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Why dream of running away from a bear: dream book, interpretation of sleep

Why dream of running away from a bear: interpretation of the image by famous dream-books

Running away from a bear in a dream is an unfavorable sign, foreshadowing dangers, difficulties, troubles and intrigues of enemies in real life. Also, the image seen in nightly dreams may have positive values.

In order to compile the most specific and truthful interpretation, all the details of the dream should be considered: the appearance, state and other characteristics of the bear, its behavior and reaction, its own actions, terrain, setting, plot.

The meaning of a dream can vary depending on the sex and social position of the sleeper:

  • To see a bear in a dream for a married or in love woman — a sign of difficulty in a romantic relationship. Soon there will be a quarrel, scandal, conflict, there will be disagreements with the young man.
  • For an unmarried lady the image seen in night dreams foreshadows difficulties in communicating with the opposite sex.
  • If the dreamer is pregnant, the dreamed bear personifies the difficult life period connected with the newborn child.
  • Man dream promises competition, the emergence of enemies or detractors. This can be associated with personal life, and with entrepreneurship, and with any other area of ​​life. What will happen in the near future will be very disturbing, disturbing the young man.

For entrepreneurs, sleep can mean bad luck, difficulties in business, losses.

Why dream of running away from a bear: dream book, interpretation of sleep

Initially, you should try to remember how the bear looked in a dream, in what condition it was. Options may be as follows:

Appearance and condition of the bearInterpretation of sleep
Live, active, healthy, beautiful bearTo meet a man who will make an ambiguous impression
Wounded, sickThe affairs of the opponents will worsen, they will face troubles and difficulties in work, affairs, personal life
Dead dyingA person who is unpleasant to the dreamer or dreamer may soon ask for help
LittleCompetitors want to win, but it will be difficult for them to achieve
Big hugeThe enemies are plotting some big meanness that will prevent the dreamer in business
WildTo communicate, acquaintance with unsociable, closed, inhospitable person
HomemadeTo reconciliation with someone, companionship, pleasant acquaintance
MadTo rage on the part of someone, a major quarrel, conflict
Toy (clockwork)To manipulation, provocations

The little bear is a symbol of the fact that the dreamer sees potential danger where there is none. Bear dreams to meet and communicate with a woman with a strong spirit.

To dream of a bear family — to be invited to visit or to meet with relatives, friends of the family.

It is also important to consider the number of animals:

  • One — someone envies the dreamer or hates him.
  • Two — the opponent will find support in the face of another person.
  • Three — to confrontation, competition, trying to defend their views, opinion.
  • Seven — Troubles end in luck.
  • Ten or more — to the difficulties, the difficult period in life, a big waste of effort, time, money.

The fur hue of the dreamed animal also plays an important role:

  • Brown, black — to dating.
  • Redhead — to an unexpected meeting.
  • Gray — to a meeting with a believer or a closed, unsociable person.
  • White — to a successful marriage, the absence of problems in a romantic relationship.
  • Black and white (panda) — to stability in business, luck, luck.

I dreamed of a bear of some unusual color (pink, green, blue, yellow, purple, etc.) — to the surprises that turn life upside down.

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