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Why dream of shoes: women’s, black, high heel shoes in a dream

Interpreting what shoes are dreaming about, sources refer this pair symbol to both personal relationships and business.

Dream Miller treats new shoes as a precursor of positive change. Old, soiled shoes are a warning.

The propensity for unfair criticism increases the number of detractors.

Why dream of shoes: women's, black, high heel shoes in a dream

Dream Vanga believes that they dream of shoes as a symbol of life without change.

By Kopalinsky’s dream book shoes girl mean her naive gullibility. A new acquaintance, in which she hastens to fall in love, is able to bring bitter disappointment.

Women’s shoes in heels suggest that soon need to show the best qualities. Thanks to the purposefulness of the dreamer will achieve success. When dreaming about high-heeled shoes, but at the same time quite wide and stable, it personifies a sense of tact.

Valuable ability to find a compromise and persuasiveness will help to establish itself as an excellent employee. Women’s stiletto heels are the epitome of high potential.

However, more is needed to work on correcting your own shortcomings.

Intriguing novel symbolize women’s shoes with bow or other decorations. However, despite the bright beginning of the relationship will be confused, and the gentleman will not show his best side.

The tendency of a sleeping person to soar in the clouds is reported blue shoes. Laziness and excessive daydreaming can prevent success.

Pleasant waking events are dreamed of black shoes. Lonely girl new clean shoes of this color — to the appearance of a decent groom.

Whites shoes symbolize major changes in business and in personal life. Ahead of the move, changing jobs, getting a marriage proposal.

Passionate relationships that will flare up soon mean red shoes. However, the symbol encourages not to lose sanity, and pay attention to other details of the dream.

Pink shoes warn against excessive openness with unfamiliar people.

Orange warns that deceived loved ones.

A serene life without dramatic change means blue shoes.

Soon to be going on a long trip, if dreamed beige shoes. A yellow couple pleases: communication with a long-timed annoying person will soon disappear.

Green shoes — to meet with an unusual person. Thanks to a new acquaintance, life will become more interesting and eventful.

Why dream of shoes: women's, black, high heel shoes in a dream

Varnish shoes in a dream — to a brilliant career. A pair of golden color — to a sudden meeting.

Men’s shoes mean secret admirer. For lovers, this is a call for a frank conversation, able to correct all confusions.

New shoes suggest the importance of correct behavior. If you prove yourself to be a diplomat in a scandalous situation, you’ll get a lot up the career ladder.

When dreaming of shoes in a store with price tags, this is a warning. All projects may simply not have enough opportunities.

A lot of shoes — soon there will be a need to make a choice. The best adviser will be the inner voice and intuition.

Shoes without heels — to meet you. The new person will be a great reliable friend, but the relationship will remain platonic.

Wedding shoes are a good sign for a lady in love. Near the sensitive sincere admirer, ready to make an important proposal.

Tendency to conservative attitudes reflect dreamed the old shoes. It’s time to revise outdated opinions. Their favorite worn shoes are a neutral symbol.

Soon, fate will throw in a long familiar place.

Torn shoes warn that the actions of the sleeper cause envy and anger in others.

Broken the shoe is calling for less to spread about personal relationships. Each story can turn against the very sleeping and dear to people.

Dirty shoes symbolize idle gossip. The reason for them was the inappropriate gullibility and habit of devoting others to the details of intimate life.

Strangers shoes mean little delays in business. Deal with the difficulties will help friends.

Tight shoes call not to inform everyone about dreams and immediate plans.

Spacious big shoes indicate a misconception about the ideality of the partner. It is important to really appreciate the positive and negative qualities.

Measure shoes that are too bright or too decorated, this is the plot, which is considered a warning for the fair sex. The gentleman has no serious intentions, and only satisfies his sexual needs with her.

For dating and dating buy shoes in a dream. Single girls can soon find mutual love.

Also buy shoes — to a sudden cash flow.

To lose shoes — to the deterioration of the relationship. Even a final connection break is possible.

A reflection of neglect in deeds and domestic disorder is the plot of the dream, in which look for shoes. Stolen shoes warn of potential financial losses.

Finding out what dreams of shoes, you can adjust actions, and change life for the better.

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