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Why dream of mosquitoes in large quantities?

Why dream of mosquitoes in large quantities?

The image of a mosquito subconsciously associated with the image of a vampire, bloodsucker. Mosquitoes and cockroaches do not like, trying to get rid of them. Why dream of mosquitoes in large quantities?

A swarm of bloodsuckers cannot bode well. However, the interpretation of the plot depends on the attendant circumstances indicated in the dream.

Why dream of mosquitoes in large quantities?

General interpretation of dreams with mosquitoes

The interpretation of the image of a mosquito is directly related to insect associations in reality. This is an image of annoying sticking, causing discomfort and pain from a bite. For many, mosquito bites cause the body to react with allergies.

An annoying mosquito in a dream — a warning of danger. Sometimes the subconscious mind cannot reach the mind to warn about future problems, and sends the image of an annoying bloodsucker so that a person will pay attention to his life.

If you do not notice gossips and detractors around you, the dream sends a warning: it’s time to open your eyes. Look at the environment, the working team. If you do not see a gossip, protect yourself with silence: stop talking about yourself and your life to others.

Usually gossip in a team begins after the success rate and achievements of a particular employee. Envy causes hatred and gossip.

A mosquito entangled in the web is a good sign. Your enemies will become entangled in the web of their own intrigues and will not be able to harm you.

If you managed to kill in a dream an annoying bloodsucker, then it will be possible to overcome obstacles in real life. If you can not catch the bloodsucker, expect serious tests.

Watch the flight of a mosquito and hear a squeak — to dissatisfaction in family life. If an insect crouches on a loved one and drinks blood — you have a dangerous rival.

Take action immediately.

Mosquito swarm

Why dream of mosquitoes in large quantities?

The accumulation of insects in large quantities portends great trouble:

  • disagreements with relatives;
  • fallen enemies at work;
  • envious and gossip next door.

If you start to poison the mosquitoes in a dream, then you are exposing yourself to unreasonable danger. If insects swarm over your marriage bed, this portends great complications in the relationship with your spouse.

However, one should not immediately suspect her husband of treason: he may have problems at work, and his inattention is due to fatigue from work.

If you are in a dream dealt with a mosquito swarm, you expect great success in life. However, if you were bitten before the killing of a mosquito, the enemies will still be able to annoy you.

Do not give in to manipulations from other people — the dream warns.

Interpretation of various dream books

The newest dream book interprets a mosquito as an annoying person who spoils your blood. Advice — get rid of the vampire.

Russian people’s dream book advises not to trust your secrets to strangers, if a mosquito buzzes in a dream. A swarm of insects symbolizes a lot of envious and gossip around you.

To kill a mosquito is to get rid of freeloaders who use your kindness.

Dream interpretation for lovers interprets getting rid of bloodsuckers in a dream as a symbol of overcoming obstacles to a successful relationship with your loved ones. Kill a vampire — to ensure peace and enjoyment of family happiness.

The dream of health warns: mosquitoes in a dream foreshadow an infectious disease, neurosis or stress. Also, bloodsuckers can indicate a magical effect of a negative nature — damage / evil eye.

Dream of Solomon does not attach importance to this phenomenon and interprets the vision of mosquitoes in a dream to empty conversations and empty pastime.

Dream Dream describes the vision of mosquitoes as a symbol of stinking envious people around the dreamer who will injure and hurt. To kill a vampire — to luck and happiness.

Sonic Fedorovskoy interprets the appearance of bloodsuckers as a warning of discord in relations with a loved one due to loss of interest. If you are bothered by a mosquito — in front of a dysfunctional love, perhaps with an annoying suitor.

If you are bitten by a mosquito, separation from your beloved is inevitable. An interesting interpretation is given by the dream book about turning a dreamer into a mosquito — this foreshadows an unpleasant love adventure.

Freud compares mosquitoes with children and interprets this dream differently from other dream books. If you in a dream beat a mosquito army, it means that you are annoying children. If you tear off the wings and legs, then you want to have sex with a minor child.

If the buzz of mosquitoes brings discomfort, it means that you are disrupting anger at children because of your sexual failures. The pain of mosquito bites indicates a rift in relationships with children.

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