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Why dream of mercury in the dream books of Miller, Dmitry and Hope of Winter

Mercury, dangerous and beautiful: what does sleep mean with this substance

As Freud said, the more amazing the dream, the deeper and more multifaceted its interpretation. If we see ordinary things in a dream (say, details of life), we are not always looking for a dream book to decipher their meaning.

But why dream of a silvery substance, which we have been afraid to spill since childhood?

Why dream of mercury in the dream books of Miller, Dmitry and Hope of Winter

General interpretation of this dream

  • Most often interpreters say: mercury in a dream is a warning. What should happen? Here you will be prompted by the details of sleep … Or else real life (after all, it may well be that you are already afraid of something, for example, dismissal, illness, a quarrel …)
  • If you saw this element in the form of shiny balls, your subconscious mind reminds: you are too stubborn. Hardness of spirit is, of course, good, but standing to death in trifles is too much! Does your family suffer from this?
  • Well, if you did not see the substance itself, but only looked at the periodic table, and among other designations, it was the “code” of this element that was remembered (Hg), which means that behind your back you are brazenly lying about you. Have time to «block» this stream of compromising, while it does not harm your reputation or business.

What did you do in your dream?

  • Broke a thermometer. Soon everyone will know some of your secret. If you want all yours to remain with you, do not expect unfamiliar people to keep your secrets. If you want to revere yourself, do it only with a person whom you are completely sure of.
  • We went to mercury. Your life will soon be complicated, but it does not scare you. At the moment you feel very optimistic — do not part with such a worldview, and life will become much easier.
  • You collected mercury. The subconscious says: you will soon have to correct your own mistakes. And the sooner you start, the better.
  • You did not throw away the mercury you collected? Get ready to spend money on something unexpected.
  • Did you put the balls in your pocket? At work, you will have to work very hard, but for that, it’s not something that people forget to adequately pay for, they still don’t praise. If you are already trying to shift your problem duties, give up while you can — if you don’t do this, you will regret later.
  • Why dream of mercury that you hold in your mouth? You are too frivolous, and because of this, the most precious thing may suffer — your health.
  • Or maybe you also swallowed a silver ball? You risk, because of what you can overcome the problem.
  • In your dream, someone from comrades or relatives feasted on mercury? The danger hangs over him, and when she descends, support this person.
  • Did you hold silver balls in your hand? Life requires hardness from you, you have to take a decisive step, but inner fears prevent it from being carried out.
  • Have you watched a thermometer, and noticed how slowly (and maybe even quickly) a mercury column is climbing up? This is a good dream, it promises you a secure financial situation.
  • Have you seen mercury, but did you smell it? You are a strong jealous man, and soon you will have to show this feeling again. Or maybe you are already exhausted from the green-eyed monster?

Where was the mercury?

Why dream of mercury in the dream books of Miller, Dmitry and Hope of Winter

  • In a closed bank. Your subconscious mind warns: that you yourself “packed” yourself inside your own world. Do not close from everyone, select at least one close person to whom you can open your soul.
  • In a broken thermometer, and then it flowed out, but right under your feet. A bad person wants to surround you with a web of flattery. If you know that a person does not consider himself your friend, do not listen to him, be skeptical about his every word.
  • She spilled. What were your emotions in a dream? If you feel a strong fright, and even tried to escape from the scene — it is to the difficulties. If you do not feel fear, the dream says that you are a brave person and soon you are destined to do something brave.
  • Seeing mercury on the floor is a warning that you can probably poison yourself with some kind of medicine. Or maybe the doctor mistakenly wrote out something wrong, and your subconscious mind feels it?
  • Mercury rolled into all corners in the form of small peas? Sleep promises a lot of small troubles. Be careful, and maybe avoid more than half of the problems you face.
  • Mercury was in the hand of the person you love: you value your relationship very much. Have you dreamed how you rolled a silver ball to each other? Congratulations, your relationship can be truly envied.
  • She actively evaporated. Seeing mercury in such a state can risk people. Do not be afraid, but the main thing — do not «turn on» emotions, and then you will be satisfied with the result. If you listen not to your head, but to your heart, you will have to work for a long time and almost without profit.

Decoding from famous interpreters

We described in detail how most interpreters explain the «mercury» dreams. But if you take an old author’s dream book in your hands, mercury in it can be described and differently … Or not?

Let’s check together!

Dreams of Dmitriy and Nadezhda Zima

Why dream of mercury in the dream books of Miller, Dmitry and Hope of Winter

This silver element promises the dreamer many negative emotions: panic, vanity, problems in the future. And at the same time, the authors warn: if you rush from corner to corner and rush into extremes, the problems will only increase. Pull yourself together (if necessary, buy soothing drops or talk to a psychologist) and solve all problems with a cool head.

You can do it!

Dream Miller

  1. Mercury is a warning about the dangers or bad changes in your life.
  2. If the dreamer dreamed that she breathed in mercury vapor and was very poisoned — we are sorry, but the dream promises loneliness. Maybe her loved one will leave her, or maybe she will have to be separated from the closest people. Be brave, because, as King Solomon said, «this too will pass.»

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