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Why dream of sex with a former guy?

Why dream of sex with a former guy?

Any parting leaves a mark in the life of any person. No matter who initiated the break, the experience is an inevitable process.

The female half, as representatives of sensuality, is subject to a long state of anxiety and depression. Often, even when she is already in a new relationship, a woman again and again remembers her former partner.

A common phenomenon are dreams, in the subjects of which appear the previous elects. Such dreams are exciting and do not leave the dream dreamers indifferent.

Therefore, many are at a loss as to what sex with a former boyfriend or husband can dream of, although it would seem that the relationship is behind and all the dots are above the “i”. Dream interpretation will help to clarify the ambiguity of the issue.

Sex in a dream: fantasy or chance

The causes of dreams with erotic overtones can be many:

  • Hormonal adjustment
  • Sexual fantasies
  • Experiences
  • Business relationship
  • Loneliness and others

Thus, dreams of an intimate nature can be caused by different occasions and can not have unambiguous values. True, as a rule, they portend quite pleasant events.

Dreams in which you have sex with a former lover have a clearer outline in terms of interpretation, although the opinions of the authors of the dream books do not always coincide.

Opinion psychologists

Psychologists in this regard have their own opinion. Representatives of this profession adhere to the point of view that intimacy in a dream is a positive sign that testifies to a rich sex life in reality.

However, they do not exclude that piquant scenes in a dream are possible even with real dissatisfaction.

Why dream of sex with a former guy?

In a negative way, psychologists consider a situation where your current partner is watching your intimacy with an ex-boyfriend. Perhaps your current relationship will not develop properly.

If you dream of having sex with several partners at once, then this is an eloquent sign of dissatisfaction in real life.

Such a dream before the wedding speaks of your uncertainty in the current choice.

If the dream fell on a period when the previous relationship ended recently, then it is a question of subconscious interest and the presence of feelings for the former lover. Most likely your life is still intertwined.

Dream dreams about intimacy

Dream Miller. To see in a dream sexual relations with a former young man — to life changes in a positive way.

It can be travel, career growth, change of a field of activity, etc.

If sex is accompanied by violent passion, then in real life you need approval and support.

Dream Vanga. Intimate intimacy in a dream with a former chosen one clairvoyant interpreted as incompleteness of previous relationships.

Also, your meeting is not excluded.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova. The author believes that such a dream promises obstacles in your life journey, in its various spheres.

Freight’s dream interpretation. The author points out that in such a dream it is a question of unfulfilled sexual desires.

Also, quite often, a dream about sex with an ex-husband or boyfriend can be a harbinger of a quarrel with your lover. The psychologist advises not to tell your partner about such a dream, it will warn you against unnecessary scandals or offenses.

Dream interpretation Meneghetti. The dream of having sex with a former boyfriend is interpreted as a determination and intention to enjoy a new relationship, a desire to seduce a sexual partner.

Why dream of sex with a former guy?

Dream dream wanderer. In this dream book emphasizes the special importance of the emotional background, which was accompanied by sexual intercourse in a dream.

If you were calm and pleasant, then this is a symbol of readiness for new relationships.

If it was unpleasant, then ahead also unpleasant events and ambiguity.

If it hurt or you were forced to have sex against your will, then wait for the trouble from the ex-boyfriend.

Dream interpretation of Nostradamus. If the dream was filled with passion and sensuality — your love story with a former partner is not over.

As another assumption, the author expressed the possibility of a love spell by the former love partner.

Having seen a dream about intimate intimacy, first of all, understand for yourself your feelings and thoughts, because the best advisor is yourself. But dream books can become assistants in shaping your opinion and helpers in difficult situations.

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