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Why dream of kittens: interpretation of the dream

What to expect if the kittens dream: the interpretation of different dream books

Fluffy and cute kittens cause positive emotions: they want to caress, stroke, play with them. But to see kittens in a dream does not always mean that joyful and happy moments are waiting for them in reality — this is a sign of petty trouble or deception.

In this case, the subconscious prompts to be more careful and to prevent future problems.

Treatment of sleep depends on many of the details seen: the number of kittens, the color and the dreamer’s actions with them.

Kittens in a dream often mean trouble, problems, betrayal of close friends or a loved one.

Donated or newborn animals promise profits, and gentle animals — good luck on a love front. For the correct interpretation it is useful to remember all the details of sleep.

Why dream of kittens: interpretation of the dream

When a dream with kittens is seen by a married woman who is planning a pregnancy, this is a sign of the future appearance of the baby.

A pregnant woman who has seen cats in a dream should pay attention to the color of the animals:

  • white or ginger cat dreams to the birth of a girl;
  • black or striped — boy.

Kitten, purring on his knees, foreshadows premature birth. Playful animals dream of a successful delivery and a healthy baby.

Do not be afraid of a dead animal in a dream — this does not mean a problem with the health of the newborn. Only minor complications during childbirth are possible.

Why dream of kittens: interpretation of the dream

A girl who has seen many little kittens in a dream should be careful. They are trying to deceive her, and her ill-considered actions will harm her reputation.

A multi-colored cat symbolizes a person hiding true unseemly intentions. One affectionate cat dreams of a new acquaintance and romantic relationships.

Bride dream with aggressive kittens on the eve of the wedding speaks about the bad qualities of the future husband and unhappy family life: the future spouse has the character of a tyrant and a despot.

Why dream of kittens: interpretation of the dream

A man who dreams of kittens should be extremely careful — in reality there is the likelihood of problems at work, deception of competitors or the conclusion of an unfavorable deal. Require business attention.

In relations with a girl, a cat means betrayal, betrayal. To drown or drive away the animal in this case is a good sign for the dreamer.

One animal has different interpretations: such a dream foreshadows profit or warns of an impending problem.

Two kittens indicate discord in a relationship with a loved one. If there are three of them, then this is the sign of the third person in the pair.

It is worth paying attention to the behavior of your half.

Many small cats promise minor troubles and efforts.

The color of the animal in a dream has a special meaning for the sleeper:

RedheadGinger kitten dreams of receiving a cash reward, bonus or cash gift
WhiteThe snow-white color is a sign of a pleasant new acquaintance, flirting, romantic meeting. Planned to find a new friend or love relationship
GraySmoky color indicates family peace, well-being and order in the house
The blackBlack color means the presence in the life of mystic powers, black magic
PinkReflection of auspicious love relationships. It can also be a sign that a loved one has conceived a deception or is trying to achieve his goal by manipulation.
MulticoloredSeals of different colors signify credulity and naivety: the dreamer is easily deceived and disappointed in reality, because there is a two-faced, hypocritical person in the environment

Solving the dream will be the action:

  • To keep the animal in your arms — in reality you need to keep yourself in hand, avoid frivolous actions, otherwise troubles may be casting a shadow over reputation.
  • Ironing — in the environment there are insincere, hypocritical people.
  • Get a gift — loneliness.
  • Buy — you should be careful in the financial sphere: there may be frauds with money or deception.
  • Feed — give envious reason for gossip.
  • To pick up — with the good heart of the dreamer, because of which he seeks to help people.
  • Search — in reality attracts adventures and problems.
  • Lose because the cat ran away — avoid trouble.

It is important to pay attention to the appearance:

  • A cat with cubs is a symbol of a prosperous happy family.
  • Many little kittens — minor problems.
  • Playful, funny animals are the herald of joy.
  • Dirty cat — deceptive appearance of someone in a close environment.
  • Newborn kittens — success, cash flow.
  • Fluffy, beautiful cats promise gifts, luck and joy. But this dream has a double meaning: they can come from cunning people trying to make the dreamer their debtor or to deceive.
  • A blind animal — there is someone nearby who needs protection, a child or a girl.
  • Sleeping kittens personify ill-wishers who currently can not cause harm.
  • Aggressive, biting and scratching cats mean the onset of trouble in the near future.
  • Affectionate, tame animal dreams of dating and flirting, fast love relationship.

To kill a kitten in a dream is a good sign: it says that the dreamer will cope with difficulties and troubles in reality. Dead animals in a dream means that the problems are solved by themselves.

Small animals that cause emotion in real life, according to the interpretation of various dream books, indicate small troubles and problems. Having seen a little cat in a dream, you should be careful and attentive to financial matters, deals, large purchases.

There may be problems in love relationships, betrayal and deception by close friends. Sleeping with kittens warns against rash decisions and actions with adverse consequences.

According to Miller, kittens in a dream symbolize a series of small troubles.

The white animal is a danger signal, especially for a young woman. In this case, a trap was prepared for her into which they are trying to lure her into being tricked. Care must be taken to avoid ruin and misfortune and preserve our reputation.

The motley dirty kittens for a girl are a sign that a dishonest person is hidden behind a beautiful appearance.

The serpent that kills the tiny beasts personifies intruders carrying evil plans. As a result, the enemies through time will suffer themselves, without harming their victim.

According to the interpretation of Vanga, many small animals mean fears, the greater their number — the stronger the fears. Play with a fluffy kitten — a warning about the change of a loved one.

Newborns signal that it is not necessary to start new affairs, as they will be unsuccessful. Feed the little cat — there are hypocritical friends nearby.

According to Freud, a little cat in a dream symbolizes the heightened sensitivity of the dreamer, dissatisfaction in sex. Stroking and playing with an animal means a sexual desire to have a relationship with a younger partner.

If the kitten is self-conscious — the dreamer has sensuality and sexual attractiveness. To kill an animal is to enjoy violence and sadism.

By Tsvetkov kittens in a dream — a sign of trouble in real life. Dealing with them means solving your problems in real life.

White cat — a cunning enemy, hiding under the mask of a friend, black — an open foe. To iron a kitten is a deceit of a loved one, to feed is betrayal, betrayal.

A cat that has scratched, foreshadows a disease.

A kitten in a dream is a symbol of home comfort. The cat is also a sign of dark forces, magic, otherworldly phenomena..

To see in a dream how the basket with kittens is brought into the palace — to the appearance in ten years of a political leader who will be deified. Striped kitten means the appearance of a wise man, a messenger of God.

If a tabby cat fell into a mousetrap, they will cruelly punish this person. A city filled with cats — an ecological disaster will happen.

Cat with kittens means that you need to pay more attention to children. A cat fleeing from a dog in a dream — soon a danger lurks: the old problems that were avoided are overtaken again.

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