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Why dream of losing an earring in a dream: interpretation of dream books

Earrings — a symbol of communication with your beloved. They mean material wealth and the power of the senses. To lose an earring in a dream is to spoil the relationship with your loved one.

Quarrel can occur due to the capricious nature of the woman and the material problems of the man. Initially, earrings are invented as a remedy for the evil eye, and the loss of even one of them means trouble, weakening of health and failure.

For married women, such jewelry is a love talisman that helps to preserve harmony in the family. If the girl is not married, the interpretation of the dream takes on a positive meaning and predicts the appearance of the groom in her life.

The loss of one piece of jewelry means a change for the worse and separation from a loved one. Losing both earrings means confusion and fear for your personal life and further destiny.

The interpretation of the dream depends on the material of the product, the presence of stones, it is also important whether it is jewelry or an old precious jewel. What does it mean to lose an earring in a dream:

  1. 1. Gold. The disappearance from the ear of this earring means material problems for a loved one and separation from him.
  2. 2. Silver. Sign of deception. Sleep advises not to trust people who use flattery for rapprochement.
  3. 3. Gold plated. To trouble and obstacles that seriously complicate life.
  4. 4. With a gemstone. With a lot — you should not hope for good luck, but be guided by reason and analysis. With small — to the missed opportunity.
  5. 5. Costume jewelry. Nayavu to get rid of unnecessary society and communication with boring, uninteresting people.
  6. 6. Antique. Predicts a meeting with an influential person, his patronage and help.
  7. 7. Broken. No matter how hard they try, they will not be able to harm the dreamer’s reputation.

For a man to see in a dream that his beloved has lost the decoration from his ear means a difficult period in a relationship that will begin with the claims and jealousy of the girl.

Why dream of losing an earring in a dream: interpretation of dream books

Depending on where the dreamer has lost the product, the accuracy of interpretation depends on:

  • On the street — disturbing thoughts and suspicions will disturb. There is a possibility that a woman will hear unpleasant news about a loved one.
  • In the house — to conflicts, quarrels and offenses on his beloved.
  • At work — you should look to male colleagues. Perhaps some of them secretly dream of meeting in private.
  • On the trip — to meet with an interesting guy on the road, if the girl is single and to the fan, if she is married.
  • At the threshold of the house — to unpleasant news from relatives.

If the dreamer cannot remember where she lost the decoration, then she is dissatisfied with her life, but takes a passive position and is afraid of changing anything in it.

Interpretation depending on details:

Where did the earring disappearMeaning of dream
From the left earInterpretation has a personal and sensual meaning. The owner of a dream should defend the interests, despite insults and the unfair decision. There will be quirky, mercenary rivals who will struggle to draw attention to themselves with all their might. If the earring was with a stone, you should not count on luck, but prepare yourself carefully and responsibly. For a young girl, dream means the loss of a wealthy groom, for a married woman, a diminishing interest of the husband. If the earring was of base metal, the woman will be relieved by the improvement in material problems and the end of the courtship of the obsessive gentleman
From the right ear

Interpretation relates to the practical side of affairs. Speaks about problems in business and professional interactions:

  • The loss or theft of expensive earrings predicts material difficulties.
  • Jewelery — a misunderstanding in the team.
  • Small earrings — a person will not even notice how troubles will bypass the party, and only after a while does he learn about the threat to his calmness
From the boxIf you dreamed that one earring disappeared from the box or box, you should be ready for annoyance and vain experiences. The dreamer is surrounded by people who are not who they say they are. She is jealous and wants to be in her place

When the earring is lost in a dream, and the owner does not worry about the loss, she will withstand the unpleasant surprise that her beloved has prepared for her. She may learn about his misbehavior from her friends, but a quarrel will not lead to separation, but will strengthen the relationship by uniting the couple.

Why dream of losing an earring in a dream: interpretation of dream books

If you manage to find the missing earring, you should expect a gift, especially if it is made of precious metal or with a stone. And feel relieved if the product is jewelry. Losing and looking for — to face a choice and be afraid to miss the chance.

To find an earring with a stone that fell out of it means to hide a secret if it is expensive or beautiful. Or learn someone else, if the decoration is not precious.

Search for a long time and burst into tears because of the loss — in reality, you should not tempt fate and enter into dangerous ties. It is necessary to avoid contact with unfamiliar people and not be left alone with a man who is drunk and aggressive.

To pick up a fallen earring — to a stupid act that will change the opinion about the dreamer is not for the better.

If someone else has found the lost decoration, the dreamer will be in debt and he will have to pay for the service rendered. Find not your earring — by chance help and get a good friend or patron.

Ancient with a red stone — means secret happiness and love languor.

Why dream of losing an earring in a dream: interpretation of dream books

Dream Miller foreshadows deterioration of financial position and the collapse of plans. Small losses and worries about quarrels or separation from a loved one are possible.

If the dreamer has lost:

  1. 1. Dear earring — in reality she behaves frivolously and pushes people away. Possible deterioration of the financial situation due to too large requests of the owner of the jewelry.
  2. 2. Silver product — useful information will not come at the right time, and there will be a grudge against a person or people who have not informed or reminded about an important event.
  3. 3. Donated earring — to quarrels, health problems and misunderstandings in the family. Relatives will be dissatisfied with an ungrateful attitude or will make comments about an unserious attitude towards life.
  4. 4. Costume jewelry — to insults at girlfriends and conflicts because of their envy.

Finding lost jewelry means dubious profits and false advice.

Interpretation of other dream books:

Dream interpretationValue of sleep
TsvetkovaThe detected loss predicts spontaneous quarrels with dear people and showdown. Finding an earring by yourself — get a well-deserved reward. Helped to discover — to receive unexpected help
FemaleTo parting with your loved ones, illness, envy, tears and financial difficulties. Find — in time to get rid of problems. Cry because of the loss — to meet with an unpleasant man
WangiPredicts separation from his beloved and problems with the opposite sex. If gold earrings are lost — the girl wants to get married by the calculation. If the earring is made of simple metal, she does not like to listen to the advice and instructions of her relatives.
ModernHear disturbing and unpleasant news. Losing decoration on the street — to cool relations. In the house — to quarrels, tears and conflicts. Lost expensive product with a large stone — it is worth waiting for financial difficulties
HasseIn real life, you have to obey someone else’s will, but the woman will internally resist pressure. This will lead to scandals and parting, after which prolonged illness is possible.
LofaHeralds a crisis in relations with the opposite sex and risky things that do not bring profit
MuslimPeople will believe that the girl was married for mercenary motives and will condemn her for it. Find a gold earring — means to meet a rich groom. Silver — the husband will not be very secure, but kind and loving. Artificial metal — predicts a lazy, poor and ugly husband

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