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Why dream of sewing in a dream according to Freud’s dream books, Tsvetkova

In a dream I sew — how to interpret according to dream books

What dreams to sew in a dream.

General interpretation of sleep

The explanation of such dreams usually comes down to relationships between people. Treatments for different dream books may vary significantly.

Everything will depend on the additional circumstances under which the sewing process took place. To more accurately know the values ​​of sleep, you need to read the dream book.

Interpretation of various dream books

Why dream of sewing in a dream according to Freud's dream books, Tsvetkova

Small Veles dream

Sew — waiting for you care, slander, expectations.

Dream Esoteric E. Tsvetkova

  • Sewing means waiting for a positive result of the cases started.
  • A woman does it herself — the probability of such an explanation increases.
  • If they were busy not sewing a new thing, but repairing a used product — to the appearance of a new friend.
  • You watched as someone darn clothes — to slander, gossip.
  • A tailor was taking your measurements. Someone likes you.
  • If you were yourself in the role of a tailor — to slander, undeserved reproaches. This is the result of your naivety.
  • Dreamed needle in your hands — to the problems. Pricked her — to love.
  • Saw a thimble — to purchase a new thing.

Dreaming nostradamus

  • If the process was using a single needle — this is a sign of malicious intent, divination, insecurity.
  • The blood on the needle warns you against the unseemly deeds of your relatives.
  • With this occupation, the needle was with a long thread — when a despotic ruler came to power in your country.

The dream of Freud psychologist

  • Such a dream symbolizes sexual intercourse. If during this woman received pleasure, then in reality she likes to have sex.
  • If a woman sewed in a dream for the purpose of earnings, it means that she is indecipherable in intimate relationships. There is a propensity to prostitution.
  • A thimble was used during sewing. This means your lack of trust and independence. Making romantic connections with you is difficult. You need to change your views on communication with others.
  • Dreamed a lot of thimbles of different sizes from different materials. It speaks of your intense life and possible meeting with your future sexual partner.
  • The thimble was small, almost like a child. Symbolizes your feelings of dissatisfaction in your sexual life. Find yourself another man.

Psychotherapeutic Dream

Sew — for self-satisfaction and sexual intercourse.

The dream of the witch Medea

  • Sewing in a dream is a symbol of diligence in work, calmness in the house.
  • Needle prick during this — to risky acquaintances.

The dream interpretation medium Hasse

  • Needle prick — to the appearance in the family circle of the young wife.
  • Sewing — to prosperity and well-being.

People’s Dream Book of Beliefs and Will Take

Doing it on yourself is not good. On another person — an attempt to fall in love with him.

Erotic dream book

  • Do it yourself — you are ripe for a serious change in your life. You have a fighting spirit, it remains for a small — to start action.
  • The likelihood of finding a new sexual partner that will fully meet your expectations. Such a relationship will be long and happy.
  • Watching how a stranger sews, talks about your illegibility in intimate relationships. This leads to condemnation from your friends.

Russian dream book

This promises business meetings, new connections.

Why dream of sewing in a dream according to Freud's dream books, Tsvetkova

Noble Dreambook N. Grishina

  • Sewing — for the upcoming work, financial stability. Prick with a needle — to an unpleasant meeting.
  • Hurry at the same time — to indignation and hatred.

East female dream book

Sew new outfits — to a new home and a happy family.

Esoteric dream book

Sewing clothes — for possible earnings. Curtains — to the growth of your labor skills.

The dream of health

Doing this on yourself foreshadows being on the operating table.

Newest dream book G. Ivanova

To insult and deception.

Dream interpretation of the Wanderer (T. Smirnova)

  • The sewing process means waiting, trying to bewitch someone.
  • Sewing machine — to the accomplishment of your plans.

Old Russian dream book

To the expectation, hope for the best.

What did you sew in a dream

  1. Bathrobe — the desire for comfort in the house, for a possible marriage or unplanned vacation. Married women promise a possible pregnancy.
  2. Trousers — a sign with a negative color. Male gender is a warning about problems in the business field. Unreasoned actions will cause damage. It tells the girls about the wrong choice.
  3. Shirt for a loved one. If all the seams were smooth, you may break up soon. Inaccurate sewing predicts a prosperous married life.
  4. Coat — foreshadows success.
  5. The costume is good news for you. Your business will go up the hill.
  6. Skirt — speaks about your closed lifestyle. This prevents you from enjoying the full pleasures of full communication. It makes sense to change your attitude to this problem.

Sewing dress

  1. It did not work out for you, as you wanted. This is to the difficulties on your way.
  2. If you managed to sew it beautiful, you are delighted with it. This promises you life changes for the better.
  3. The symbol of your insecurity will mean sewing a black dress. You will achieve your desired goal only if you are determined to do so.
  4. Wedding dress in a dream for a free girl promises a pleasant acquaintance with a guy.
  5. For married women, this indicates loyalty to her husband.

Stitched household items

  1. Sew curtains — to purchase your own home. The more beautiful and richer they looked, the more refined your new home will be.
  2. They sewed a doll. This is a warning about your naivety and secrecy. Difficulties in communicating with people around you can be avoided only by getting rid of these negative characteristics of your character.
  3. To sew shoes means that you have chosen the right goal in life. Your destiny is in your hands.

The color of the thread that you sew also affects the explanation of the dream.

  1. Sewing with white thread signals your striving for disassembly and slander. Speaks about the dishonesty of the dreamer.
  2. Red thread — the desire to bewitch a person to himself with the help of physical attraction.

Why dream of sewing in a dream according to Freud's dream books, Tsvetkova

Interpretation of dreams about sewing from other sources

  1. Such visions personify intimacy. They talk about your desire for sexual contact with your loved one. You constantly dream about it.
  2. Seeing someone else doing this foreshadows a quick event in which you too will take part. To increase your credibility, you need to assist in its preparation.
  3. Sewed for myself something — to needless unrest.
  4. Sewing with a needle and thread speaks of your desire to improve family relationships and a firm intention to do it in reality.
  5. Sewing on a sewing machine speaks of the desire for comfort and order. This will help you achieve the desired results.
  6. Sew a button to the clothes — to a meeting with your second half.

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