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Why dream of opening the door with the key in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Lofa

In a dream I open the door with a key: interpretation of dreams

Living in large metropolitan areas or in provincial towns, we are everywhere in motion, we go somewhere, go out, try to reach through closed doors, and if we have the key, we will definitely open it. It is not uncommon to open the doors with a key and at night in dreams.

Why dream of such a dream, it is curious to find out in popular dream books.

The yard without a gate, that without a garden

Lucky one who in a dream will open the door with a key. You are on the path of great changes and discoveries in life.

This may concern as areas of knowledge, science, and touches the sphere of relationships with relatives, solving business issues.

For those who face a difficult choice, such a vision will tell you the right way out. A closed entrance will indicate that your path is not here.

There are different interpretations of such a plot for men and women, and the key holds a special place in the forecast of the future.

Open, sweetheart, if you are waiting for a good fellow

Opening the door to a married lady with your own key is to find an exceptional lover in the near future.

Unmarried women, cranking the key in the lock — just fit to meet the groom and get ready for the wedding in real life. Marriage will be strong and happy, and this will be your merit.

Jammed and broke the lock — get into a rather difficult and unpleasant situation in which the help of a man is required. It could be anything: a car breakdown on the road or a tap in a bathroom.

You can not open the barrier at the house of a friend — this means that you should change the object of adoration. Your fate lives on another street, and you waste your time.

Non-working lock — tells about the infidelity of the built plans and urgent matters. To succeed, you need to change the strategy.

Closing in the room, experienced a sense of fear — in reality beware of cunning dishonest people. It is important for you to be less frank with colleagues and not to share your plans and goals with unfamiliar people.

The front door was opened by a neighbor on the porch — expect betrayal of her spouse, an unmarried lady — betrayal of friends.

Why dream of opening the door with the key in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Lofa

Look through the peephole, and then someone walks down the floor — life’s difficult situation will still be difficult for some time.

Men’s hands are stronger than the castle

I dreamed about trying to get into the basement — these are your inner fears and doubts about the unknown. You have accumulated a lot of questions to which you do not know the answers yet.

Why dream of opening the door with the key in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Lofa

If the basement is opened — it speaks of your decisiveness in reality. You are the most collected and ready to deal with everything that is happening around you.

Unlocking the cellar, they saw a lot of edible and tasty — a great sign, promises prosperity and success in solving business issues.

Come into the apartment to a colleague, a neighbor without his knowledge — this is your desire to get close to this person in real life. Become more frank with each other, make friends.

Crank the code in the safe with the money — indicates your desire to win recognition, fame, power. In another interpretation, this means that at some point you were cheated by some financial means and you are striving to return what you have been given.

I saw myself trying to enter the library. This place represents a new experience, enlightenment and understanding of life. Perhaps that period came when you became more mature.

You know exactly what you want from life, what knowledge and skills you lack for career growth, success and prosperity. Fate is favorable to you right now — act.

Open the door of the office — to the respect of colleagues, they appreciate you and reckon with your opinion.

If a neighbor tries to go to you without demand, it means that treason and deception await you.

Give me your keys, and knock yourself at the gate

It is worth paying special attention to such a symbol as a key. This is mainly a sign of unexpected changes.

Consider a few actions that are important in general prediction:

  • Lose — things get worse;
  • Find — to find peace, peace and prosperity;
  • Broken, spoiled — to a favorable separation from certain people or things;
  • Found a bundle — for great journeys for a man, and for a woman — to find a large and friendly family;
  • Slit of gold — to a wealthy life full of surprises;
  • Silver — promises new knowledge and experience;
  • Old — life goes on the old channel;
  • Modern — show originality in unexpected situations;
  • Shabby — monotonous, but stable life, without anxiety;

The key is in the pocket, and the barn is burned.

Gustov Miller

The opening of the doors of the parent house or your apartment is a positive sign. The beginning of a new happy future in the pleasant company of family and friends.

For women, it is a good time to think about family happiness and offspring.

Sigmund Freud

For a man to try to go on a visit to a stranger means his persistent advances to a young person, with whom he wants intimacy in reality. But she does not accept his attention signs for a long time.

Why dream of opening the door with the key in the dream books of Miller, Freud, Vanga, Lofa

She dreamed of a woman, as she rotates the key in the keyhole, — confirmation of her habit of engaging in self-satisfaction. Sexual relationships with a partner excite her to a lesser extent.


The plot with the opening of doorways is considered an excellent reason for making the right and correct decision, which concerns the business sphere. New perspectives and options for business development will appear.

Favorable offers and increase in welfare are possible.

You have difficulty opening the gate, but do not give up — you have every chance to overcome obstacles and achieve career growth.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

An unusual way to open the entrance to the house is an indicator that you have every chance to expect a fateful meeting, it can be both a business partner, an investor, and fatal love.

David loff

The key is a symbol of power and authority. Dreamed of losing — expect loss of control over the situation, deprivation of the means of access to important information, the inability to complete the task.

Find the lost — to establish itself in the proposed situation, increase credibility and become a blacksmith of his own happiness.


Dreamed of someone giving you a bunch of keys — unexpected help in a difficult period of life, in finding a solution and wanting to find an easier way of your existence.

An old man with keys on his belt speaks of a difficult test not only for you, but also for your family. But your efforts that you spend on finding solutions will be rewarded.

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