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Why dream of putting out a fire in a dream?

Why dream of a fire in a dream and put it out

Remember, at least once you dreamed of fire. Fire is considered a symbol of vitality. Seeing the flame in a dream can change your life drastically, anyway.

It also happens that we extinguish this fire. So why dream of putting out a fire?

Why dream of putting out a fire in a dream?

Details of sleep about fire

What can affect the correct interpretation of a dream? Of course little things and any nuances.

There are a lot of plots, so remember exactly what you saw.

  • Extinguish with water a raging fire to the call: soon everything will be forgotten, passions will die out, and time will erase everything. Other interpretation: the goals will not be realized.
  • Did you put out the fire? If you can not put out the fire, then you will not be able to resist the temptations and the heat of future passions. Soon there will be a struggle with people who do not know how to listen.
  • Water extinguished during quenching? The closest disputes will be lost, since you will not have any arguments.
  • If you used a fire extinguisher, then wait for situations where you need your eloquence to extinguish someone’s emotions and passion. Perhaps you will be attracted to some business where you will be a peacemaker. Another interpretation: you have a lot of hope, wait for a large order or project.
  • Extinguished fire extinguisher predicts success. If you could not cope with the elements, then wait for the failure.
  • Sleep in which extinguished the fire with snow, talks about happy events or surprises. It is important not to miss the good fortune that comes with your endeavors.
  • They put out the fire in the house? The old life is finished, it will be replaced by a new reality, there will be acquaintances and deeds.
    Why dream of putting out a fire in a dream?

    Burned own house? Your actions will be aimed at preserving the old foundations, you do not want to change your life. Watch your home extinguish to the participation of strangers in your life and change.

  • The neighbor’s house was on fire? The tragedy of a stranger touches you, you will not remain indifferent to the fate of that person.
  • To extinguish the fire in the apartment — dreams of hot temper, which will attract serious consequences.
  • The forest was burning, and you were putting out? Expect trouble. Watched as someone put out the forestfire? The world and life is changing. Changes will soon affect you. Extinguished fire followed by confusion, lifelessness and black earth to unfulfilled dreams and hopes, to the financial crisis.
  • Fire fighting for a woman to change in personal life. Relations with the beloved will end soon.
  • The fire broke out suddenly, and you tried to fix it? Financial stability will suffer deterioration.
  • Putting out a fire for a sick person dreaming of recovery.
  • Put out the car to the inner struggle. You want, but you can not resist bad habits.

Interpretation of sleep

Female dream book

Fire and fire for women to happy change. The more the flame, the more joy will bring change.

Small Veles dream

Could extinguish the fire — wait for joy, profit, love, wedding. If a unable to cope with fire, wait for a quarrel, illness, loss, damage, trouble and trouble. Seen how the house burned?

Expect wondrous news.

If in a dream a whole city was burning, and you were trying to extinguish it, then disease will soon come to your life. Smother yourself to the trouble.

Someone else was putting out, and you have watched for good.

Gypsy dream book

See how to put out the fire to losses. If burned several houses and the fire was not strong clear and bright, it is worth waiting for change.

See intermittent fire and smoke while extinguishing a fire to a dangerous disease.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

The fire where the house burned, dream of trouble and disease.

Why dream of putting out a fire in a dream?

Ukrainian dream book

See the fire and extinguish it to quarrels. The fire in the house predicts different efforts.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

Burning house promises unexpected happiness, it is important that it was someone else’s house. Fire in his house to losses.

The fire was in winter? Expect weather changes and frost.

If a there was a fire in the summer, it will soon be hot weather.

Fire inside the house to quarrels and misunderstandings. If a can put it out, then cope with difficulties.

Fire with smoke marks a loss.

Participated in extinguishing? Wait for work outside on a frosty or cool day..

Pour the fire with a watering can note quarrel on no.

Big Dream

Fire dreaming to great joy.

Dream Miller

Big fire without victims will bring change in your life. Extinguished fire to the benefit.

Dreamy longo

We saw how to extinguish the fire? Your lack of restraint and conflict will bring you and your loved ones suffering.

Dreaming nostradamus

If in a vision you extinguished the fire then wait for the contradictions and indignations of the crowd, which will be impossible to stop. If a saved a man from fire, then wait for the tragedy.

Fire in the room symbolizes treason and problems.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

Fire extinguishing in a dream — a reflection of problems with sex life.

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