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Why dream of school where he studied?

Why dream of school where he studied?

The school is considered a symbol of the acquisition of knowledge and initial skills. Why dream of school where he studied?

For some dreamers, the school story brings a lot of exciting experiences, others sigh with relief — this is just a dream!

Why dream of school where he studied?

General interpretation of sleep

A school in a dream can tell both about significant events in a person’s life and describe the state of the dreamer’s soul. Interpreters regard the school’s vision as future changes in life:

  • sit at the first desk — to business trip;
  • sit at the last desk — to a declaration of love;
  • answer at the blackboard prophesies the journey;
  • write in chalk on a blackboard — to change the social status.

The events in the classroom can be interpreted as follows:

  • if you water the flowers — wait for the possibility of additional income;
  • see yourself on duty in class — to an expensive gift;
  • jokes classmates over you — to receive edifying and useful advice from friends;
  • the teacher’s voice in class — expect a vacation;
  • view marks in a journal — make a responsible decision;
  • look through the window — make the right decision;
  • sex on the school desk — to a new acquaintance;
  • See the first teacher in a dream — to obtain important information;
  • Director in a dream — warning of possible danger;
  • Hurry running on school stairs — to minor troubles;
  • Being in the school cafeteria — to a magnificent feast;
  • Gym classes — to the successful solution of complex issues;
  • School bell in a dream, prophesy successful completion of the project;
  • See ancestors in school — a sign of the right life direction.

Why dream of school where he studied?

School building

Why dream of a school building? Interpreters give the following explanation:

  • See the burning school — to a good acquaintance, to extinguish the building — a new friend will deceive you.
  • See a school in the countryside — to spiritual anxieties.
  • Old building with massive columns dreaming of the impending journey, Walk through the building — to important business negotiations.
  • Building without doors — to quarrel with a friend and clarify the relationship.
  • Building without windows — some fans dream of you at once.
  • Abandoned building promises fun and joy;
  • See yourself on the roof of a building — to the coming significant event. If there are classmates near you — expect dear guests in the house.

Dream interpretation

ABC interpretation of dreams interprets the vision of school years and school as regret of past years, nostalgia for the past. Seeing yourself as a student in an unfamiliar school is a warning about possible mistakes in life.

Unlearned lesson — to a new case. Get lost in a school building — to uncertain plans.

Italian dream book interprets the tense situation associated with the delivery of school exams, as the desire to gain life wisdom. The dreamer lacks knowledge and experience, it saddens him.

The newest dream book interprets the dream as the need to acquire new knowledge for the successful promotion of their business / business. Studying at school speaks of disappointments, work at school predicts future family troubles.

Modern dream book, like family, interprets the vision of the school as a sign of literary gift. Seeing yourself at school age — memories of past events and joys of youth.

However, the memory of school years does not always bring joy, sometimes it symbolizes the repetition of the mistakes of the past.

Dream book azara interprets a dream as a life lesson that someone else will teach you. It will serve your good.

Dream Dream Warns you not to tackle the job that you are offered. You do not have enough competence and can make mistakes.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z spell great success in life. Seeing yourself in the role of a teacher — to raise wages, to be late for class — to reprimand the authorities.

To attend the parent meeting at school — to the troubles in the family.

Dream dream of the past asserts: the vision of the school and school events speaks of the fear of making mistakes, of realizing one’s own incompetence in solving important matters, of feeling one’s own professional bankruptcy.

Dream Dream interprets the dream with the school as an unlearned life lesson, the fallacy of actions and actions. A life test awaits you.

Sonic Fedorovskoy interprets the vision of the school building as a warning about troubles, to go to school — to vain troubles, to build a school building — to useless work. To see a burning school building — troubles will bring unexpected profits.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova sees in the image of school anxiety, and to study at school — to reprimand or reproach.

French dream book sees in this dream a warning about future family troubles. To see schoolchildren’s prank — to the evil jokes of your friends that will have unexpected consequences.

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