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Why dream of measuring shoes: the interpretation of sleep by dream books

According to the dream books, to measure shoes in a dream is an ambiguous sign. Decoding the image depends on the gender of the dreamer, type and color, quality shoes. For proper interpretation, it is important to remember where it happened to try on shoes, whose they were.

A pair of unsuitable size, fitting other people’s boots, torn or old shoes are a negative symbol, and buying new expensive shoes foreshadows joyful events.

The final decoding of the dream of fitting the shoe depends on its type, size, the plot of the dream. You also need to consider the gender and marital status of the dreamer.

Why dream of measuring shoes: the interpretation of sleep by dream books

Interpretation depending on who is dreaming:

Unmarried girlFor a quick marriage
Married womanTo dramatic changes in life
Single guyTo meet your sweetheart
Married manTo a strong marriage

Why dream of measuring shoes: the interpretation of sleep by dream books

Treatment of a dream about fitting a new shoe in the shoe department, depending on its color and type:

Appearance and colorInterpretation
White shoesTo new positive emotions and a surge of vital energy
Yellow new bootsTo unclouded joy
Red patent shoesFor passionate passion and cordial affection. Leather — indicate the strength of feelings
Shoes with wooden solesTo family well-being and secured life
Green bootsTo change the worldview, reassess priorities

To measure black shoes in a store is a love affair that can backfire. You need to be more careful and selective in your partners.

To buy expensive, but uncomfortable shoes — neglect your own health.

Trying on one leg foreshadows failure in any undertakings and unstable income.

Why dream of measuring shoes: the interpretation of sleep by dream books

For a correct interpretation of the dream, it is important to consider the size of the dreamed footwear.

  1. 1. Try on beautiful shoes that are too tight — a sleeping person missed a unique chance given by fate itself.
  2. 2. Wearing large-sized shoes — the desires of the sleeper do not coincide with the real possibilities.
  3. 3. The dreamer found a suitable pair, but still feels uncomfortable — to the useless pastime and the feeling of his own powerlessness.

A dream in which to see old shoes predicts poverty and material need. Some specific images are treated differently:

  1. 1. Wearing other people’s worn shoes is a sign that you need to listen to the opinions of others to avoid past mistakes.
  2. 2. Find old dirty boots that fall apart before our eyes — there will be a difficult period in the personal relationship of the sleeper. Perhaps parting with her lover.

The meaning of unusual sleep plots is presented in the table:

A man in women’s bootsVision warns of public disgrace and tarnished reputation
Woman trying on men’s shoesShe will take on responsibilities that she will not be able to

To measure shoes or shoes of a dead man — the dreamer will repeat the tragic fate of this person.

Interpretation of sleep popular dream books:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
MuslimShoes symbolize the property of a sleeping person and his financial situation.
MedeaSoon there will be a way to solve a long-standing problem.
MillerTo a significant improvement in all areas of life
TsvetkovaAuspicious sign foreshadowing profit in business
AstromeridianTo changes in heart affairs, fateful acquaintance
VelesovNothing threatens the health of a sleeping person, he is completely safe
GypsyTo honors, benefits, admittedly
UkrainianFor business trips and new acquaintances
ChineseThe dream promises happiness to the family dreamer
SmirnovaTo the long road, new hobbies
XXI centuryTo unpromising events and unprofitable classes
EsotericFortune will soon smile sleeping man
PersianThe dreamer shifts his responsibilities to other people
FreudFor a pleasant pastime with your loved one and outdoor activities
RussianThe sleeping person will soon set off, the trip will bring success
AzaraTo endless troubles, unnecessary fuss
Dmitry and Nadezhda ZimaFootwear is a symbol of readiness for action.
Simone CanaaniteTo an exciting journey in a pleasant company
FedorovskoyTo increase the career ladder

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