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Why dream of picking apples on the dream books of Miller, Freud, Nostradamus, Vanga

What does it mean to collect apples in a dream — the nuances of interpretation

Tearing ripe and juicy fruits of your work is the highest pleasure that can be convinced of your own talent and abilities. Why dream of collecting apples, we learn in the verified dream books.

General interpretation

Apple has always been the personification of goodness, creation, warm feminine energy, love, health, family harmony. In fact, it is a female symbol, which promises to the dreamer youth, beauty, femininity, idyll in marriage.

Men collect apples in a dream — it means to rejoice at the magnificent result of fruitful work, to comprehend wisdom, to share everyday experience, to find a way to self-knowledge and enlightenment. In the Christian religion, the apple tree protects family values, traditions, protecting marriage and children.

Why dream of picking apples on the dream books of Miller, Freud, Nostradamus, Vanga

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

Apples personify the feminine principle, reflecting her sexuality, sensuality, evoking the instinct of the future mother. To collect apples in a dream is to demonstrate the dignity of your female figure with dignity.

The dreamer can not doubt its attractiveness, for men such women receive special attention.

For a young person, such a dream is a sign that she is ready to experience her first sexual experience and is in search of a chosen one. The big harvest in this case will symbolize many fans who want intimacy with a charming dreamer.

Worm fruit — a sign of danger. This is a warning against the meanness and deception of a young man who wants to take advantage of your naivety.

Men gather ripe fruits in their sleep — in reality being a fan of a beautiful and big female breast. Sleeping such a scenario promises a long-awaited acquaintance with a future lover, endowed with magnificent forms.

Bed scenes promise to be hot, passionate and may well lead to a long and strong relationship.

To shake an apple tree to a mature man so that the fruits crumble — try to satisfy all the desires of a partner who may not appreciate your efforts. The disappointment in these relationships may come at the moment when you begin to remember your former passion.

Young lady to pick up a beautiful apple, which will be wormy — to be disappointed in a partner who will be a false selfish and traitor. In this case, you can not get hung up on unsuccessful sexual experience.

Follow along, admiring new fans.


To admire in a dream the fruits of the actually grown fruit tree is a sign that you will succeed and prosper. Try juicy apple, torn from a tree — to know the truth of perfection, beauty, wisdom and talent.

You have to discover a new world, where there is no sadness, hatred, anger and suffering.

For a woman to enjoy the abundance of fruit in her basket is a sign of the future large families of her family. The news of the long-awaited pregnancy will soon come into the house.

Men pick apples from the ground — to a healthy and strong offspring. The dreamer will have someone to pin hopes on the future prosperity of his work.

Apples are a symbol of perfection, wisdom, beauty, divine gift. Harvest for jam — to comprehend the happiness of being, to know the truth of earthly joys.

You will be interested in the essence of the occurring phenomena and processes, in all things you will want to find meaning. At such moments, you can forget all the experience and think about a different life purpose.

Take wormy apples off the ground — succumb to the influence of dishonest people who are able to lead you away from the righteous path. This road will promise riches of easy money and free life, but in fact the path will be thorny, full of adversity, need and sadness.

There is a ripe fruit, torn from the top of the tree — in reality becoming wiser, more intelligent and rational, after meeting a person who will be older and will be very significant in your destiny. This relationship can affect career success, bring creative energy and triumphant success.

But you should appreciate everything that they do for you, removing the arrogance and arrogance, otherwise luck can turn your back on you.

Why dream of picking apples on the dream books of Miller, Freud, Nostradamus, Vanga

Cutting the harvest into small pieces means to be very mistaken in some ways. Bring a basket full of apples into the house and scatter it in the room — expect abundance and harmony in the family.

For the newlyweds — it will be a symbol of love and loyalty to each other for many years.

Gustov Miller

A positive interpretation awaits those who see in their sleep many ripe and red apples in the green foliage of the tree. This foreshadows many good and joyful moments that will leave a big mark on your memory and bring happiness and grace to life.

To see large, bulky apples on a tree — a dream hints that you are ready to fulfill all your dreams and hopes. You do not need help with the support of others.

You have accumulated enough worldly wisdom, experience, knowledge and have shown what you are capable of. The opportunity to show your strengths is equal to incredible success and financial recovery.

Be bold, assertive and confident in your own results.

Collecting fruits that are quite ripe means that it is time to rejoice in success, personal achievements, strive for the best, not be timid at the best of circumstances and take everything from life, because it is one of the other cases that may not present itself.

Going through rotten apples lying in the grass — spend a lot of effort on an unpromising business, which can only cause damage and detract from its own solvency. During this period, you can easily identify false friends, yielding to their beliefs and advice.

Your expectations do not coincide with reality.

Why dream of picking apples on the dream books of Miller, Freud, Nostradamus, Vanga

An apple is a symbol of temptation and temptation, a forbidden fruit that is always sweet. Taking an apple picked up from the ground from the hands of a stranger is a harbinger of the dreamer’s big troubles.

The cause of misfortunes and misfortunes can be your own curiosity, stupidity, inexperience, naivety, levity. It should beware of the opportunity that promises easy money, big gains, undeserved popularity and success.

Taking part in such adventurous stories is to spoil your reputation, derail your career and personal independence.

Dreamed of collecting immature fruits — means to rush events that may adversely affect the future. Thanks to the irresistible desire to become rich and successful, you are ready to take on the challenge.

Panic will start at the moment when you realize that you are not coping due to the lack of sufficient experience, competence, wisdom or talent.

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