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Why dream of potted flowers: interpretation by dream books

Many dream books agree that to see flowers in pots in a dream is a good symbol that promises good luck and success. But this statement is true only if the plants have an attractive appearance. The dream, in which dried flowers appear, loses its positive character and becomes the herald of bad news or events.

And also special attention is paid to the color of their petals and the actions of the sleeper. Interpreters will help in deciphering subconscious information.

Paying attention to the coloring of the dreamed houseplants, it should be remembered that this parameter is important only in the case of a significant predominance of one or another color. The interpretation of the dream will be closely associated with the personal life of the sleeper. The most common variants of images are the following:

ColourWhich means
  • A plant with rich red flowers indicates deep feelings and a strong passion between lovers.
  • For a young woman, such a vision can foreshadow a quick wedding.
  • Pink color is a symbol of tenderness. For everyday life, such an image promises joyful and bright events.
  • Pink buds for people in marriage predict marital happiness and mutual understanding between spouses
  • White color indicates the purity and spirituality of relationships between people.
  • For a person who is not in a relationship, a dream in which he observes a plant covered with white buds suggests that someone in his environment feels sincere feelings and strong sympathy.
  • Yellow indoor flowers are considered a bad sign. For a couple, this image carries a warning value, since their happiness is threatened by the infidelity of one of the partners.
  • In a less sad interpretation, such dreams warn of possible difficulties and obstacles in life.
BlueA plant with blue buds testifies to sincerity and care on the part of a loved one
GreenGreen color of buds, which is not typical for many flowers, is interpreted as jealousy. And not necessarily it should come from the identity of the opposite sex. This may be the jealousy of a girlfriend or boyfriend, directed against the romantic relationship of a sleeper.

Why dream of potted flowers: interpretation by dream books

The interpretation of night vision is significantly influenced by the condition of the plants that have drank Interpreters point out the following possible sleep options:

FloweringA lot of bright buds that bloom, foreshadow the person joy and success in the affairs initiated. Another bloom in a dream promises the successful development of relations that have recently begun
Dried upWithered plants in pots are a bad sign, predicting health problems and obstacles in the professional field.
BeautifulIf you dream of beautiful and obviously well-groomed flowers, the dream becomes a herald of prosperity, financial stability and happiness in the house
CurvyLush attractive flowers testify to the consolidation of new relationships and their transition to a higher level
In budGreen plant, literally studded with young buds, symbolizes tenderness and youth. Favorable changes will occur in the life of the dreamer, thanks to which he will be able to open himself to others

Sometimes people dream of potted flowers of exotic origin.. The significance of such dreams depends largely on the emotions of the dreamer himself. If a person was delighted with what he saw a plant or simply liked it, then in reality there will be positive changes.

This may relate to personal life or career growth. If an exotic flower caused a negative reaction, the sleeper is afraid of the upcoming changes, or life difficulties will arise on his way.

Why dream of potted flowers: interpretation by dream books

From the contact of the dreamer with the dreamed flower, the meaning of the images is capable of acquiring new details:

  • For a young woman who dreams of a child, this image is a wonderful symbol. In the near future, the girl is expecting a pregnancy, which will end safely.
  • For a guy, the plot with the planting of indoor plants becomes an indicator of a high chance of career growth. Or he gets a unique opportunity to open his own profitable business.
TransplantTransplanting flowers from one pot to another is a very favorable symbol for entrepreneurs. A person has a good deal or a significant business expansion
To giveIf the asleep had a chance to give a houseplant in a pot to someone from the familiar people, then the latter would soon need the help of a dreamer
Get a gift
  • If a gift in the form of a home flower in a dream is presented by a foe, it is likely that in reality this person wants to stop the confrontation and forget about the old offenses.
  • A potted plant donated by one of the relatives indicates that they lack attention and care from the owner of the dream.
  • Watering plants means help from the dreamer to someone from friends or relatives. The sleeper will support a friend or relative and will not allow a person to give up.
  • Another such story promises the opportunity to rectify the situation. The main thing — do not give up and do not lose heart
BuyBuying indoor flowers predicts a pleasant romantic evening in the company of a loved one. This meeting will long remain in the memory

Interpreters particularly highlight the plot, in which a single woman sees many pots of plants on the windowsill. This means that there are a lot of fans around it.

It will not be easy to make a choice, but the girl will surely find her chosen one, who will soon become a wonderful husband.

Why dream of potted flowers: interpretation by dream books

Night dreams with the participation of living plants in pots are different dream books interpreted with some features. Referring to several sources, you can make a more complete prediction:

A sourceDecryption
Dream Miller

Miller considered this story from a psychological point of view:

  • A healthy flowering houseplant promises large cash rewards and stability. For further well-being, you should invest in business or spend it on the acquisition of useful things.
  • Practically empty pots, in which dried stalks and leaves are visible, indicate emotional burnout. The man really needs a rest. The best solution would be a journey.
  • The dream in which it was possible to water the flowers foreshadows an incredible rapid growth in the professional sphere
Dream Vanga

Vanga attributed a more negative character to images with home colors:

  • A large number of indoor plants symbolizes the tendency of the sleeper to hide his own feelings.
  • Receive a blooming flower as a gift — to the news of the death of a loved one.
  • Dried potted plants predict possible health problems for the dreamer or his family members, but things will get better. Sometimes this dream promises separation
Dreaming nostradamus

In this source, the interpretation of a dream about a flower in a pot is as follows:

  • Get a beautiful flowering plant as a gift — to meet with a man who in the future will be very expensive and love for the dreamer.
  • Faded home flowers are dreaming of a quick separation. For a girl, this can mean parting with her lover.
Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

According to Tsvetkov, such images are often associated with the well-being of marriage:

  • Bright and beautiful plants dream of a strong marital relationship and a happy family life.
  • Withered and dried potted flowers are a negative symbol. Probably, feelings between people have lost their former strength, marriage is at risk of falling apart.
  • To be in their own room, laden with a multitude of flowering plants, for a woman — to a huge number of fans. The girl does not hesitate to encourage the signs of attention of several men at once and gladly accepts gifts from them.
  • For a man, a dream about a room with flowers in pots is a positive sign that promises an early assessment of his work, followed by recognition and promotion.
Dream interpretation Hasse

Miss Hasse considered home plants a sign of favorable developments:

  • A lot of flowers in pots, seen in the nightly images, promise a real flow of fast-changing joyful events to the sleeper.
  • Only the buds that started to bloom on indoor plants personify the beginning of a new friendship or love.
  • A green flower with recently fallen buds encourages the sleeper not to spread rumors. Life will turn out well if a person speaks only the truth

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