interpretation, it is important to pay attention to the details of the image seen in night dreams: the terrain and setting, the appearance and temperature of the water, and its own actions.

According to versions of various popular dream books, a dream about swimming may have a different interpretation.

Of key importance in the compilation of the interpretation of sleep is the water in which the person floated. Options may be as follows:

Water characteristicInterpretation
Pure, transparentTo success, luck, joy, well-being
Muddy, dirty, rustyTo troubles, troubles, problems
SeethingTo take action to achieve a goal
BlueTo nervous tension and desire to relax
With algae, mudTo trouble, problems, troubles and troubles
Ice (with fragments of ice, snow)To a quick victory over enemies and detractors
BloodyTo illness, grief, trouble, or harm to some person
SoapyTo deception, delusion, disappointment, chagrin

If the dreamer was able to remember the temperature of the water in his dream, this also needs to be considered:

  • Cold — to financial losses, failure, anxiety.
  • Warm — to the possibility of rest and relax.
  • Cool — to thoughts about something important.
  • Hot — to have a good time.

If during the voyage the temperature of the water has changed, then a person will have a change in his personal life.

Quarrels about differences of opinion with the second half, family, friends are possible soon. Also, a dream is able to foreshadow separation, the resumption of a romantic connection, cooling in feelings or passion in relations with a beloved young man or girl.

Why dream of swimming in water: the interpretation of sleep

It is important to try to remember your own actions in a dream. For example:

Swim and swallow waterTo troubles, difficulties, great disappointments and sorrows
SinkThe person will find problems because of his carelessness, short-sightedness, stupidity
Compete with someone in swimmingTo rivalry, competition in real life
Learn to swimTo obtain new knowledge, experience, overcoming difficulties
Rejoice, have fun, being in the waterTo pleasures, pleasures in reality
DiveTo get into some venture
Swim nakedTo the torment of conscience, shame, constraint, embarrassment in front of someone
Swim in clothesTo fear to appear before someone in a bad light, to fear revealing the truth about something
Save someoneWe’ll have to help someone.
Float hard, make a lot of effortSoon a lot of obstacles and difficulties will appear in the dreamer’s life.
Scuba diveTo the loss of hope at the moment when the desired will be close
Dive to the bottomTo disappointments and disappointments
Swim in a certain directionSoon it will be possible to achieve some desired goal, but it will have to exert maximum efforts
Float away from someone or somethingBy trying to avoid difficulties, problems, quarrels and conflicts
Swim the reservoirTo try to achieve the goals

Dreamed of bathing with open eyes — a person is aware of what he aspires to. The seen image means that the dreamer understands his desires, is aware of his actions, acts rationally, guided by the mind, and not by emotions and feelings.

If a man or woman had a dream in which they were drowned, then this indicates a strong emotional overstrain.

A person who has seen his death in water experiences fear, anxiety, self-pity, anxiety due to life difficulties. It is necessary to rethink their state, to stop very nervous.

Why dream of swimming in water: the interpretation of sleep

If in the nightly dreams there were some other characters besides the dreamer, then this also needs to be taken into account:

Who did the man swim withInterpretation
Swim with your beloved boyfriend, girlfriend or spouseTo parting, divorce, a major altercation, a conflict of interest
With babyThere will be problems, misunderstanding
With parentThe father, mother, or someone from close relatives will begin to persuade the dreamer in something
With professional swimmersWill be able to gain experience, get new knowledge, succeed in some business
With a friend, girl friendTo a new friendly or romantic relationship with someone
With a dolphinTo the leadership, the patronage of someone
With sealStriving for a better life will bring problems
With a turtleYou have to fight with your own laziness, forcing yourself to do something
With sharks, piranhasThe man is surrounded by enemies or enemies.
With other fishTo meet interesting people, change, rich and colorful life
With a mermaidTo the charm of a man who is able to hurt

Dreamed of swimming alone — soon there will be some changes that do not disrupt the general way of life of a person, but make you think about something.

Why dream of swimming in water: the interpretation of sleep

The terrain and the interpretation of the image also matter. It is important to pay attention to the time of day at which bathing took place in a pond:

  • Morning — to the beginning of something new.
  • Day — to work on something meaningful and interesting for a person.
  • Evening — to rest, have a good time, meet old friends.
  • Night — To the solution of someone’s secret, heavy thoughts, experiences, emotions.

If you managed to remember what it was for the reservoir, then it must also be considered:

  • River — to changes in life, fateful events.
  • Ocean — to serious changes in some area of ​​life.
  • Lake — to the purification of conscience, inner harmony, joy and happiness in the soul, well-being.
  • Pool — To profit or acquaintance with someone.
  • Sea — to serious life changes.
  • Puddle — Gossip and rumors about a dreamer or dreamer.
  • Pond — to wealth, good health, success, luck, well-being.
  • Bath — the fact that soon will have to communicate with someone. This communication can have both pleasant and unpleasant consequences.

Seeing the waves in night dreams is a symbol of new emotions, changes, acquaintances, and a stormy personal life of the dreamer.

In those cases when a person dreamed of some objects, it is necessary to take into account their interpretation according to the dream book:

  • Swim with an inflatable circle — the emergence of fears that will prevent the achievement of the desired.
  • Swim in a life jacket — Accident will save a person from big trouble.
  • On the boat — to friendship, partnership with someone.
  • On the ship — to change in the very near future.
  • On a submarine — to difficulties.

If in a dream the dreamer used a paddle — this is a sign that a close person will soon disappoint, distress, make you suffer or suffer.

It is believed that the interpretation of the dream of swimming in water may vary depending on gender.

If a man who is not in a relationship, swims in a dream, it promises a meeting with his beloved woman. If in a dream people bathed together, everything will end in marriage.

For unfree or married young people, this image foreshadows changes in their personal lives. Bad they will or good, depends on the dreamer.

A girl can have such a dream to meet her beloved man, to give birth to a child, to success in business. A married woman who sees herself floating will soon sort things out with her husband, argue about something.

There are other interpretations of the dream of swimming in water. Popular dream books interpret the image a little differently:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
FreudTo the desire to have a new sexual partner or partner, experiments and innovations in sexual life, the realization of erotic fantasies
MillerTo the test of positive emotions, joy, happiness, love
EsotericTo the opportunity to get rid of unnecessary things, relationships, relationships, people in the environment and the like
ModernBy luck, success, contentment with yourself and your life
Modern combinedTo joy, luck, luck, well-being in life
HasseTo a life without worries, disappointments, anxieties, problems and grieves
TsvetkovaTo success in business, well-being, financial profit
Dmitry and Hope WinterTo energy, mental recovery, motivation
JewishTo a quiet life without problems and worries
BitchTo the successful completion of affairs, joy and material well-being

It is not necessary to attach to the seen image of great importance, if on the eve of the dreamer really floated somewhere.

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