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Why dream of moving to another apartment, house, city: interpretation by dream books

Why do men and women dream of moving to another country, city, apartment?

The move seen in a dream is a harbinger of changes that will happen in a sleeper’s life, regardless of whether he wanted it or not. Nevertheless, he will have time left to mitigate the consequences of future changes, or even to avoid them.

To do this, you will have to completely redo yourself: your habits, manners, relationships with others, aspirations and plans; to feel the world in a new way, having found the edges not noticed before.

For a more detailed interpretation of the dream, you need to remember or write down all the details: who exactly was moving and where, what the new dwelling looked like, what happened on the road with things and what the dreamer himself was doing at that time.

Pregnant woman moving dreaming on the eve of childbirth. If the target date is still far away, such a dream indicates delusions that will become known over time.

For example, during an ultrasound scan, the sex of the child was incorrectly determined, or the doctor prescribed unnecessary drugs.

Moving to a new, well-equipped house that is suffering from a physical ailment predicts recovery. If the dwelling is old and in a dilapidated condition, the disease will progress.

The one who is upset or saddened by something will face events in real life that will make you forget about what happened.

The interpretation also depends on the gender of the dreamer and his marital status.

The manWoman
  • Married Moving to another country promises an acquaintance with a woman who fits his ideal, and a subsequent divorce from her spouse. If during the transportation of baggage the box with valuable things disappeared, such drastic changes will require a lot of effort, and the wife will sue most of the property.
  • Idle to marry. If the decision to change the place of residence was made by someone else, and he is forced to obey, it means that the woman by cunning will force him to legitimize the relationship. Moving to an apartment, where living conditions are worse than the current, says that a man will not be happy in marriage.
  • To divorced You can not worry about the financial claims from the ex-spouse. If he in a dream moved to a beautiful, newly purchased house, he will soon be waiting for a wedding with a new chosen one
  • Married should prepare for the redistribution of roles. If in a dream she had to move alone, the burden of financial support for the family would fall on her shoulders. Seeing how her husband collects his belongings — to parting, to help him — to ruin the marriage with scandals and cavils.
  • Free the move promises an acquaintance with a man who later becomes her spouse. Moving from parents to a rented apartment means the rejection of any relationship at this stage, a woman wants to be alone. There were problems with the transport of things — do not trust the gentleman who promises to marry.
  • Divorced it will not be possible to resume communication with the former husband, he is gone forever. Moving to a nearby city or to where the woman lived before promises an affair with a man who was always there, but whom she did not pay attention to.

Why dream of moving to another apartment, house, city: interpretation by dream books

The dreamer was engaged in organizing the move himself — in reality he wants to make an important decision, relying only on his own ideas about the essence of what is happening and possible consequences. If he was helped, but he arrived alone at the new place of residence, this person will soon receive the gift he had dreamed of all his life.

For the interpretation of sleep, it is important who exactly the dreamer moved with.

With parentsSome of the older relatives are trying to control the life of the sleeper, which he would like to prevent, but he does not know what methods to do this. If, in reality, the dreamer lives separately from his parents, and in a dream he moved with them into one dwelling, then he lacks care from the second half or he feels lonely in the crowd
With husbandSign of a strong marriage union. To quarrel with the spouse in the middle of the road and arrive at a new home alone — to the life trials, after which the family will disintegrate. If a pregnant woman has such a dream, the husband is ready to support her in childbirth.
With a loved manIf the sleeper is not currently in a relationship, there is someone who would not mind brightening his loneliness, but hesitates to say so. It is worth looking at colleagues and friends, perhaps some of them have unobtrusive attentions
With a friendAcquaintance with a person who is close both in spirit and in interests. If a friendship develops with him, then no life difficulties can destroy it, he will be there in grief and in joy. If a girl dreams that she moves with a male friend to a jointly rented apartment, she will soon meet the guy with whom she will play the wedding
With the deadTo the visit of guests whom the dreamer is not happy to see in his house. They will bring bad news or behave ugly. To transport the ballot box with the ashes of the deceased grandfather into the new apartment — to the misfortune that will come from the neighbors (flood, leave the gas valve, etc.) open
With a familyIf you are dreaming of moving with a family where there are older relatives (grandmother, grandfather or elderly parents), you should listen to the advice of more experienced people.
With kidsOne of the parents with children moves in a dream to another city, and the second remains in place — to disputes about how to raise a child. To a child without a child such a dream promises a promotion; the boss has already noticed him, but still weighs the pros and cons, so you need to show yourself at work from the best side
With animalWill be able to sign a lucrative contract. If you had to take a cat or a dog with you, because you could not attach it, the person will receive duties that will become a burden for him. The animal escaped along the way — to the payment of a penalty for untimely work done.

If a person sees in a dream how his neighbors are moving, it will not be possible to avoid conflict with them in reality. Relationships will be irretrievably ruined because of some trifle.

Moving an unmarried relative dreams about her wedding, and moving their adult children symbolizes their desire for parents to stop obsessive control.

Why dream of moving to another apartment, house, city: interpretation by dream books

To move without any purpose and in advance of the planned route, taking with him only a small bag with things — to be offended by someone who did not live up to the hopes of the dreamer. Most likely, the person did not even guess that something was required of him, so do not spoil the relationship with him.

The place where the person was going to move in a dream indicates what to expect in real life.

Where did the dreamer go?Interpretation
Within your own countryIf the city in which it is necessary to live is clean and bright, and the weather is sunny on the day of arrival, a person will experience positive changes in life. If the streets are dirty, and the clouds tightly tightened the sky, you should prepare for trouble
To another countryIn order to find a job there, the sleeper feels that he is undervalued in his current position. If he was stopped at the border, soon the employer will offer to revise the terms of the contract and make them more profitable. In the case when the move was a success, you should think about finding a more suitable job. Moving to another country after marriage with a foreigner indicates excessive gullibility. Detractors may take advantage of this quality of the dreamer.
To the next townVery soon, people will get the opportunity to realize their plans. Moving forever means an act whose consequences cannot be corrected and which will have an impact not only on the dreamer himself, but also on his relatives
To a rented apartmentThere will be new hobbies. If the apartment is well-groomed, the sleeper will be able to make a profit from his occupation, and if the housing is in a state of neglect, the hobby will be the cause of the ruin
To a new homeChange for the better. If the house was bought, everything will have to be achieved through our own efforts, and if presented, financial well-being will be the result of a combination of circumstances. The house was inherited — someone will assist in the implementation of plans
To the villageA man worked long and hard, but now he wants to relax or drastically change the scope of activity. A dream in which farm animals met on the way to a new home promises good luck in business and commerce
To parentsFor some time, the dreamer will seem that friends and acquaintances turned away from him, but in fact they were busy with their own problems and did not have time to communicate. Those who have a close person in prison, it’s time to contact him — now, more than ever, he needs help
To the hostelYou have to communicate with many strangers in an unfamiliar environment for the dreamer. Unemployed such a dream promises employment as a guide in a travel agency or administrator of a restaurant, hotel
From apartment to private houseSoon the person will receive confirmation that the second half changes him, or learns about the betrayal of a friend. Relocation from an old apartment without repair to a new comfortable house foreshadows a joyful event
To guyTo see in a dream not only your departure from home, but also the arrival to the place where the chosen one lives — to the proposal of the hand and heart. If the dream ended, the boy still doubts whether this girl is destined for him
Former husbandHe would like to restore the relationship. If this is excluded, then his new passion suspects the dreamer in secret meetings with his ex-spouse

Moving to escape from someone symbolizes mental agony before making an important decision. A person feels fear for his future, or he lacks support and encouraging words.

If the new address has become known to other people, colleagues or friends gossip about the dreamer.

Why dream of moving to another apartment, house, city: interpretation by dream books

What a person was doing in a dream has a huge impact on deciphering a dream, helping to identify the cause of future events.

Collect thingsThe dreamer reluctantly breaks up with his past. He constantly compares what was before with what is happening now; keeps old and useless objects; applies outdated rules to evaluating phenomena and people
Tell about movingAbout his — to severe or fatal illness; about someone else — the sleeper is accustomed to control other people and can not stop it, despite requests
Draw up documentsImprove health. The move failed due to the lack of any information or printing — it will require surgery or instrumental examination. Documents for relocation due to family reunification symbolize reconciliation of the spouses or the return of one of them from a long trip
Search for lost luggageTo solve problems that have suddenly come to a head. If things were found quickly, you will manage to resolve your troubles yourself; I had to involve the police or the transportation bureaucrats in the search — it’s impossible to do without a loan or a loan
UnpackingA person will receive as a gift an expensive, but not necessary thing. Unpack other people’s boxes or suitcases — to perevarivat object, extra in the house; if the owner of things is present, the new gift holder will recognize it, and the dreamer will have to experience awkwardness
Make repairs in new housingThe hands — to family quarrels and lack of money; hire a builders brigade — the sleeper will be carried away by something that will completely turn his worldview
Ship furnitureIn real life, the sleeper is determined to defend their interests. If a woman dreams that her husband puts a sofa or bed in the truck, it means adultery. Engage in loading someone else’s furniture that belongs to other people — taking on other people’s chores

Watch someone else’s move — a sign of appointment to a new position. If the place of residence is changed by a person familiar to the dreamer, he will soon have a journey.

Throwing things that do not fit in the boxes or bags, dreams of getting rid of a burden, disturbing thoughts or problems that have plagued the sleeper for a long time.

To prepare for the move, plan time and route — a person feels that he has made a mistake somewhere and is trying to correct it.

A house or apartment without repair symbolizes the chaos that will soon come to life. However, the dreamer will have every opportunity to influence the situation in an advantageous way for him.

Housing with unfinished repairs dream of a hint that you need to do something to improve the living or personal conditions of existence. If the floor has not yet been laid, it is important to create financial savings that will help out in the future.

Plumbing is missing or it has not yet been connected — this indicates the dreamer as the instigator of family conflicts, you need to learn how to find compromises. Bare walls hint that it’s time to decide on your profession or your desired job.

A room with much worse conditions than it was before, warns of financial problems (dismissal from work, getting a fine, having to pay for expensive treatment).

A gorgeous cottage says that a woman will have a protector or a sponsor, and a man will make a dizzying career, which he could not even hope for. If the previous tenants refuse to move out, but the dreamer has decided to enter the cottage and live there, in reality he will be able to overpower himself and do what he has put off for a long time.

The dugout in the forest or an underground bunker show a desire to disengage from the pressing problems.

The values ​​indicated in different dream books may differ due to the fact that their authors used different dream interpretation systems adopted in their culture and during their lifetime.

Dream interpretationDecryption
MillerIt was possible to transport things safe and sound — there will be changes for the better; if on the road something is lost or damaged, it is better not to plan for the near future important matters and negotiations regarding new projects
WandererInterest in another activity, retraining. The student will find his calling and will want to pick up the documents from the university to enter another department
FreudMoving is inseparably linked with the concept of the road, which, in turn, is perceived by the subconscious as leaving this world. Such dreams are interpreted as the fear of death or the disclosure of the hidden attachments of the sleeper.
ModernChange in marital status. A single man will marry, a married man will leave his wife. If the dream was lost trunk or box with belongings, do not count on third-party help
AzaraRevaluation of life values. If before a person gave preference to the material, now he will be more interested in spiritual
OrientalThe dreamer will lose interest in his current passion and take a great interest in another woman. If a girl had a dream, she will have to choose from several suitors. Moving alone symbolizes a quarrel with relatives

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