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Why dream of many little kittens?

Why dream of many little kittens?

Cats are considered mystical mysterious animals. They can not be tamed like dogs.

Cats are headstrong and capricious, always independent and unpredictable. In Egypt, there was a cult of cats led by the goddess Baast.

Why dream a lot of little kittens in a dream?

Why dream of many little kittens?

General interpretation

Dream Interpretation says that to see kittens in a dream denotes personal weakness or lack of self-confidence. This portends a series of small matters that take time and effort.

You will be loaded with homework, quarrel over small things with homework and get tired of the fuss.

And here to see just born kittens — foreshadows a good profit, durable wealth. Meaning for a young girl — waiting for attention from young men.

According to Wanga’s dream book, to see dead kittens just born — personally create problems for themselves. If you see a brood of healthy kittens — to the joy, luck and happiness.

If in a dream appeared skinny dirty kittens, sleep foreshadows problems because of their own carelessness. You may not notice the meanness of familiar people.

To feed hungry kittens — to the successful resolution of many problems.

Wool color

Kittens in a dream can have a different color:

  • Toss white kittens with their feet — in reality, cause offense to relatives.
  • Attack black fighters — to intrigue and gossip.
  • To see black babes — to the illness of a close relative.
  • Redhead Fuzzies foreshadow the emergence of unexpected finances.
  • Gray baby just talking about everyday rush.

The interpretation of different dream books

Dream Miller treats this dream in negative tones. Miller warns:

  • white animals foreshadow problems and dangers;
  • meowing or purring warns of a hypocritical friend;
  • traces of scratches of kittens — to lose part of the profits from the transaction;
  • many animals — to small but problematic troubles.

Dream Vanga warns: to see many kittens — to the chain of failures. Even live animals predict trouble, and the dead — many problems.

Dreaming nostradamus foreshadows a global drought or environmental catastrophe. However, the animals in the basket foreshadow the appearance of an honest and fair ruler. How to apply it to the present moment?

Perhaps the dream warns about the change of director.

Sonny Sonan also treats many animals in a negative way. These crumbs symbolize envious and intriguing surrounded. If the animals are trying to attack you, then with a successful defense in a dream you will avoid the grave consequences of unpleasant circumstances.

Otherwise, you will have a disease or loss of finances.

Dream loft otherwise he understands the symbolism of the image of kittens. He warns about the gift of intuition and providence. dreaming with kittens symbolizes the opening of the third eye.

Dream interpretation of the Wanderer and Tsvetkov interpret this dream in a general way — to trouble, irritation and failure.

Sonic Martin Zadeki warns — you expect a family quarrel with loved ones. Moderate your fervor, be more flexible, make compromises.

Modern dream book interprets many animals as a warning about hypocritical friends and surroundings.

Why dream of many little kittens?

How to interpret a dream?

How to understand the meaning of sleep, if the dream books interpret the images of kittens in a dream differently? First, you should listen to your intuition.

Of great importance is the emotional perception of the dream. What did you feel — joy, sadness, anxiety?

Two-color kitten can tell that in life joyful and sad events will alternate. It is important to remember the color of the animal’s skin spots.

It is also important to remember the behavior of the kitten — peaceful or aggressive?

If you saw animal with an unusual color of the skin — this is surprising. After all, you also experienced surprise in a dream!

But to stroke such a kitten — to deception and the collapse of plans.

Also important is the place where you met the animal in a dream:

  • If the kittens were in the house, This means that problems will be associated with the house.
  • If you met kittens on the street, It means you suffer from your own rash actions.

Sleeping kittens warn that problems have not yet appeared (sleep). If you do not take precautionary steps, they will wake up.

Active kittens talk about the problems that come, aggressive — about dangerous and evil enemies.

But blind kittens (just born) say that now is the time to defeat enemies. Enemies are not yet able to harm you.

Dead crumbs will tell about the complete victory over the enemies. You can congratulate yourself!

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