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Why dream of swimming in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Tsvetkov

Why swim in a dream: interpretation of popular dream books

You will experience unforgettable pleasure from swimming in a clear sea surf, splashing in a turbulent river or swimming in a calm mountain lake. What dreams to swim, we learn in the popular dream books.

General interpretation

Floating in a dream is always a positive and active image that predicts the positive moments of the future. This reflects the character of the dreamer, who does not stand still, recalling past failures, striving for change, setting the right priorities. Sweeping arm movements in this case speak of his freedom, positive thinking.

Such people choose the right course for development, expanding the scope of desires and opportunities. Obstacles for them are more likely an excuse to assert themselves and make sure of their exclusivity.

Why dream of swimming in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Tsvetkov

Important in a positive outlook will be a clean, transparent and calm reservoir, in which the dreamer bathes. Water has always been a symbol of life, a source of rebirth, of resurrection for all living things.

In Christianity, it provided an opportunity to be cleansed from sins and embark on the righteous path.

The element of water can carry and destruction, chaos, misfortune. To swim in dirty and raging water means to prepare for difficult trials.

In reality, this may portend a lot of problems and hardships that affect health, financial situation, career, family ties.

At the same time, if the dreamer feels confident in the water space and swims like a fish — in reality he will easily overcome all obstacles, and with his success will surpass the desired result. To swim a certain space, reaching the shore, means your readiness to solve serious problems. You will be able to safely cope with the proposed circumstances and be recognized among others.

To feel powerless in the water, to swim with great difficulty and very slowly — to experience some disappointment, apathy towards life. Probably the sleeper just needs rest.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

Water personifies the feminine, being a symbol of amniotic fluid, the birth, conception of a child. For a man to swim in clear water means to lead an active sex life. Feel like a professional swimmer — be confident in bed.

You know how to give pleasure to a woman and set her free for the most outspoken fantasies of sex. Such a life position is reflected in the business sphere.

You successfully advance your goals, achieving the desired result.

Why dream of swimming in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Tsvetkov

Muddy or dirty water in a dream warns the dreamer about the danger that lies in his fleeting intimate relationships. Chances of health problems, the onset of male impotence and impotence.

It’s time to go on a permanent relationship, choosing a decent partner.

To a woman trying to swim away from persecution is to avoid meeting an obsessive fan. You are too fed up with the attention of fans around you, you want abstinence and solitude.

However, to be in the ocean and swim towards the mysterious island — try to establish contact with a charming stranger who can relieve your sexual tension.

Dive into a quiet lake and swim to the other side — in reality you want to change in your personal life. You are waiting for attention from the men, the manifestation of their interest in you.

It’s time to take the initiative and seduce your favorite handsome. Modesty and shyness in your case will only prolong loneliness.

Gustov Miller

To swim in a dream is a symbol of the fact that you are striving for vigorous activity, showing activity and diligence in everything. It dreamed of overcoming strong streams of water against the stream — in reality, you are not afraid of the difficulty, even if you realize that your chances of success are zero.

Why dream of swimming in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Tsvetkov

Jumping in the waves, successfully crossing them — not to be afraid of difficulties, extracting useful experience. You seek adventure, your life is full of surprises and surprises.

Do not be afraid of your desires, take everything from life, good luck loves them.

Floating up weakened ashore — to cope with a complex and time-consuming task, which took you a long time. The result will not take long, strengthening your financial situation.

Escape from the flood, floating out of the muddy, dirty water — try to avoid unforeseen circumstances that were not at all part of your plans. For older people, this vision can predict illness or exacerbation of chronic ailments.

Swim along the path in the pool — in reality, not wanting to change because of the fear of risk. Everything that gets out of your usual way of life brings you discomfort. You are perplexedly looking at the new circumstances that fate offers and go along the old habitual path.

But such a concept may adversely affect its own implementation. You risk not achieve what you once dreamed of.

To sail the river in a storm and heavy wind — to rash actions and quickly made decisions, the consequences of which can be very sad for you. There is a risk of losing a large amount, undermining health or losing warm relationships with loved ones.

To enter the ocean and feel its coolness and depth before swimming is a great sign. Such a vision promises an expanding horizon of opportunity.

Before you open up new perspectives in the area that is most significant at the moment. It’s time for business people to drop fear and doubt by embarking on an original idea.

In this scenario, it’s a good time to admit one’s own feelings and not miss the opportunity to live together happily.

To sail a calm river in a ship is a favorable dream. It reflects your calm and confident state of mind.

You feel secure, firmly on your feet. There are many tasks in plans that you can solve.

Changes in this case will be highly anticipated and favorable. The quieter the flow of water, the more measured and harmonious the future is expected.

Problems await the one who tries to swim across the river during a storm or tsunami. You absolutely unreasonably take a risk, trying to prove to others what you are capable of.

The consequences of such behavior can be catastrophic for you. Even if you cope with the upcoming trials, no one will appreciate it.

And your frustration and depression will be lasting.

I dreamed of crossing the reservoir against the current — a sign that you are not afraid of difficulties, you are not afraid of a series of failures. You are quite ready for rivalry, competition or opposition.

New achievements and victories strengthen faith in yourself and give a positive charge.

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