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Why dream of sweeping a broom, a broom in a dream: interpretation of the dream books

What dreams dream sweep a broom or a broom — a detailed interpretation of the dream books

The one who had to sweep in a dream, should be ready for not the most pleasant events in real life. Failures will haunt him, problems will arise when things have already begun to improve, and the cause of most of the troubles will be his own carelessness and inability to keep his distance when communicating.

Accurately answer the question, what dreams of cleaning with a broom or a broom can be, if you know all the details of the dream: the place where you had to sweep, the condition of the working tool, a type of garbage.

A dream to a pregnant woman says that the child is undesirable for the father or other relatives for material reasons will not be very happy about his birth. If a woman sweeps the porch, then she decides to give birth, not paying attention to the condemnation of others.

A student on the eve of exams such a dream is a warning that he is close to failure and expulsion from the university.

A businessman or a director of a large enterprise needs to make sure that the reports and other financial documents are filled out correctly.

The gender of the dreamer and his marital status also influence the interpretation of sleep.

The manWoman
  • A married man is considering a divorce, because he is tired of hearing from his wife claims about his salary and mental abilities. If in a dream the spouse did the cleaning, there are circumstances that keep the man from such a decisive step.
  • Idle tired of the cycle of women in his life and wants to be alone. If he had to sweep in his parents’ house, then they insist on a quick marriage, which he is not happy
  • Married more often thinks that without her husband it would be much easier in everyday life. If she sweeps leaves or poplar fluff that has flown into the house, her parents turn her against her spouse.
  • Free will soon marry, if she did the cleaning in a dream on her own. If she watched the other person sweep her friend, her friend

Why dream of sweeping a broom, a broom in a dream: interpretation of the dream books

Sweeping oneself in a dream — to trouble, which is aggravated by a lack of money and a lack of earning opportunities.

See another person sweep:

  • Mother or grandmother — the sleeper would like to receive help from relatives, however, they are not able to provide it.
  • A friend or friend — these people pursue mercantile goals and turn away from the dreamer as soon as they realize that they will not get what they want.
  • Stranger — a person will receive money from a sponsor who does not reveal his name and refuses to thank.
  • The dead man, the dreamer, invented a way of revenge for the one who destroyed his life, but at the last moment changed his mind or something prevented him from carrying out the plan.

Why dream of sweeping a broom, a broom in a dream: interpretation of the dream books

The room or the area where it was necessary to sweep, indicates how events will develop, and also tells about the causes and consequences of the sleeper’s actions.

A placeInterpretation
In the courtyardThe economy will decline. A private farmstead will be subject to an epidemic that will kill the lives of most animals, or the elements that are clearing up will destroy the harvest. The more trash was in the yard in a dream, the less time a person will have in real life to maintain order.
In your house or apartmentIt should prepare for the move. If the sweeping movements were made in the direction of the entrance door, the relocation would be planned, and if from the door to the depth of the house, then the collection of things and departure will be hasty. If the dreamer was sweeping the carpet or carpet, there will be a favorable period in relations with the second half without quarrels and mutual claims; by the arrival of guests
In a strange houseTo visit the guests. Sweep in as a housekeeper — will come to check from public utilities, which neighbors gave false information
In the house of the deceasedDuring his lifetime, the dreamer had not very good relations with this person, but now he is ready to forgive him. If the dead person is not familiar to the sleeper, such a dream symbolizes a willingness to let go of an unpleasant situation.
At workTo dismissal. If there is a lot of dust on the floor, the boss or someone from the colleagues decided to arrange a relative for the vacant place; and if there is broken glass there, then the sleeper will lose his job quite deservedly
On the streetThe person provides others with too much credit. It is not necessary to tell anyone about your life, and even more to devote to the plans or share ideas. Any word will be used against the dreamer.
At the entranceA man such a dream predicts a quarrel with his wife, who refuses to admit that he was wrong. A woman is warned that one of her neighbors pretends to be a friend while communicating and spreads slander behind her back.
In the churchThere will come an awareness of how stupid the mistakes made in the outburst of feelings were many years ago. If it is very light in the church, it is not too late to correct everything that has been done.
In the bankMan voluntarily deprives himself of material goods. If there are torn banknotes among the garbage, you should not plan a large investment

Sweeping the road that leads to the center of a village or city is an indication that the dreamer is overly curious and often gives unsolicited advice. If this is a small road or path near the house, the person will have a desire to bring their affairs in order.

Why dream of sweeping a broom, a broom in a dream: interpretation of the dream books

Treatment of sleep depends on the condition of the broom or broom.

NewA successful sign that promises prosperity in business and success in disputes. If the broom was wet and left traces of rods on the floor, it is worth preparing for the trip. Uncertainty, which is observed in the relationship of a married couple, will not result in the dissolution of the marriage; husband and wife will be able to find a common language, not paying attention to all attempts of the spiteful critics to embroil them
OldIndicates possible losses, losing trades. If the sweeping part is worn out and the person had to bend down much in a dream, it would not be easy to deal with everyday turmoil. Sweep and throw away such a broom with garbage — get rid of the presence of a person who has impeded the achievement of the goal
CleanDomestic problems will be solved surprisingly easily. If the litter does not stick to a broom or broom, the dreamer is not threatened by gossip about his marital status and wealth; one has to periodically clean the bars — a person is able to resist public opinion. To sweep a clean floor with a clean broom — to an overabundance of positive emotions
DirtyPredicts a business trip or a business trip where you will have to go against your own will. If dirt falls from the broom to the floor and remains there, the sleeper will feel discomfort on the way. Revenge a clean floor with a dirty broom — put yourself at a disadvantage, devalue your merits
BrokenIf he is broken in the hands of the dreamer, this is a warning about a disease that will permanently erase all plans. To clean a broken broom that someone repaired means that you have to redo badly performed work by your colleagues. A broom falls off a pole — a person is not doing his job

If the rods fall out of the broom during the harvesting process, the business with which the dreamer is now concerned will not be as simple as it seemed at first glance. It was possible to bring cleanliness despite the poor quality of the broom — a person successfully overcomes all obstacles.

Sweep the web with a broom — to the long-awaited housewarming. If a spider was sitting on it and the dreamer let him go outside, the neighbors will be friendly and the dwelling will be cozy.

After harvesting, pieces of cobwebs were left in some places — a person had unfinished business that he ignores.

Sweep the water — for the arrival of guests from another country or just from afar. The dream, in which the puddles in the street had to be dispersed with a broom, foreshadows a quarrel with a close friend or the breakup of a family.

If there is another litter on the ground or floor, the meaning of sleep changes.

DustReluctance to make contact, make friends, provide mutual assistance. If there is a lot of dust and it rises up with a pillar, they acted unfairly with the dreamer, and he takes out the insult on other people
Spilled GritsRice or millet say that a person will receive a decent reward for their work. Sweep oats in the stall — to lengthy trials that will start because of a trifle. Buckwheat predicts instructive conversations from the authorities or relatives of old age. A mixture of different grains suggests that many small problems will have to be solved simultaneously.
SawdustA stranger will try to gain trust, in order to get some benefits or to find out information. Should be vigilant and do not leave children unattended
Bread crumbsThe dreamer does not understand the true value of things. He irresponsibly treats both his and other people’s property; easily scattered promises that then does not fulfill. Soon he will understand by his own example that it is impossible to do so.
Seeds HuskClose friends or relatives do not disdain to discuss the sleeper behind him and dissolve gossip about him. If in a dream you had a chance to see the person who littered us, in real life the dreamer will break off relations with him
Scraps of paperAnnoyed that someone did not keep his word. Very small scraps that are difficult to sweep away, speak of being too categorical in communicating with others. People are simply afraid to talk to the dreamer so as not to run into his dislike
SandThe sleeper is not able to support himself financially and is kept by someone from his relatives who intend to refuse him any further support. A woman who lives with a rich man, without entering into an official marriage with him, this dream reminds of her precarious position
Shards of glassYou should not give help to another person unless he has asked for it, otherwise there is a risk that the situation will turn against the dreamer. If you want to present someone with a gift, it is better to consult with the person himself, otherwise there will be an unpleasant surprise.
HairSleeping feels like a stone wall and does not worry about possible troubles. If you had to sweep in the barbershop and on the floor are full of hair, then a force majeure situation will soon happen, the consequences of which will be eliminated by joint efforts
Pointed nailsA man is bitten by a feeling of guilt for having missed a profitable chance many years ago. If the nails have traces of varnish, in the near future it will be possible to rehabilitate in their own eyes.
LeavesThe girl will be annoying fan, the courtship of which will cause only irritation and anger. You should tell him about your negative feelings directly, and then stop any communication and not accept gifts that are transmitted through mutual friends
Construction garbageA person with whom a conflict has previously occurred will try to restore the relationship. However, the dreamer will refuse him that. If among the rubbish there are pieces of bricks, the real purpose of this person is not reconciliation, but revenge
Scraps of threadBetrayal after years of friendship. The one to whom the sleeper trusted all his secrets will take advantage of them for his own gain. Black strings say that at a difficult moment the dreamer will remain alone and will not be able to cope with the situation.

The authors of the dream books explain in different ways what it means if a person had to do cleaning in a dream.

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