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Why dream of pickles?

Why dream of pickles?

Most interpreters see problems and annoyances in this symbol. The dreamer should be prepared for a series of hardships of life, strengthened in spirit. However, the subtleties of interpretation will depend on the characteristics of the development of the plot of the dream.

Women pickles are reminded of the imminent pregnancy, which is a certain symbolism. Why dream of pickles?

Why dream of pickles?

General interpretation

Pickles can be seen under various circumstances:

  • they can be on the table or in the bank;
  • cucumbers can be seen / eaten / cut / buy;
  • You can see harvesting pickles for the winter.

See the pickles in the bank — a warning of the dangers on the way to transport. It is better to abandon the trip, to avoid trouble.

Sometimes a dream foreshadows an empty business trip without result.

Carry pickles — get ready for unpleasant moments in life. Soon, unexpected events will come down on you, which will make you very worried.

To eat pickles in a dream — tears of insult and disappointment await you. Also, eating cucumbers in a dream may portend new acquaintances that will bring a lot of problems.

To feed a man with cucumbers — to suffer from him an unjust insult.

Pour cucumbers — will have to pay off debts and endure a lack of funds. If you don’t owe anyone, beware of cheating.

Also, this story may portend an annoying quarrel with relatives. For business people, the plot foreshadows a meeting with dishonest partners: do not trust suspicious people.

A dream in which the wife fed her husband’s pickle foreshadows possible separation. The man has a lover on the side, whose plans include getting someone else’s husband at any cost.

If you dream of salted cucumbers before the wedding, the marriage will be fragile: there may be scandalous situations that will lead to the rupture of the relationship of a married couple.

Buying pickles is a potential loss, and selling is a profit.

Positive interpretation

In what situations can salted cucumbers foreshadow positive events? For example, in case of illness: a sick person will soon recover.

A dream gets a positive interpretation for lonely people: you will soon meet your soul mate. Loneliness will be a thing of the past.

For women, eating pickles in food spells an early pregnancy if she did not eat cucumbers on the eve of sleep. However, unmarried women this dream promises material losses up to poverty.

For girls, this dream threatens to be separated from your beloved boyfriend.

The missing pickled cucumber warns of an insurmountable obstacle on the road of life. Be extremely vigilant, try not to allow such a situation in your life.

For married women, this story foreshadows a possible divorce.

Cooking a dish with pickles — your work will be appreciated, and your culinary skills, too.

Why dream of pickles?

Interpretation of dream books

  • Freud sees in the elongated shape of the cucumber the symbol of the penis. If a fresh elastic cucumber denotes a good potency in men, then salty — its reduction. For women, this dream prophesies dissatisfaction in sexual contact with a partner.
  • Culinary dream book will prophesy an unexpected arrival of guests, which will become burdensome for the hosts: they will settle for a long time. The dreamer will suffer significant losses from this visit.
  • Everyday dream book warns not to plan trips in the near future — they will be unsuccessful. Slice cucumbers for salad — for a fun get-together with friends or relatives. Buying pickles — to the ordeal. Under these conditions, the dreamer will not be able to cope with the circumstances alone and will have to ask for the help of friends.
  • Dream Dream Thelomena believes that the dreamer should change his character and abruptly change the direction of life. Otherwise, you will not be able to achieve your goals.
  • Small Velesov the dream book warns of a ripening conflict in the family; perhaps the family will be ruined. Show patience to your relatives, do not kindle a conflict situation to the state of fire.

If the dreamer on the eve of consumed pickles in food, this dream is a reflection of his day thoughts on this matter. If cucumbers dreamed for no reason, the subconscious gives a signal to reduce vitality.

You should take care of strengthening the immune system, pay attention to your health.

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