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Why dream of planting potatoes in a dream: the interpretation of dream books

Why dream of planting potatoes in a dream: interpretations for women and men

According to the dream books, plots about planting potatoes can not be called an unfavorable sign. Their interpretation depends on many details: the type of tubers, emotions, actions of a sleeping person, other people who participated in planting, the environment and other nuances.

The time of day, seen in a dream, affects the final interpretation of the dream, in which it was possible to plant potatoes.

Often landing associated with success in the endeavors. But if a rotten, spoiled potato dreamed, this is an unkind sign.

The plots in which it was possible to plant potatoes are interpreted by dream-books as follows:

Dream interpretationValue
MillerA sleeping person can count on making his dream come true
SolomonSleeping man shed a lot of tears
FreudPossible breakthrough in work affairs, a surge of vital energy
VelesovSleep foreshadows a promotion
HasseMan expects financial stability, material prosperity
OrientalSleep points to pointless re-pastime
ChildThe plot means a joyless period, longing and despair
CulinaryPerhaps the emergence of a new lover or mistress
LunarA sleeping person will be rewarded for hard work.
RussianThings will go well soon
NewestSleep indicates stagnation in work
FamilyLife is full of pleasures and all kinds of material goods.
SlavicMan waiting for love adventures, unforgettable emotions
ModernAuspicious badge indicates success in any event.
AzaraPerhaps the emergence of a permanent source of income. For men, such a dream promises an increase in salary and rapid career growth.
For loversThe plot means bright hopes, the desire for a comfortable life
GrishinaA sleeping person is waiting for an interesting offer, which is impossible to refuse. For an unmarried woman, such a dream foreshadows an imminent marriage, and for married women — a lucrative event
For the bitchDream foreshadows the successful implementation of the plans
Dmitry and Nadezhda ZimaIt will not bring moral pleasure, but it will be super-profitable
CanaaniteA generous harvest, monetary gains are possible.
FemaleFor a woman, such a dream promises the fulfillment of a desire of a love nature.

Why dream of planting potatoes in a dream: the interpretation of dream books

Depending on the type, color of tubers, time of day, actions of a sleeping person, the interpretation of the dream of planting potatoes changes.

Why dream of planting potatoes in a dream: the interpretation of dream books

Being engaged in planting potatoes alone and at the same time being in high spirits before and after waking up — the dreamer can cope with his problems on his own, as he has everything necessary for this. Conceived necessarily be fulfilled.

Carrying heavy sacks of potatoes to plant tubers in the ground, and at the same time experiencing dissatisfaction or other negative emotions, and after waking up to feel exhausted and unhappy — new initiatives will not bring the expected result.

If it was possible to plant potatoes by a large and well-coordinated team, the dreamer will succeed in becoming an authoritative and respected person. To quarrel during the landing — to intrigue, gossip and the appearance of envious people and competitors in the working team.

To plant potato tubers together with a close person in the ground and at the same time communicate on abstract topics, enjoy the process — to complete mutual understanding and trusting relationships in the dreamer’s family.

If the sleeper sees how someone is suffering, planting potatoes — a person from close associates needs his help.

Why dream of planting potatoes in a dream: the interpretation of dream books

The dream books give several interpretations to the plots in which rotten potatoes were present:

  1. 1. The onset of troubled times. The period of a cloudless and joyful life will soon end.
  2. 2. Bad luck in any undertakings and bad mood due to their own failures.
  3. 3. Vain expectations. The future will not be as bright as the dreamer sees it in his dreams.
  4. 4. Irreplaceable losses and colossal losses.
  5. 5. Breaking relationships and loneliness for lovers.

Dreamed small potatoes — a sleeping person needs attention from loved ones. He does not have enough love of his partner.

To see large tubers of potatoes, on which there are no black dots and other flaws — to the emergence of a stable source of income.

The color of the tubers has the following meaning:

  1. one. Pink — such a dream spells luck in love affairs and a life full of romance and pleasant surprises from a loved one.
  2. 2 White — before the sleeper will open new perspectives.
  3. 3 Yellow — people are waiting for useful business and friendly communication.

Dreamed beds in their own garden — to the money. Planting potato tubers in the field — to the loss of vital energy and the inevitable disease associated with physical exhaustion.

If a person sees abandoned buildings around him — such a dream prophesies grief.

The interpretation depends on the time of day:

  1. one. At night. Sleep means a waste of time and effort. Another interpretation of this story: fate will present an unpleasant surprise.
  2. 2 Early in the morning. The dreamer intelligently plans his day and manages to do a lot of useful things.
  3. 3 Happy Life goes on.

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I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

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