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Why dream of swearing: interpretation of the dream book

Most of the dream books argue that if a person dreams of a plot about swearing and fighting with other people, then this indicates accumulated tension and internal disharmony. If you see a dream about a quarrel with a friend or with someone from the family, this is a sign that the relationship of sleeping with him is far from ideal.

Find a compromise will not succeed. To see a plot in which a person very much quarrels with someone means that he is afraid of an important event.

However, all fears will be in vain, as the event will be successful.

For a more accurate interpretation of the dream of a quarrel is important pay attention to behavior and actions dreamer:

Dreamer’s action

Interpretation of sleep

If the sleeper used obscene language during a quarrel, this is an unfavorable sign. He foreshadows in real life a disease, unforeseen trouble, or difficult memories of past events.

The plot warns the dreamer that he has accumulated a lot of physical and emotional stress. You need to take a vacation and relax.

Otherwise, health problems can not be avoided.

Another interpretation of sleep suggests that a sleeping person may be disappointed by the consequences of other people’s hasty actions.

Shouting and resenting in a dream is a sign that in real life the dreamer is not doing everything the way he wants. A sleeping person should change jobs or find a new hobby.

The dream warns that a situation will soon arise when the sleeper will not know how to act correctly.

Why dream of swearing: interpretation of the dream book

Interpretation of sleep depends on the different circumstances of the dream, which need to pay attention:

  • If a person dreams that he strongly quarrels with someone and scandal, then in reality he is expected to reconcile with a close one.
  • For a married woman, such dreams promise a great deal of abuse and scolding from husbands, for a free girl, problems at work.
  • If a quarrel dreamed in the winter, this foreshadows a family scandal, in the summer — difficulties in relations with its second half, in the spring — a conflict that will escalate into a fight.
  • Seeing swearing on the 2nd, 16th, 25th or 29th does not promise anything bad. Such a dream is empty.
  • Hear someone reprimand another person — to the invitation to a great celebration.
  • See how the other loudly swears — luck in the planned event.
  • Watch the scandal between others — to gain confidence in themselves and their abilities.
  • If a quarrel between relatives is dreaming, then this promises great disappointment and trouble in the near future.
  • If someone scolds the dreamer — it is to move up the career ladder. Scold someone — to victory over the enemy.

Why dream of swearing: interpretation of the dream book

To correctly interpret a dream, it is important to consider who exactly the dreamer had to figure out. relations:

With whom the dreamer quarreled

Interpretation of sleep

If you had a chance to swear in a dream with an unfamiliar woman, this means that in the close environment of a sleeping person there are enemies who intrigue and in every possible way try to spoil the reputation of the dreamer.

In the event that a quarrel occurred with a friend, then you should be ready for the display of deceit and deception on her part.

If a woman had a similar dream, then you need to be prepared for the fact that she is slandered by envious and ill-wishers.

Dream foreshadows the successful start of your business or business. The time has come when the dreamer can bravely realize his wildest ideas.

A young man in real life is trying to avoid conflicts with his chosen one. He needs to relax, trust the girl more and enjoy the relationship with her.

With your favorite boyfriend

Screaming at your boyfriend in a dream is a good sign. He speaks of a long and strong relationship in reality. Sleep warns of unforeseen financial embezzlement

The symbol of the fact that the dreamer can not let go of her past and hopes to restore relationships

A sign of existing discord between the dreamer and her friend. Another interpretation of the dream — the arrival of guests from afar or a trip on the ship

To the long road. There is a possibility that the dreamer will go on a world tour

Cursing with a stranger — to the successful implementation of your project

To reconciliation with this person

Dreamer should postpone serious decisions in life. Another meaning of sleep is a change of place of work or residence.

For an unexpected meeting and a nice conversation with this person

To recovery from a long-time illness

A dream in which you had a quarrel with a dead person is a sign of conflict in reality with native people.

Another interpretation of a dream suggests that it is difficult for a sleeper to let go of events from his past.

Why dream of swearing: interpretation of the dream book

A dream about a quarrel with a loved one leaves negative memories, but it is such a plot that can warn of possible troubles or problems in the future. Value depending on the opponent:

Who the dreamer had quarreled with

Value of sleep

To quarrel in a dream with relatives is a sign that an unpleasant situation will soon arise when the dreamer will have to solve all the problems alone.

Also, such a dream suggests that in real life a person is not in better relations with relatives and subconsciously tries to find a way out of the current conflict situation.

An unfavorable sign that portends ailment of a spouse or family quarrel. To avoid scandal, the spouse will have to give in and compromise.

To the difficulties in communicating with the spouse in real life, the scandal on the grounds of unfounded jealousy of the second half

Soon the dreamer will commit an act for which he will be ashamed in front of parents

To unexpected troubles and obstacles in affairs

For a girl, such a dream is a warning sign that she should look to her chosen one.

For a man, sleep promises rivalry with his colleagues. This will cause conflicts and clarify the relationship.

Much disappointment and trouble

Seeing in a dream swearing with your child or someone else’s kids — to a waking conflict situation, finding a way out of which will be very difficult

Hearing a brother in a dream or arguing with him himself — to the loss of confidence in the business partner

The dreamer will not be able to keep the promise given to someone from close people. Also, sleep may portend disappointment in its second half.

Sign that the dreamer lives among ill-mannered and tactless people who should not pay attention

In real life, a sleeping person succumbs to the bad influence of his friends or colleagues.

Every psychologist, psychic and seer has his own opinion about quarrels and abuse between people:

Dream Interpreter

Value of sleep

To deception or betrayal of a loved one. Pay attention to your health.

Angry at a stranger — to move to a new job, to a friend — to loss

To great anxiety and unrest associated with native people. Another interpretation of sleep is a long journey.

To battle in reality. If you managed to remember the face of the person with whom the man was fighting, then it is with this person that the quarrel will occur

To an unexpected blow from enemies and detractors

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