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Why dream of planting flowers on the dream books of Vanga, Miller, Freud

In a dream I plant flowers: we interpret the value of popular dream books

Flowers Admiring their beauty, you get a certain charge of cheerfulness, energy, mood.

They are credited with divine origin, given as a sign of love, loyalty, planted in large numbers on flower beds, terraces, decorating our streets, houses and life in general. Not uncommon — plant flowers in a dream.

Why dream such an image, find out in the dream.

From afar everything smells of flowers

According to symbolism, flowers are a symbol of love, youth, beauty, purity and innocence. They emphasize frailty and brevity of life.

A blooming flower encourages the realization of potential. Flowers on the graves may indicate the joys of human life and its transience.

To plant flowers — to total updates in life for the better, success, achievement of goals and holiday in the house. The creative process of planting gives a hint to the dreamer that, thanks only to your work and desire, everything will turn out as you wish.

Why dream of planting flowers on the dream books of Vanga, Miller, Freud

Everything is symbolic: the place of planting, the type of flower, your promise and mood before work, and a very good sign is to see the result of work, the beauty that you create with your own hands.

The girl is not poppy: one day will not fly

For a woman, a blessed period comes to life if you dreamed of planting a field of cornflowers and violets. This promises harmony in family life, career growth, a chance to fulfill the dream.

Felt the fragrance of the petals — the beloved will give you the surprise you have long dreamed of.

Being engaged in planting rose bushes and fruit trees at the same time foreshadows your successful business achievements. Your competence and professionalism will pay attention to management.

Coming up career and increase salaries.

If you had to do tulips in a dream — expect admiring glances from your talented and noble deeds. Many bulbs stuck in the ground — to successful financial transactions and profitable operations.

Pink tulips have grown — a dream promises a particularly romantic date. The pink flower buds that have not yet blossomed have been seen — this promises an unexpected love affair, which will turn your head very much and will result in a wonderful continuation of the relationship.

Yellow tulips had a dream — to betrayal, treason, deception. Do not be upset, you just need to be more careful and attentive with the people of your environment.

Do not trust flattering new suitor and casual acquaintances.

Chamomile whole garden says about your good health in reality. Try to keep fit and do not overeat to keep the balance of power.

Forget-me-nots are ready for planting — a person from the past will appear in your life, perhaps, long-faded feelings will flare up with a new force.

Gladiolus promise great success surrounded by colleagues and new acquaintances in reality, you will be able to show off talents, abilities and charm.

For men — where are the flowers, there are butterflies

Planting a vegetable garden with flower bulbs is a good time to implement business ideas. If the earth is loose and soft — nothing will prevent you from overcoming obstacles and barriers to the development of your own business.

Why dream of planting flowers on the dream books of Vanga, Miller, Freud

The soil is clay and rocky — to delay the resolution of issues. You are trying to harm the competitors and just envious, need the help of influential friends.

They are passionate about transplanting seedlings — to grandiose changes in life. This may concern a change of residence, work or occupation.

The fruits of their labor in the form of sprouts were seen — an excellent occasion to start something new. Now you have no equal, new relationships or projects — everything will be in the best way.

You will quickly achieve a positive result in any field.

Faded seedlings in a dream — this suggests the unrealizability of your plans or the futility of ideas. You should think about what you are doing wrong in life.

You saw in a dream how the fruits of your labor are stomped out — this unpleasant story speaks of the evil thoughts of your opponents or detractors. Your enemies have gone on the offensive and are determined to destroy you.

Planting flowers on the grave is a great sign, soon new dizzying prospects will open before you.

And the withered flower can bloom again. Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

For young people, be it a man or a woman, get carried away by planting roses, daisies, lilies, says about the desire to create a family and the birth of children. You already want to settle down somewhere and engage in coziness, comfort and ennobling at home.

The flower personifies the female image, so for a man a dream where you plant many beautiful plants speaks about your desire for intimate intimacy with beautiful and sexy women. At the same time, planted yourself, without someone’s help — to personal triumph and reciprocity of the partner.

The blooming rose in the new garden is associated for the young person with her physical development, who has reached puberty and the desire to know intimacy with a man.

Why dream of planting flowers on the dream books of Vanga, Miller, Freud

Carefully digging into the ground peony bulbs, daisy roots says about your rebirth. It’s time to change attitudes, values, understanding their actions.

Your character will become more flexible and the mores meek. You are ready to commit wise and noble deeds.

Scarlet tulips watering after planting — to financial reward. This could be a casino prize, a lottery, or a costly gift from an unexpected guest.

You see that they are blooming — get valuable information about competitors that will help you replay them.

Gustov Miller

Growing beautiful and juicy rosebuds, lilies, carnations shows the spiritual growth of a person, his talents, the desire for realization. If the activity is fun, it means that the dreamer wants to bring peace and good to people.

You change the pots to houseplants for more spacious and bright ones — this underlines your desire to expand the home space and renew the furniture. Save up money, just around the corner grandiose repair.

All in the land you are busy in a flower bed — for a family feast and gifts, and you plant it on a square or in a public garden — for a memorable event about which you will gossip for a long time.

A garden or a forest belt interested you as a place for a future flower bed — get ready to meet nice people or wait for guests.

We decided to decorate the monument of ancestors — this dream reminds of your guardian angels, who will surely help you withstand all the trials in a difficult moment.

There is a desire to grow roses — a period of victories and prosperity comes in your life. Feel the freshness and flavor of the buds — this is a hint of intimacy with a friend and your spiritual connection.

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