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Why dream of lipstick on dream books and interpretations of basic values

What does lipstick mean in a dream by interpretation of dream books?

Lipstick for lips is the most important element of a female seductive arsenal in the opinion of all trendsetters. The presence of lipstick completely changes the image of a woman, makes it interesting and attractive.

In a dream, lipstick often dreams to a pleasant acquaintance and means easy communication, easy flirting, sexual desire. Consider the basic meaning, what dreams of lipstick on dream books.

Why dream of lipstick on dream books and interpretations of basic values

Basic Values

It matters if you use lipstick in everyday life. If this is part of your everyday toilet and in a dream you look like in reality, you shouldn’t give the appearance a special additional meaning.

Pay attention to unusual details, color changes. For example, if you usually buy cosmetics in a boutique, and in a dream you buy a tube of orange paint in the transition — this could mean a ridiculous flirtation with a courier, a security guard or a water peddler in reality.

If in a dream you get shine from a jar with your finger right in the restaurant and drag your finger over your lips, although you know perfectly well that this is somewhat beyond the limit of acceptable — get ready for the role of an insidious seductress and violator of principles.

  • To wipe cosmetics with a napkin — to show off the accepted rules, to play your game.
  • Buy in a boutique, choose — for acquaintance, willingness to flirt. It is important to the environment, where exactly you buy lipstick — at a cheap sale, in a supermarket, in a specialty store or in an expensive brand shop. The environment shows how you feel about yourself, how willing you are to save on beauty and your needs. If you choose cheap cosmetics of any color, type a whole mountain of different colors — you are extremely undemanding and do not know how to appreciate yourself, just try your hand at the field of flirting and coquetry. By and large, you have not yet decided on the choice of the gentleman and are happy to any sign of attention.
  • If a man dreams that he buys lipstick — it means either a masquerade, or a complete inability to care for women, the desire for dictation and control, greed.
  • Hygienic lipstick without color — unlimited self-confidence. You are not ready to consider yourself as a woman and you demand a serious attitude towards you, like a man. With all due respect for this position, it is worth noting that attracting a man in this way will not work. Only one who sympathizes with strong men himself or is looking for a reliable patroness for herself.
  • To make up lips is a pretense. You enjoy playing different roles in your own theater. Perhaps it makes sense to revise the repertoire and look for new interesting roles. Acting and makeup courses will be useful in real life.
  • To lose your favorite makeup or lipstick — to the disappointment in the little things. Perhaps you will learn something unpleasant about the object of sighs and you may not give these facts meaning, but in vain. Little things often characterize a person better than the hottest words and ardent outpourings.
  • Break, break off the coloring column — to the disappointment in the best hopes.
  • Open tube — you may have a successful rival. You should not believe too much a man, he is cunning.
  • The pleasant smell of lip balm means good luck. If the cosmetics is rancid, it smells unpleasant — there is a danger of disgracing on a date.
  • Matters the color of lipstick in a dream. Classic red — you value yourself highly, consider all the options and select the most worthy. Scarlet, bright — you want to quickly run to the most important date of your life. Looks like you’re ready to make the main bet. It is quite possible that you are committed to equal relations and will be disappointed. Orange — love to fool young people, flirting without serious intentions. Burgundy, brown — a serious attitude. You are ready to take the initiative. Pink — prudence. Node, natural — love to pretend and act, not confident. Aggressive colors — green, purple, black — a tendency to outrageous. You love to experience people.
  • Bright, rich colors mean a resolute attitude, readiness for a serious relationship without half tones. Mother of pearl, sequins give indecision and doubt.

Why dream of lipstick on dream books and interpretations of basic values

Interpretations of authorities

Freud’s dream interpretation did not ignore the phallic shape of lipstick and the fact that the bright lips on the face of a woman cause quite definite associations with an excited female genital organ. Lip a lipstick in a dream means oral sex and the most unequivocal hint.

Painting lips in a restaurant — a willingness to continue the evening, rough sex.

Female dream book believes that lipstick in a dream means a secret. Perhaps you will have a married lover with high demands for female beauty. Classic tube — to flirt.

Jar — to the disease. Glitter in the bottle — an unsuccessful date.

To paint lips with a brush — to deception, joke.

The dream of Winters views painted lips in a dream as a sign of deception.

Why dream of lipstick on dream books and interpretations of basic values


Lipstick in a dream acts as a bright tool of seduction. To dream lipstick means readiness for new adventures. Colorless lipstick means something like a vegetarian hunt — you depict a flirt, but you are not ready to seriously meet and build relationships.

Acquisition of lipstick means readiness for new victories.

On the other hand, victories in the field of love can also be viewed as a defeat. Be wary of relationships in which exorbitant demands are being made of you, of connections with married men.

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