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Why dream of lice in my head?

Why dream of lice in my head?

Nasty insects crawling on your head, you constantly feel itching, shy that the problem will be known to others, and … wake up? Fortunately, pediculosis overcame you only in a dream, you can not run for medicine at the pharmacy. But it is interesting because what dreams lice in my head?

Let’s try to decipher the value of such night dreams.

Why dream of lice in my head?

How to interpret a dream with lice

Dreams are not just pictures, they are a reflection of real memories, emotions, impressions.

No wonder the study of dreams involved «serious» scientists, psychotherapists: Jung, Freud. They claimed: sleep is almost always a clue. The body through night visions can warn of danger, give a hint how to behave in controversial situations.

Sometimes dreams are just a discharge of consciousness, a load shedding from the brain. When there are too many emotions, impressions and thoughts, sleep is a protective mechanism that protects your mind from unnecessary stress.

Interpretations of dreams in national dream books were not invented by psychologists: people analyzed what the same dream is dreaming of and how often it comes true. On the basis of age-old observations and determined the values ​​of dreams. Lice vision can mean the following:

  1. Head lice — a sign that the person lacks mental load, he stopped in development and does not move on. You need to devote time to spiritual exercises.
  2. If lice dreamed of a girl who recently received an offer of a hand and the heart, got engaged and is in the status of the bride, so there is a risk that the wedding will be upset. There are some omissions between lovers. It is necessary to talk tete-a-tete, frankly and without prejudice. Perhaps the desire to link the fate with each other will disappear after this conversation. Or on the contrary, fears will disappear, and the marriage will be prosperous and long.
  3. If lice dream of a married woman, this is a bad sign. He speaks of a girl’s strong fear of losing her husband, because she suspects him of infidelity, and he considers her rival a strong one, superior to her in everything. This applies to working married ladies.
  4. If the girl is married, but does not work, but doing housework, the meaning of louse sleep is different. Such a vision speaks of the desire to develop, engage in creativity, get away from the home routine and live a full life, realize hidden talents and give free rein to ambitions.
  5. If insects dreamed of a male entrepreneur, it is worth waiting for a good profit soon. And in general, a dream with lice for a businessman is a great sign! He talks about the enormous mental potential of a person, his creative nature, which together will help to achieve incredible heights.
  6. Often lice dream young talents. Such dreams are a sign of the presence of a creative spirit, a high level of creativity. The man is clearly talented and deserves a “national” vocation.
  7. Not all louse dream books are a good sign.. Some authors argue: parasites dream of negative events. A person can get sick, endanger his life (an accident), or get into trouble at work.
  8. Some authors consider: lice dream of unexpected visitors. Wait for guests: relatives, friends from another city. Most likely, they will stay with you for a long time and will have time to get bored. In addition, the visit will strike at the material well-being and relationships of your family members.
  9. If lice in a dream you stubbornly squeezed, it means that in real life you will see a quick solution to existing problems.

In general, head lice dream most often to favorable events. But remember Jung and the fact that the body often warns people in advance through dreams.

Check your head — can there really lice?

What if lice aren’t yours?

Why dream of lice in my head?

For a more accurate interpretation should pay attention to the circumstances of sleep.

  • For example, if the nasty insects occupied another person’s head, rather than yours, it promises close financial success. You will receive an unexpected inheritance, a prize, find a treasure, win the lottery or be able to quickly make a lot of money.
  • Lice in a stranger’s head — a sign of quick success, the beginning of a white line in life, the emergence of new opportunities. Insects attacked a familiar person? Remember who it is: it will play a big role in your life (in a positive sense).
  • Fine if you’re a girl as well louse appeared in a rival. So you can easily win over it, leaving nothing. Also, sleep may portend a speedy reconciliation with a long-standing enemy.

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