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Why dream of swimming in the dream books and interpretations of basic values?

What it means to swim in a dream and how to understand the meaning of a dream

Swimming — a useful and enjoyable entertainment, which contributes to the flexibility and strength of the muscles, the elasticity of the joints. Swimming normalizes pressure, helps with problems with vessels and with the heart, promotes relaxation. Swim in a dream means a dream of relaxation of the physical and mental.

Your body urgently requires warming up and soft loads.

Do not miss the tips of the body and go to the pool or water park. With full time trouble, find an hour and a half for a full bath with aromatic herbs, healthy salts, oils in complete rest. You may be able to find a solution to the problems that torment you in the bathroom.

Consider why dream in a dream to swim in the dream.

Why dream of swimming in the dream books and interpretations of basic values?

Basic Values

  • The main value, what dreams to swim in a dream — good luck, good health, pleasant acquaintances. Especially good if you dream that you swim without a bathing suit, naked. Such a dream means a decisive attitude for which there are no barriers.
  • Swim for a while, participate in competitions — even pleasant entertainment can be turned into exhausting and exhausting work that is not enjoyable. Make no mistakes, do your hobbies exclusively for your own pleasure.
  • To swim in muddy water — to unpleasant news, gossip, nasty secrets.
  • If you are not swimming alone, but with someone, most likely, this means parting. This refers to the joint swim, and not swimming and splashing, other water activities.
  • Move smoothly along the river downstream — wealth, profits themselves flow into your hands. Do not forget to make stocks.
  • If there are colorful fish around you — this is to the possibility of a rich choice. By the color and size of the fish you can judge the proposed options. Small multicolored mean small bright impressions. Predatory fish can mean danger. Choose your fish by force. It is necessary to think well before grasping a 300-kilogram catfish for the gills. Fish school swims to big profits.
  • Explore the bottom — you strive to explore the root causes and make informed, thoughtful decisions. This is one of the foundations of your success.
  • You are swimming in a stormy sea — you create obstacles for yourself and overcome them with pleasure, you like the turbulence of life for the sake of the turbulence itself. Entertainment is quite tedious and, unfortunately, absolutely meaningless. No one will appreciate your efforts and will not join you in trying to wake up and then calm the storm.
  • The water park with water slides, waves, jacuzzi, different temperature conditions dreams to physical pleasures. If you dream of water fun, it speaks of sensuality. Most likely, you are very good in sex and you will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills to mutual pleasure. Even if you prefer to avoid bed joys, you will be able to express sensuality in creativity or even cooking.
  • If the water that surrounds you during swimming, has a comfortable bathing temperature — you see the world around us as a completely pleasant place. Cold, icy water means deferred, implicit danger. Ice in the water means deadly danger, high risk. The same applies to other liquids — blood, mercury, boiling metal, lava. If you dream that you are swimming in boiling lava, you are in mortal danger.

Why dream of swimming in the dream books and interpretations of basic values?

Authoritative interpretations

  • Freud’s dream interpretation predictably treats swimming in a dream and bodily joy from siphoning in the elastic water element, as great sex with a caring person. Perhaps you managed to find a pair for a comfortable relationship. Freud also notes swimming in a dream as a sign of possible enuresis. Sensations in a dream are quite reliable, and in the water element very few people will hold back. The treatment consists in learning to understand the nature of sleep or in the internal prohibition to urinate into the water.
  • Dream Vanga promises iron health, if you dream of swimming in a warm and comfortable pool. To drown in a dream is to be in an unpleasant situation, to appear in an unfavorable light.
  • Dream Miller believes that you can swim exclusively on various vessels. To sail on a small ship, a yacht under your command — Miller advises to temper desires and not to dream of the impossible. In fact, renting a yacht is not so expensive. Sea swimming Miller treats as receiving a large inheritance. Accidents during a cruise mean that an Alphonse is coming to you, who pretends to be in love with the most mercantile purposes. Due to the large number of negative warnings, it can be concluded that Miller himself was afraid of water and could not swim very well.
  • A female dream book treats water, swimming in water as a desire for relaxation and enjoyment. Your body is asking for pleasure. Do not deny him such a smallness. A string drawn too tightly or a string that is too tight may risk breaking. Be sure to do relief. In this case, the probability of a long, happy and prosperous life increases many times over.

Why dream of swimming in the dream books and interpretations of basic values?


Movement, movement, overcoming obstacles in a dream shows your attitude towards the achievement of goals in life. Float on a large luxury liner — you prefer an organized movement and respect the habits of luxury.

If you had the opportunity to swim first class — in real life you also strive to choose the best, no matter what it costs.

If you are in third class, you think that you arrive at the port of destination at the same time. Why overpay if the same goal can be achieved for less money.

Floating in the role of a ship’s crew means that you are quite ready for a downshifter career and prefer to get paid for what others are paying for.

Independent swimming shows contempt for social institutions, you are ready to make your own way, relying on your own strength and knowledge. Swimming and swimming in the pool, the sea, without the need to swim to the goal shows the absence of serious aspirations at the moment. You just need to relax and not lose shape.

Sleep is beneficial both financially and emotionally.

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