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Why dream of poop on dream books the value of sleep with excrement

Why poopers dreamed — nuances of interpretation by dream books

How to understand why dream poop, that is, excrement. You will be surprised at the most positive values ​​of sleep. This applies especially to the dream with infant formulations.

That is, if you are sure that you saw shit in your sleep, not feces. Differences are subjective, but no less significant.

Kids poop, poop of animals in a dream — it’s just wonderful, although inexplicable in terms of logic. From the point of view of psychology, excreta are perceived by young children as a continuation of their own organism.

Until a certain age, children do not have the slightest disgust for excrement.

In addition, poop is not easy to get, one can say, are mined as hard as possible for a child. People around are also happy about this amazing achievement, which convincingly proves the significance of the event.

The child is happy to bestow the beloved people with the precious gift that he has made from his own organism.

Apparently, all this is somehow fixed and, despite all the later cultural stratifications, a person unconsciously perceives shit in a dream as an exceptionally good and happy sign.

Why dream of poop on dream books the value of sleep with excrement

Basic Values

  • Poop in a dream should not make you disgusted. in general, they are pleasant to your sight. It is approximately like that of young mummies, who are able to consider a child’s discharge with primitive curiosity and interest. The smell is absent or also neutral. Fresh and even warm poop betray your complacency. You are quite happy and do not plan decisive changes in the near future. if in a dream you are not too lazy to touch the selection hand to ensure their acceptable temperature — you just plunged into the abyss of complacency and happiness. Most likely, you are really a young mommy, and your body is protected in this way.
  • Old, dried poop. Still do not cause disgust, but look sloppy. This means that you are unhappy. First of all, you are not too happy with yourself, it seems to you that you could have more time and spend some time for yourself. For now, this is impossible, which causes your deaf murmuring. However, the overall value is rather favorable.
  • Poop in a children’s pot, in a bucket or in the toilet. Already can cause some negative feelings. You are gradually detached from the children’s contemplation of excrement and naive gaze. Actually, such poop dreams of money. Your own money, not the general welfare and well-being of the family.
  • Excrement in bed — it looks awful, but such a dream means that you will be fine with money, although you prefer to hide some facts.
  • Council Do not tell friends and girlfriends about sleep with poop. Not everyone will be able to share your enthusiasm or enjoy the positive meaning of the dream. Most likely, the details will be forgotten, and you will remain in the memory of others abnormal with poop in your head, which all day spoke only about excrements. If you want to talk about it — find a psychoanalyst. Proponents of Freud’s theory will gladly support the conversation about poop and will find it extremely fascinating, useful and worthy of respect.

Why dream of poop on dream books the value of sleep with excrement

What dreams of poop on the dream book

According to Freud’s dream book, poop dreams of self-discovery, spiritual and material growth — Freud never made a clear separation between these concepts. Psychoanalysis suggests that a high spiritual level must of course be accompanied by financial success.

Freud takes the excrement very seriously and with great sympathy.

Female dream book treats poop in a dream with great attention. Rinse poop on the female dream book means making large profitable acquisitions. Excrement soiled clothing means unpleasant gossip about you and your family.

However, you can easily cope with stupid and ridiculous rumors.

There is excrement in a dream — to return to the already passed, to repeat old mistakes. To collect excrement in the bag for some purpose — to get rich, to collect experience.

What dreams of animal excrement

  • Even in the Middle Ages, it was observed that horse apples in a dream — a sign of wealth and luxurious life. Such a dream would have been considered extraordinarily aristocratic in medieval France.
  • Cow cakes promise the usual simple wealth and honor. Perhaps such a dream is less aristocratic than horse apples, as far as one can judge of the aristocracy and elitism of dreams with poop. If horse apples promise elite entertainment in the company of the highest nobility, then cow cake just to be recognized among friends and acquaintances.
  • Dog poop in a dream means recognition from friends, help, success.
  • Cat poop means possible surprises of the universe, unexpected gifts, hiding places, treasures. This applies especially to cat excrement in shoes.
  • The excrement of a goat promises a lot of small money, but constantly. The same applies to rabbit poop. Great harvest, overall success, luck.

Why dream of poop on dream books the value of sleep with excrement


To see poop in a dream, any, even cow cake, always to success, public recognition and money. The more naive and simpler your attitude to excrement in a dream — the better the value of sleep.

If it is easier — poop, which cause absolute and unconditional trust and the slightest denial — fortunately. Disgusting feuds — to money.

Animal feces are predominantly to fame and success. Manipulations with poops — smearing, drawing — you exclusively believe in yourself and you are lucky.

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