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Why dream of sweeping the floor with a broom?

Why dream of sweeping the floor with a broom?

Why dream of sweeping the floor with a broom? Cleaning in a dream can be interpreted in different ways.

Let us examine all possible interpretations of this action.

Why dream of sweeping the floor with a broom?

What dreams of sweeping the floor with a broom: typical interpretations

Many sources indicate that sweeping the floor with a broom:

  • It means quick cardinal changes in life;
  • upcoming positive events that will bring joy and tranquility;
  • improvement of the family situation: reconciliation with the husband / wife, building relationships with children, parents;
  • favorable resolution of domestic issues: moving to a large apartment, buying furniture or something like that;
  • Material changes: fast premium, unexpected win;
  • fast entertainment: maybe you will go on a trip or receive an invitation to a celebration.

Sweeping the floor with a broom in a dream is a sign of future changes. What will they be? Unknown.

But, depending on the circumstances and the environment in a dream, this question can be a more accurate answer.

Influence of circumstances

Try to remember what a broom looked like in a dream, what objects surrounded you, in what conditions you swept.

  1. Swept, and then suddenly lost a broom in a dream? This suggests that you are a bad hostess: the house does not manage to restore order in any way, around the mess and chaos.
  2. Sweeping not the floor, and the carpet? So, you are told in the subconscious desire to move, to change the living conditions to more comfortable ones, to improve the quality of life in principle.
  3. Sweeping in someone else’s house? Most likely, you are too fixated on the problems of other people and their solutions. Think more about yourself: strangers will figure it out.
  4. Sweeping the yard? It speaks of a sense of security, a feeling of comfort. In real life, you live under the safe protection of your husband or parents, you barely face life difficulties, they decide everything for you.
  5. Sweeping in public place: shopping center, on the street? You have a desire to like others, to get a lot of friends and have a huge social circle.
  6. Are you cleaning the doorway? Most likely, you were overcome by gossip and slanderous statements of neighbors, detractors and enemies. You suffer from it, not finding the reasons for such behavior.
  7. Sweeping and washing the stairs? The meaning of sleep is the same as in the previous case. Only with this dream, gossip and slander will soon cease: gossips will have new topics or you will be justified in the “light” of past misconduct.
  8. Sweep the floor on which a lot of sand. Wait for the guests soon. Perhaps friends will come from another city, or a friend will drop in on a light.

This is only part of the vast amount of interpretation. Believe it or not? Life will show.

Dreams are a reflection of inner experiences, memories and real impressions in the first place, and not a reason to build life based on interpretations.

Why dream of sweeping the floor with a broom?

Psychological interpretation

If we abstract from popular interpretations and study the issue from the point of view of psychology, cleaning in a dream can be interpreted as follows.

  1. Do you sweep the floor yourself? This may indicate a subconscious desire to restore order in their own lives. Perhaps chaos reigns around you: there are constant quarrels in the family, children have gotten out of hand, the bosses are dissatisfied with your work at work, and your colleagues are weaving intrigues. In this case, sleep is a sign of the desire to “tidy up”, to bring orderliness into the usual life, to settle all the difficulties and achieve harmony.
  2. Watching in a dream, how does someone sweep the floor? It is important who exactly. Husband? Perhaps you want to improve relationships with him. Children? You lack their help, support, and worry about the lack of their success. Parents: Dad or Mom? Suffer from their criticism, disbelief in your strength.
  3. Not only sweeping the floor, but also made a general cleaning? Most likely, in real life, too many problems have fallen on you: you want to solve them in one fell swoop and deserve the long-awaited rest.
  4. Paul sweeps a man who died long ago? Perhaps you recall him with guilt. You regret that you did not have time to say about your good attitude towards him, apologize for the insults and the disappointments brought.

Perhaps it is still easier: you are a housewife, tired of working at home. And in the dream, continue to perform familiar household chores on autopilot.

It speaks of great fatigue, physical and mental fatigue. You need to unwind, transfer part of the household duties to adult children, ask your husband for help.

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