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Why dream of marrying?

Why dream of marrying?

Why dream of marrying? A dream may be interpreted directly under certain circumstances. If the dreamer is currently alone, the dream predicts the appearance of an influential man in her life.

The interpretation of this dream has many nuances and features that depend on the details of the plot.

Why dream of marrying?

General interpretation

Remember the details of the plot of the dream:

  • marriage proposal from a stranger;
  • marriage proposal from a loved one;
  • a proposal to an already married woman;
  • to refuse the offer;
  • the proposal to marry the deceased;
  • features of the situation during this action.

If in a dream your favorite person makes a proposal, it does not always prophesy a quick wedding. Usually such a dream foreshadows a disease (if the girl was wearing a white dress) or a quick separation.

However, not everything is so sad: other interpreters say that the dreamer is expected to make big changes in life. Moreover, the changes can affect any area of ​​life, for example, work.

For a married woman sleep may have a twofold interpretation: the warming of relations with the spouse or the emergence of a new fan. Be careful with other men and do not attract attention to yourself.

For unmarried girls, the dream foreshadows the long-awaited meeting with the betrothed.

Marriage proposal from an unfamiliar man, whose face is not visible, indicates the appearance of an influential patron. Positive changes will occur in the life of the dreamer: take-off on the career ladder, material well-being.

However, the dream of a real marriage is irrelevant.

If a girl in a dream refused to accept the offer, in real life, she will have more than one fan. Agree to marry in a dream — to loneliness.

To see the engagement of a girlfriend or a stranger girl — to your own wedding.

If the offer was made at the seaside, need to remember the shade of sea water. The dark sea and the clouds overhead — to great obstacles, clear water — to well-being, muddy muddy sea water — to gossip and trouble.

What foreshadows the marriage proposal from the deceased? Do not worry: it does not promise a quick death. Go to church, put candles, refer to the grave.

If the deceased looked at you anxiously, unpleasant changes will soon happen in life.

Why dream of marrying?

Rings and flowers

If you made an offer with a ring and flowers, try to remember all the details of the plot:

  • a ring with a stone — to a new acquaintance;
  • the red color of the stone is sadness and longing;
  • the dark color of the stone is for joy;
  • big diamond — to success in business;
  • a scattering of small diamonds — to tears;
  • green / blue stones — to well-being;
  • yellow — to quarrels.

Golden ring promises poverty, and copper — wealth. Put the wedding ring on the finger — to the loss, reject — to unexpected money.

Flowers in a dream also have their meaning. To feel the aroma of a bouquet — to happy changes in life.

Red flowers prophesy success, white — sadness.

Have you seen a wine bottle in a dream? A dream foreshadows success if the wine was not drunk.

Bright champagne dreams of positive changes in life, red wine warns not to make rash decisions.

Interpretation of dream books

Dream Dream considers a marriage proposal from a stranger as a career success. The dreamer will soon receive a tempting offer, will gain financial independence and well-being.

However, if the dreamer was confused and could not find suitable words for an answer, in reality she is considered a frivolous unreliable person.

Dream Dream states: to agree to marry is a good sign. In reality, you will gain the respect and admiration of others.

If the dreamer herself makes a proposal, it warns of various obstacles to a dream. However, obstacles can be overcome.

Modern dream book considers the vision of engagement with the ring to the emergence of a serious admirer in the girl’s life. Love at first glance may not be, but later the dreamer will appreciate the human qualities of the new acquaintance and decide to relate fate to him.

Often in dreams we continue to experience the events of real life, so we should not completely believe in dreams. If you saw the plot with the engagement in the movie series, probably in a dream, the subconscious continues to experience the feelings of movie characters.

In this case, the dream is considered empty and does not foretell any changes.

In order to properly understand the meaning of sleep, it is necessary to exclude the influence of impressions from real-life events experienced on the eve. Keep a diary of dreams, write down in detail what he saw, — soon you will learn to understand the language of the subconscious.

Remember that in a dream our own subconsciousness communicates with us, which seeks to help sort out confusing life situations.

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