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Why dream of onions: bulb, green, cut onions in a dream

Onions — a vegetable with a specific taste and healing properties. It is widely used in cooking, from first courses to unusual desserts like marmalade.

When interpreting what the dream of the bow is required to take into account many nuances. The details will prompt the exact value.

Dream Miller treats the bow as envy to the sleeper after successfully completing the difficult work. With an appetite to bite the onion — the intrigues of the enemies will not harm.

According to Vanga when the onion that you plant is dreamed up, success awaits at work. Crying from the smell — the collapse of well-being.

Eastern source tells us that when a woman dreams of a bow, and she eats it, the dreamer expects success.

Why dream of onions: bulb, green, cut onions in a dream

According to Freud’s dream book green onion arrows symbolize a craving for partners younger than themselves. Golden turnip — well developed sexuality.

Rotten vegetables — problems in the intimate sphere.

Big a bow in a dream symbolizes painful experiences. If he started a green arrow, he will be involved in property disputes, possibly due to inheritance.

The large bow warns that it is necessary to overcome difficulties. Troubles await in the business and personal sphere.

Small onions with golden husks — to the distressing news. She will not do much harm.

Important events are just starting, that’s what a dream means young bow. Changes are gaining momentum.

The presence of hidden diseases suggests rotten bow. There may be problems with libido.

The boiled vegetable on the contrary promises excellent state of health. Fried a bow in a dream indicates relative calm.

Nothing significant will happen in the near future.

Good sign — dreamed purified onions, if the husks were removed from it by someone else. The plot foreshadows success in a difficult case.

Trouble will not cause serious disappointment if you dream sweet bow.

Ahead of a tense life stage — that’s what dreams onion and garlic. For single women, sleep can mean a marriage of convenience.

Green onions feathers — a warning sign. Because of the commission of a certain act, one must experience a keen sense of shame and even shed tears.

When ghost bundle green onions — one of the close ones is holding a grudge. It is important to remember the words spoken in the heat of time and ask for forgiveness.

Onion heads Means, that come not the simplest times. We’ll have to think carefully about solutions to problems.

Why dream of onions: bulb, green, cut onions in a dream

A lot of onions — a hard way to gain life benefits. It is important not to give up.

Mountain of onions It is considered a particularly significant symbol for entrepreneurs. At the moment, you should not expand your business or make significant reorganizations.

Among the warning dreams stands out field of onion with yellowed feathers. Such a vision foreshadows that all negative circumstances will suddenly end, and difficulties will resolve themselves.

Clean onions — to the end of the troublesome period. Shedding tears in a dream with this is a mistake about friends.

Some of them hide hostility.

Cut bow and do not cry — an advantage over detractors. Adding food is a good sign.

There is a quiet life ahead.

Fry bow — to the ability to enjoy even the small joys. This character trait will help maintain optimism.

Great Omen — there is bow and do not experience negative emotions. Enemies will be disarmed.

Plant onion means to feel that the potential is not fully utilized. Because of this, there may be a feeling of discontent with oneself.

Good sleep plot — collect bow. The financial situation will unexpectedly improve, probably getting a pleasant surprise.

Dig bow — a warning about rivals at work. Take the upper hand will calm reasoned approach and endurance.

It will turn out to achieve the goals, if it seemed to tear bow. However, due to the breakdown, it will be difficult to enjoy the victory.

To sort through a bow in a dream is a plot symbolizing doubts. Nayava is tormented by a question, the decision on which the dreamer constantly postpones.

Buy Onions are a good sign for those who have sick people in close quarters. The health of relatives or friends will improve.

When dream about bow in the ground, This means that someone is jealous of the sleeper. Manifestations of anger can be neutralized due to ignoring provocations.

Bow on the bed foreshadows that the actions of the ill-wisher will be the impulse to success. If it grows with spicy greens, lurking desires will come true.

To uphold their beliefs when dreaming of a bow in bags.

See the bow in hand — A plot that reflects the desire to repay offenders.

Having deciphered what the bow dreams about, you can correct the behavior and avoid actions with negative consequences.

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