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Why dream of planting potatoes in the dream books of Miller, Vanga, Freud, Hasse and Tsvetkov

Dreamed saping potatoes — dream interpretation dream books

Many dream books believe that planting potatoes in a dream is an auspicious sign, which marks a positive change in the future fate of the dreamer. What dreams of potatoes?

To give the correct answer to this question, it is necessary first to recall all the details of the dream, to collect them in one image, and only then look for information in the interpreters.

Interpretation of a dream: plant potatoes

Color and condition of tubers

  • Pink potato tubers dream of a long and happy family life. Single people see this image on the threshold of a fateful meeting with a person who will positively influence the further fate of the dreamer;
  • Potatoes of white color — new horizons of events will open before you. Perhaps you have long wanted to start life from scratch: move to another city or country, change the scope of activities and more. Dream books believe that now is the time to seize this opportunity;
  • Tubers of yellow color are auspicious symbol, which marks new useful acquaintances. This relationship will not exist for long, but it will bring great benefits and a sea of ​​positive emotions to all its participants;
  • You should get ready for a difficult financial situation, if in your nightly dreams you had to plant rotten tubers of potatoes. Some time worth refraining from unplanned purchases and the acquisition of expensive things.

Why dream of planting potatoes in the dream books of Miller, Vanga, Freud, Hasse and Tsvetkov

Emotions before and after waking up

  • If in a dream you felt joy, and when you wake up — lightness, then in real life you will find pleasant surprises associated with a career. It is possible that in the near future you will begin to rapidly climb the career ladder. This will be your reward for long and hard work;
  • In the dream you were upset, and when you woke up, you felt heavy and unpleasant emotions from the dream. This symbol marks the loss of finances and serious problems at work. Dream books do not recommend getting involved in dubious financial fraud. You can also become a victim of fraudulent tricks.

Why dream of planting potatoes in the dream books of Miller, Vanga, Freud, Hasse and Tsvetkov

Your actions in the dream

  • Dreamed that before planting you had to dig up the whole garden? Your family will overtake the financial crisis. Sometimes the money will not be enough even for the most necessary. You will constantly receive job offers. Do not hesitate to take even the hardest work for the welfare of the family;
  • The plot, in which you do not dig in the tubers, but simply dropping them. Interpreters dream warns that if you do not make enough effort to achieve their goals, then wait for a pleasant surprise «from the sky» will be extremely stupid;
  • Plant potatoes in their sleep at night. You need to be careful and extremely attentive in everything. Many people from the environment dream to take your place. There will be a time when you will have to fight for your “place in the sun”. Any, even a minor mistake, can lead this struggle to your defeat. It is also worth skepticism about all the surprises and kind smiles of people. Everyone can be a «wolf in sheep’s clothing»;
  • Bury the tubers along with the dead. Such a dream is quite creepy and can easily scare any person. Remember the deceased. If this person is unfamiliar to you, then this person may appear in your real life and bring favorable changes to it. The familiar person in the grave marks the obstacles to life, which will be put by enemies who dream of your failure;
  • Plant potatoes with other people. If everything was coordinated and without unnecessary scandals, then in reality you can easily find a common language with any person, which will greatly help you in achieving your goals. But in the case when it is impossible to find a common language with people in night dreams while planting potatoes, because of what the work is delayed, then in real life it is worth preparing for the appearance of enemies and competitors.

Why dream of planting potatoes in the dream books of Miller, Vanga, Freud, Hasse and Tsvetkov

Plant potatoes in a dream — the interpretation of famous dream books

Miller’s dream interpreter

If you dream of planting potatoes in a dream, then you should safely implement your plans. Everything will help you in achieving your goals, and any, even the most difficult, problems can be easily overcome. Enemies and enemies will be forced to admit defeat.

It will be a payment for diligent long-term work.

Deciphering a dream by dream book Vanga

To plant potatoes in night dreams — to the proposal advantageous to the dreamer. Do not give it up.

If you accept it, then it will be possible to significantly accelerate the achievement of their plans and goals.

Interpretation of Freud’s dream book

Planting potatoes in a dream — the subconscious fear of entering into sexual intercourse. No matter how much you want it, you will not be able to get rid of it completely.

Sigmund Freud claims that this image is seen in a dream by people who have only recently reached puberty. Because of fear and worries.

To plant potatoes in a dream — an interpretation of the dream book Hasse

You will soon receive a very profitable financial proposal. Only you can decide: use it or not.

It also depends only on you what changes in life this or that choice will bring.

Interpretation of a dream according to Tsvetkov’s dream book

You give a lot of time and effort to work, but do not get the expected exhaust from this. From this you are a lot nervous, and it can cause serious harm to health.

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