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Why dream of kissing the former on the lips: interpretation of the dream book

Kissing the former on the lips: why dream of such a dream?

A dream in which a girl or woman dreams of kissing her former lover or her husband has an ambiguous interpretation. On the one hand, a kiss in a dream is a rather auspicious symbol, most often predicting joy and renewed relationships.

But on the other hand, participation in the plot of the former young man is a version of night visions, which can be an indicator of a woman’s dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs. The individual details of the dream will help to interpret it more accurately.

The personality of a man who dreamed of a dreamer in a similar manner becomes one of the main clues in his interpretation. Dream Interpretation pay attention to the following options:

Who was the kissInterpretation
With ex boyfriend
  • To dream of a kiss with a former lover means subconscious dissatisfaction of the girl with the current elect. It is possible that she herself is not yet ready to admit it.
  • Often such a plot becomes a herald of approaching quarrels and misunderstandings between the sleeping and her new boyfriend.
  • For the bride, this image is extremely negative and means that the future marriage can be very difficult. The cause of the quarrels will be the old relationship
With a former lover
  • Kissing with a lover — a symbol of receiving news from him in real life. Dream interpretation focus on the fact that this person does not feel negative towards the dreamer.
  • The inviting touch to the lips of a former lover in a dream is a warning sign. A woman risks to be tempted by reality, which later will be greatly regretted
With ex-husband
  • The kiss received from the past spouse, especially beloved so far, promises a pleasant surprise in a short time. Probably, they will be some kind of sudden event.
  • Sometimes such a dream is interpreted as unexpected profit in the near future.
With a former friend
  • The romantic story, in which the old friend becomes the main character, is a positive symbol for a free girl, promising favorable changes, happiness and joyful events.
  • For a person who has a beloved, such a dream becomes a warning of a possible separation from him.
With a former bossKiss the boss with the former work should alert the dreamer. In a new place, serious trouble is possible because of her inattention. It should be a more responsible approach to the performance of their duties, otherwise the dismissal and subsequent financial problems

A general impression of what he saw can also help with the decoding of the plot. If a girl had a chance to kiss a beautiful stranger, then in reality she suffers from a lack of attention from men.

The kiss received from a handsome guy who is really like sleeping awake promises her a quick start to a new love.

The dream interpretation pays special attention to the interpretation of the dream, in which the sick person took part. A kiss with him promises a woman a long life, but also difficulties in making serious decisions in the near future, which can cause losses.

Why dream of kissing the former on the lips: interpretation of the dream book

The character of the dreamed kiss is also important. Interpreters advise to pay special attention to this:

On the lips
  • Kissing the former on the lips is most often a signal of inner longing for an old relationship. Probably, the girl too often thinks about the past time.
  • Such a dream may foreshadow quick changes of a varied nature.
In the corner of the lipsSuch a kiss predicts events in the life of a woman who will surprise her greatly, but will leave only positive impressions.
  • Kissing passionately is a dual symbol, which promises a renewal of relations with a dreamed character, and how good it is that only the sleeping herself should decide.
  • Otherwise, such dreams indicate the presence of old unsolved problems.
PumpIf the dream is a passionate kiss, then the dreamer runs the risk of facing a serious illness. To overcome it, you need to seek medical help as soon as possible.
  • The sudden, spontaneous touch of the lips in a dream most often means that the girl finally let go of the old feelings, and she continues to live on.
  • Often, after a similar story, a woman can start a new relationship that will be more sincere and passionate than the old ones.
Like a friendA friendly kiss indicates the absence of resentment in a dreamed person

Why dream of kissing the former on the lips: interpretation of the dream book

Interpretations may vary slightly between sources. Therefore, in an effort to decipher the dream, it is advisable to contact several interpreters at once.

UhThis will help to get even more information about the image and make a more truthful interpretation..

Why dream of kissing the former on the lips: interpretation of the dream book

In this dream book, there are several possible options for the value of a dream about a kiss with a former guy:

  • Nayawa girl has unresolved problems from the past, associated with the old relationship.
  • Sometimes such a plot indicates that a sleeping sleeping person lacks her attention.
  • Kissing with the former means the coming significant changes in the path of life.

Kissing with a friend — for good news or joyful event.

A kiss with a stranger is a warning symbol. A person’s reputation is in danger.

In an esoteric dream book, any kiss seen in a dream is interpreted as the beginning of a new relationship in the near future. And it doesn’t matter who it happened to.

The participation of one or another character in the plot of dreams does not mean that he will become the object of the dreamer’s passion.

This interpreter argues that the image of a kiss is always the herald of a quick betrayal.

This source contains the following options for the interpretation of sleep:

  • Kissing a stranger marks immoral acts.
  • If the kiss occurred with the spouse, then the dream is favorable. In the relationship between the sleeping and her husband reigns complete harmony.
  • It was possible to kiss the enemy — in real life there will be reconciliation with an old friend.

In the dream book of spiritual seekers there is an explanation of the plot, in which a person receives a kiss from some incomprehensible figures. For the sleeper, this means an esoteric process of purification, deliverance from negative energy, thanks to properly performed Christian prayer.

After such a night image, the dreamer experiences an extraordinary lightness, freedom and inspiration.

In the process of interpreting dreams, it is important to take into account the day of the week in which the image appeared to the person:

Sunday to MondayThe kiss seen this night promises the woman a meeting with the former in reality. For her, this will be a surprise, but the guy is specifically planning a collision. But he does it not to clarify the relationship, but simply from the need to see his beloved
Monday to TuesdayAuspicious sign. The man, who slept recently broke up, does not wish her evil and respects her choice. He will not intrigue
From Tuesday to WednesdayA dream of kissing with an ex that night becomes a warning. The beloved is very sorry for the breakup and intends to return the girl at any cost. It is possible that he will be too persistent
Wednesday to ThursdayThe image promises serious excitement. Both the girl and her ex-young man are acutely experiencing a break, trying to find solace in the arms of others. Chances are they still have to meet
Thursday to FridayThis dream suggests that the separation was premature. Both partners still have tender feelings for each other, but the man is experiencing a more painful break. It may be worth giving a chance to this relationship.
Friday to SaturdayThe plot that appeared this night has no particular interpretation.
Saturday to SundayWarning sleep The girl should prepare for an unpleasant conversation with a former young man in reality, who has remained discontent and many offenses. Sleeping to withstand strong blow

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