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Why dream of many little chickens?

Why dream of many little chickens?

Small chicks always evoke positive emotions in life and in dreams. Why dream of many little chickens? The interpretation of the vision will depend on the characteristics of the plot of the dream.

Seeing chickens is not always about positive events. We will understand in detail.

Why dream of many little chickens?

General interpretation

The little chicken can symbolize the state and feelings of the dreamer at the moment — helplessness, weakness and confusion. If a person has a serious life problem, he may feel completely helpless and in need of outside support.

Also, the interpretation of the vision depends on the following points:

  • see chicks of a certain color;
  • chickens hatched from eggs;
  • see the chicken with them;
  • the chickens in the dream were dead;
  • the cat chased the chicks;
  • you bought a brood of chickens;
  • you fished in a dream of scattering chicks;
  • you fed the chicks.

Vision in which babies just hatched from eggs, has a positive interpretation: your ideas are destined to come true. If the chickens were mixed with eggs, you need a maximum attention to your project — do not let things take their course, you will have to try.

See chicken with chicks — a warning about impending troubles and problems. The hen carries negative symbolism in the interpretation of dreams.

Chicks — symbolize your plans and ideas. Agriculture workers such a dream prophesy crop failure.

See whole brood of chickens / ducklings / goslings — to prosperity in the house, well-being in the family and quick profits. Only chicks should be without a chicken in a dream.

However, if positive emotions were experienced in a dream, the plot may foreshadow the arrival of guests.

Dead chicks in a dream warn of adverse times in the life of the dreamer. Do not plan new affairs, take care of your health, women can not plan pregnancy.

Wait for the right moment.

Catch the scattering chicks — to the bustle and many troubles that will take time and effort. If you chase chicks again and again around the room or lawn, everyday chores will cause you a lot of problems.

If you fed chickens, it means that in reality it will be necessary to render assistance to someone with advice and deed. Drinking water chicks point out the mistakes that you managed to make in life.

If the chicks caught the cat, it warns of trouble. The outcome of events will depend on the completion of the dream plot.

If the cat failed to catch the chicks, all problems will be resolved. Otherwise, you expect big trouble.

Buy brood chicks — to the gift, joyful news. If in a dream you yourself sold the chicks, you will have to make a gift.

Why dream of many little chickens?

Chicks color

Sometimes the dreamer pays attention to the color of the chickens in a dream. What does the color of baby feathers?

  • Many bright yellow chicks talks about cowardice and indecision of the dreamer. Also, this dream warns of a decrease in immune defense. In order not to get sick, take care of strengthening the body.
  • Black chicks foreshadow trouble. You need to take control of the situation in your hands, do not rely on chance — it will not help. The situation will inevitably come to a standstill with your inaction.
  • Many little white chicks — a good omen. In the life of the dreamer will be a chance to realize their potential, to express themselves, to show their best. Also, the dream foreshadows a change in attitudes, the dreamer enters a new stage of his spiritual development — it is important to choose the right direction and not turn aside.
  • Variegated chickens symbolize activated enemies who have prepared a trap for the dreamer. You will meet with insidious intrigues — be vigilant. In dreams, our subconscious gives a hint of the correct life direction through images, and does not put a fatal inevitability before.

Remember that the interpretation of visions largely depends on the current life situation of the dreamer, and not on the dream book written in the interpreter. The vision of a chicken with chicks can be a nuisance in one case, and in the other case this dream implies an addition to the family or a happy marriage.

Listen to your intuition, and you will find the right answer within you.

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