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Why dream of shooting a pistol in a dream at the dream books of Vanga and Miller

What foreshadows pistol shooting in real life

You had a rather interesting dream in which you had to deal with a person. In this dream, everything is important, from the murdered person down to the model of a pistol.

So, why dream of a pistol in a dream? Dream interpretation will give the necessary answers.

It should immediately be clarified that for an interpretive interpretation, memories are needed. In your heads, already vague memories should line up in an intelligent narrative, in which one thread would follow another.

This state of affairs can be called preparation for the forthcoming interpretation.

The dream itself, like any dreams about murder, foreshadows an interesting turn of events that will lead the dreamer to success. Do not despair if you were killed with a pistol, remember the circumstances and, perhaps, that the subconscious left you pretty good dreams.

For the sake of such a purpose as the interpretation of a dream, you can even «send» to another room or place of your household, for they can interfere with your jewelry activities. You have to pull out as much information as possible from your subconscious, because it was not without reason that it sent you such a dream.

With such information in the future, you will be able to influence the course of many events, rid yourself of bad habits and stop hanging out with a completely rudimentary company for you.

In any way, it is categorically forbidden to invent images in your head, this leads to a misinterpretation, and therefore you will no longer need the information to interpret, or you will interpret a completely different version of sleep, your own will be left out of the game.

Why dream of shooting a pistol in a dream at the dream books of Vanga and Miller

The interpretation of the dream on the plot and some circumstances

If you were able to synchronize with your subconscious, then we can begin a direct interpretation. Our site provides all the necessary information for interpretation, the dreamer only needs to turn his gaze down and correlate the variant that has just appeared in his head with the options given on the site:

  • Shoot the soul mate. Such a drama can unfold not only in the works of Shakespeare, but also in your dream. This state of affairs represents an extreme degree of distrust, your hearts are alien and you do not want to continue these burdensome relations for both;
  • Shoot the longtime enemy. Very good dream, promises the blessings and good luck in all undertakings. The long-time enemy personifies your ambitions, which you do not dare to show and express fully, the barrier will subside, and you can at times improve your material well-being and unfold as a professional worker;
  • The shot occurred in a relative, beloved. Luck will still accompany after such a dream, because it falls into the category of positive. It is a completely different matter, whether you have seen the symbol of good luck for yourself, or good luck is meant for a relative. In any case, no one will be left out, but troubles will bypass both of you;
  • Shoot your unloved relative. In this case, luck promises you, you will be able to fully express yourself in the professional way and not be afraid that failure will overtake you, because after such a send from the subconscious mind, failure becomes a move;
  • They killed their boss with a pistol. Raising at work after such a dream is guaranteed, within a few weeks after seeing dreams you will actively develop and be able to finally set your priorities in life, understand exactly what you want to do.
  • Shot themselves with a pistol. Such a dream symbolizes aggression, first of all you are unhappy with the current state of affairs. Bad habits or bad character badly affect the environment, you would like to change, but the changes are very afraid.

Why dream of shooting a pistol in a dream at the dream books of Vanga and Miller

How do psychologists and visionaries interpret a dream?

  • Wang. The Bulgarian seer did not stay away from the dream and gave a clear interpretation — a white stripe will come, all the gossipers, enemies and other parasites will leave your life, only good people will remain who can support in difficult times;
  • According to Miller. Henry Miller never takes the custom to interpret a dream unequivocally, he always does it, relying on both sides. Thus, the murder that occurred in your dreams symbolizes, on the one hand, a jump over an obstacle, and on the other hand, aggression, which prevents you from living peacefully and conducting activities;
  • According to Freud. Sigmund Freud sees the root and states that such a manifestation of violence is the cost of the energy that was not released by the dreamer at will. The reader should, as soon as possible, give up everything that can harass his mind and enjoy life, because, one hour, such a shot can happen in real life.

Why dream of shooting a pistol in a dream at the dream books of Vanga and Miller

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