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Why dream of singing in a dream?

Why dream of singing in a dream?

Why dream to sing musical compositions in a dream? If you are not a professional musician, this dream speaks of harmony with the outside world.

However, interpreters determine other interpretations of this plot, depending on the state of the dreamer himself and some features of the dream plot.

Why dream of singing in a dream?

General interpretation

In the song and music, people express their attitude to life and current events. The song helps to build and live — this is how the old Soviet song taught us.

What does your soul say in a dream, what motive is singing? From this will depend on the interpretation of what he saw. So, in a dream you can:

  • sing a fun / sad / romantic song;
  • listen to a song performed by another person;
  • sing solo or duet / chorus / on vocals;
  • sing in different places — at home, on stage, in the city.

Hear beautiful music and beautiful song in a dream — to happy changes in fate. A pleasant surprise, joyful news or event awaits you. Life will change for the better, the long-awaited white line will come.

However, this refers to a fun musical composition.

If in a dream you heard a sad song, it is not necessary to dream of happy changes in destiny. Soon you will find disappointment and failure, especially if you heard a sad female voice.

Sad melodies do not foretell joy.

What did you perform?

Interpretation of a dream depends on the nature of the song you performed in the dream:

  • classical aria;
  • church chants;
  • modern rap;
  • gypsy romance;
  • funny ditties;
  • song of his childhood.

Opera aria promises to receive news from afar, perhaps from abroad. Performing rap foreshadows thoughtful hard work.

Church chants speak of your exalted soul and good connection with God and angels.

Romances foretell romantic encounters and passion of feelings. Funny couplets, especially obscene ones, speak about the recklessness of nature: you can break wood.

Children’s songs — nostalgia for the past, the need for someone’s support.

Humming in a dream unfamiliar motive — learn a lot of new information that will be useful to you in life to achieve your goals.

Why dream of singing in a dream?

How did you sing the songs?

The interpretation of the plot depends on how you performed the songs:

Solo loud performance musical compositions speaks of wasted time spent on the realization of goals: you will not reach them. Beautifully perform solo compositions — your talents will notice.

Choral singing — you will be able to improve relations in the team, easily adapt to any circumstances. Singing in pairs (duet) speaks of a good reliable friend / ally who can be relied upon.

Workmanship also has its own characteristics in the interpretation:

  • sing in a clear, even voice — to good events in life;
  • to fake — to conflict with the environment;
  • outdoor performance — to implement the goals set;
  • sing along to a person — to become dependent on someone;
  • whistling a little song — to be frivolous.

Solo singing in my room — your closed nature does not have to communicate. Singing away — you are a sociable person, easy to get in touch with strangers.

Solo performance in front of the mirror — to overcome the complexes and psychological clips. Singing while bathing in the shower — be able to combine the labor regime with rest.

Singing in bed — you need a variety of intimate life.

Interpretation of dream books

The newest dream book thinks: singing the folk songs predicts a funny situation, singing the song — to the sad news from a loved one, singing church psalms — to sadness and spiritual renewal.

Dream Dream considers: solo performance in a dream foreshadows illness, and a harmonious performance together with a chorus — to happy events.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova he considers solo singing as a sign of trouble, a song being played by another person — to the news, beautiful singing — to the good news, a fake performance — to a quarrel, a familiar tune — to news from acquaintances, to sing along to others — to vanity.

Modern dream book considers fake singing a harbinger of disagreement. If you sing without a voice, this is a baseless accusation.

Attempts to sing at random or deliberately change the rhythm / tempo of a musical composition — you are guided by the spirit of confrontation, which does not lead to good.

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