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Why dream of kissing: interpretation of the dream book

Kissing in a dream: interpretation in popular dream books

A kiss in a dream is a symbol of a relationship with the opposite sex and promises changes that will soon come in the life of the dreamer. In popular dream books, this sign is interpreted both positively and negatively. The decoding of sleep is influenced by such details as: the identity of the partner in the kiss, the nature of the action produced, as well as the emotions experienced by the dreamer.

If the kiss is a pleasure, then this is a good sign.

The exact interpretation of the dream depends on who happened to kiss in a dream.

It matters not only the sex of the person sleeping and the person with whom he dreamed of a kiss, but also the age of this person, as well as the relationship with the dreamer.

Why dream of kissing: interpretation of the dream book

A kiss with a woman is interpreted as follows:

Who had to kissDecryption
Familiar womanThere will be quarrels or conflicts in the life of the dreamer. A kiss with a beloved woman in the dark prophesies danger and a tendency to obscene behavior, while a kiss in the light suggests that a man will not lose respect for women and will not change a noble attitude. If a woman dreamed of an ugly or sick, then the dream warns of difficulties that will soon be resolved
Unfamiliar womanIf you dream of a kiss with a beautiful stranger, then what you see symbolizes the dreamer’s tendency to commit immoral acts, change or end the relationship with the legitimate spouse in real life
WomanThe desire to kiss in a dream with the fair sex occurs as a symbol of sexual attraction to a woman in real life. Touching your lips is a hidden desire to awaken a reciprocal feeling, the need to feel love or attention from the object of adoration.
GirlIf you had to kiss a young woman of an unpleasant appearance — in real life there will be changes for the better, pleasant news will be received; partner remembered outstanding appearance — in reality a person will face troubles, troubles and unwanted conflicts. A dream in which a person does not focus on the appearance of a partner promises a quick marriage or a large sum of money using dishonest methods
FriendKissing a girlfriend means that in real life the dreamer uses any means to achieve the goal and achieves everything planned. The dream, in which the kiss caused a storm of positive emotions, reflects a strong spiritual connection with a true partner. People understand each other from a half-word, they are ready to trust the innermost, they feel the constant need for contact
Elderly womanA kiss with a woman, much older in age, symbolizes the presence of detractors in reality who are seeking to slander and defame the dreamer. The conspiracy will soon unfold, and you should prepare for the fact that the dreamer will be upset to learn about who participated in it.

Why dream of kissing: interpretation of the dream book

Treatment of a dream about a kiss with a familiar man:

Partner’s identityInterpretation
Young manIf a handsome young man turned out to be a partner in a dream, then in reality the dreamer is in dire need of attention from a representative of the opposite sex.
GuyA girl kissing with a familiar boyfriend with whom there was no intimate connection, in real life, will experience complete disappointment from communicating with a glimpse of a persona. If, with the intention to kiss, a young woman wants to distance herself, then the dream-dreamer is not sure of her feelings towards the young man, so do not rush to answer the guy who suggests starting a romantic relationship
LoverA kiss with a lover reflects a woman’s dissatisfaction in current family relationships. Hidden betrayal will be discovered, and then separation from the rightful spouse will follow.

Why dream of kissing: interpretation of the dream book

A kiss with a loved one promises significant material benefits. At the same time, such a vision promises trouble in your personal life that will arise systematically.

If the kiss does not give pleasure, and there is a strong desire to stop what has been started, then in reality a couple will have misunderstandings and conflicts that will lead to a quick break in relations.

A kiss with a beloved under the moonlight symbolizes the betrayal of the latter in real life. A man will commit an act that will forever change the attitude of a young woman.

There is a possibility that the chosen one will change the dreamer, which will lead to a rupture of relations, however, in the near future, the girl will meet with a worthy man.

If in a dream a man kisses his beloved, then in real life there is love and unconditional respect for each other in a couple. However, if a crowd of onlookers witnessed an intimate moment, then the dreamer in reality should be wary of flattering surroundings and gossip.

The lips of the spouse symbolize sexual desires, talk about the need to arouse responsive feelings, and characterize love and affection for the husband. For couples, sleeping with a kiss means mutual energy support, complete understanding, a deep sense of trust and harmonious relationships.

Repeated touch symbolizes sincerity and acceptance from the spouse. If a woman is worried during a kiss, then in real life she will have to contend with gossip and gossip.

But thanks to the support and love from her husband, she will win.

If a spouse strives to distance herself from a kiss, a dream symbolizes a woman’s feelings about how loyal she is to her.

The kiss of a former lover promises that a forgotten old problem will require immediate participation and final resolution. If the touch is pleasant, then the woman will face problems in the relationship with the current partner.

Kiss had a continuation — you need to prepare for significant trouble. Dream calls to think about the prosperity of attention from the dreamer in relation to the current partner.

Significant changes in life are possible, but if changes are not planned, the dream foretells an unexpected meeting with a former chosen one.

Such dreams, which often recur, symbolize dissatisfaction with the current relationship in contrast with previous ones or speak of unresolved moments in alliance with a previous partner.

Popular interpretations of dream books about kissing a stranger:

  • Dream promises good news, a welcome meeting or pleasant chores.
  • For a married lady this promises difficulties in relationships with her spouse. If the impressions of sleep are bright and for a long time do not go out of my head, then the relationship will inevitably move to an end. A woman will be delighted with this outcome of the situation, because she is experiencing fatigue and hopelessness from the current state of affairs.
  • A kiss sent to a foreign man promises the appearance of a man who will turn the usual course of events, fill life with emotions and vivid impressions. Such a picture promises a young girl a fan, the relationship with which will result in a marriage proposal and end in marriage.
  • A kiss against the will of the dreamer symbolizes familiarity with a secretive man. The girl’s mind will be clouded with secrets, the partner will involve the young woman in an adventurous venture, which will end in disappointment and failure, the traceless disappearance of the new acquaintance.
  • Contact with a stranger promises the emergence of a stormy, but short-lived romance, which will seriously damage the dreamer’s reputation.

A kiss with a stranger in a dream symbolizes that in reality a person experiences an urgent need for communication, as there are regular problems and misunderstandings in his environment. The dreamer should try and correct the current state of affairs, otherwise he risks plunging into the relationship with the first comer.

Deciphering a dream in which a dead person had a dream in popular dream books:

  • Contact with an unfamiliar dead person warns about health problems and the deterioration of the general condition of the dreamer or portends a serious illness in someone of close relatives.
  • Kissing a friend of a deceased means liberation from oppression of circumstances and conditionalities in real life.
  • Kissing a deceased relative in a dream promises significant material losses.
  • The feeling of discomfort and horror that arose when a kiss with the deceased, says that a person begins a difficult period in life.
  • A kiss with the deceased warns the dreamer about the dangers of the implementation of his plans and prompts to re-think everything to avoid failure and regrets.

If kissing partners of the same sex:

  • Woman with woman — In reality, the dreamer expects trouble, enmity, and serious health problems.
  • Man with man — a kiss with another man warns the dreamer about meeting a person whose feelings will be fake, and friendship is disingenuous.

Interpretation of a dream with other characters:

Who dreamedInterpretation of sleep
ChildThe dream predicts pleasant emotions from communicating with relatives and close people. In case the baby is upset and crying, the joy of meeting will be darkened by unpleasant news. Another interpreter predicts that in the near future a person will have to face the hassle, a bunch of cases and responsibilities that are directly related to children.
Disc jockeyArdent contact with the disc jockey symbolizes jealousy and anger on the part of her friends, you should take a closer look at your surroundings.
ChiefThe plot describes the hostility towards leadership in reality. The dreamer needs to calmly accept criticism, otherwise he will have to face troubles in the service.
ColleagueSleep warns against close contact with the visually impaired person in real life, as a colleague is involved in intrigues or spreads gossip behind the dreamer, causing the latter significant troubles in the workplace.
ClassmateA kiss with a classmate promises support for school friends in times of difficulty for the dreamer. In real life, loved ones need help, so you need to disconnect from your own problems and sympathize with another.
EnemyThe dreamer can easily reconcile and find contact with a friend

The interpretation of sleep is affected by the nature of the dreamer’s lips touching, as well as the feelings caused by it — hostility, disgust, tenderness or sexual attraction .. Pleasant emotions promise to receive good news, bright events and joy.

A dream in which a kiss gives you discomfort, a desire to stop what has been started, or contact imposed by force, is a warning and symbolizes difficulties, confusions and troubles in real life.

Dreams, which leave a pleasant aftertaste and cause an influx of vital energy, have a positive interpretation. If a kiss does not cause any pleasant sensations or a dreamer, then a quarrel or a complete cessation of the relationship with a partner with whom he had to kiss would occur.

Seeing a dream, after which a person wakes up with the feeling that the partner wants a kiss, also reflects a strong attraction to the object. If the awakening occurs even before the moment of contact, this reflects the dreamer’s desire to perform actions in which he will experience a feeling of awkwardness.

A passionate kiss from a loved one is a good sign. Sleep symbolizes a strong and sincere love on the part of the chosen one, the dreamer should not doubt the devotion of the latter.

Some dream books treat passionate contact as a warning against conflict with family and friends. A person should show maximum patience and endurance in order to mitigate an acute situation.

A kiss with a tongue symbolizes a current attitude towards the world and events in real life. The dreamer views the environment through rose-colored glasses, is prone to a state of euphoria and is completely immersed in fantasies and dreams.

Such a life stance is pleasant and easy, however, interpreters advise to keep in touch with reality and to give an account of what is happening.

A dream in which I had to kiss in French, warns of adultery, which will be possible from the fair sex. The situation will develop in such a way that the lawful spouse would prefer not to pay attention to what happened.

If the fact of an intimate relationship with a lover is repeated several times, then the husband’s patience will reach the limit — the man will raise this topic or prefer to end the relationship altogether.

Contact made in a dream with incredible tenderness promises success with the opposite sex. The dreamer will be lucky, and in real life there will be many fans who are completely different from each other, both in external and internal qualities.

The dreamer should carefully look at the candidates and, without spending power on each of the fans, choose an interesting and suitable person for your own criteria.

Regular dreams, in which a person relives the instant of the first kiss, symbolizes the latter’s unwillingness to part with events and people from the past, as well as the inability to live in the present and be happy at the moment. The dreamer regularly compares and evaluates the present according to events from the past life, which makes it difficult to enjoy life.

Forced contact symbolizes the dreamer as a person inclined to obey someone else’s will in real life. This vision suggests that the sleeper is not satisfied with the current situation, and his side will take action to change the situation.

It is not necessary at one moment to rush into the pool of independence, since it is necessary to generate leadership qualities gradually to minimize possible mistakes and disappointments.

The touch, from which the dreamer gets unpleasant emotions, in real life promises to receive an unexpected, but extremely pleasant surprise. A person will become the owner of the thing he dreamed about, but did not dare to purchase.

The version of another insurer of the dream book claims that the enemies and ill-wishers intensified and are trying to cause harm. As a result, actions will be successful, and attempts to take action and stop will not succeed.

A deep kiss in a dream in a dream warns a person about quick and significant changes, for which it is worth getting ready. The changes will be positive, it is possible to receive a certificate or a letter of thanks.

Such a contact with an unfamiliar character promises trouble, trouble, or the need to get out of a bad situation.

Contact with a partner symbolizes that the feelings are mutual. However, you can kiss your partner in different parts of the body, and the interpretation of sleep will vary.

Part of the body for a kissInterpretation
CheekContact with the cheek is a light touch and non-binding. If in a dream the dreamer is kissed on the cheek, then in real life he feels a sense of gratitude towards the partner and ponders ways to pay back good for the good. If the dreamer was the initiator of the contact, then in reality the person is overcome by thoughts about how to show the sincere disposition and friendly sympathy that the kissing partner deserves
NeckA dream in which a kiss on the neck was made, prompts the person to take decisively the initiative in his own hands, to take the first step towards a member of the opposite sex who likes it and openly talk about feelings. The description is relevant not only for men, but for the beautiful half of humanity.
ForeheadAn innocent touch to the forehead promises the successful completion of a previously launched project, and the interpretation is relevant for any sphere of life
An earDream characterizes the dreamer as "loving ears". The person appreciates compliments, ardent confessions and frank statements. Seen warns against not ignoring significant news past the ears
ArmA dream in which the partner touches his lips to the hand warns that it is possible to encounter fraudsters. It should be wary of the proposals put forward, deals concluded and the signing of papers of an unknown nature. You need to carefully look at the environment, be careful to come into contact with unfamiliar people, carefully check the signed documents
EyesKissing eyes in a dream is the personification of tenderness and sincere feelings for a partner in real life. The dreamer does not feel passion or intimate desires for a person, it is only about sympathy, bordering on feelings of compassion, condescension and a desire to patronize and patronize
ChestA kiss chosen in the chest promises a lot of bright events and positive impressions. The dreamer correctly chose a partner, in relationships people feel themselves directly and harmoniously, and those around them perceive a man and a woman as a beautiful couple and appreciate for stable relationships
BackContact with the back suggests that in real life there are situations that require the manifestation of willpower on the part of the dreamer. A person should stop to give up before the prevailing circumstances and meekly agree to the conditions of others. The time is right to control the situation
ShoulderA touch to the shoulder promises the emergence of an influential patron in the life of the dreamer, who will provide assistance at a difficult time and will be close to an awkward situation.
StomachSuch a dream reminds us that in the dreamer’s personal life everything is going well. People expect love confessions, exciting meetings and vivid experiences
HeadA kiss on the head describes the dreamer as a person in need of friendly warmth and paternal care. The sleeper has high hopes of meeting with a reliable partner who will be able to take some of the responsibility and fateful decisions in his own hands.
CrownContact with the crown relaxes and immerses the person in childhood memories. Such a scene in a dream promises to receive support from relatives and friends, which will arrive very timely

The meaning of a dream, where a kiss has set a man, may differ significantly. Most dream books interpret this symbol as signs of attention from the opposite sex.

Depending on the details of the dream, the author offers the following interpretations:

  • Kissing children — a happy resolution of a quarrel in the family and the successful completion of work projects;
  • kissing the mother on the lips — the dreamer expects success in business, respect and full support from friends;
  • contact with a brother or sister — what you see promises pleasure and entertainment in the near future;
  • someone else’s man kisses the dreamer’s beloved — there is a chance to commit an act that will shake the confidence of the woman;
  • touching the enemy — symbolizes reconciliation with a friend;
  • a kiss, during which outsiders were taken by surprise — for a young person, dream means that people whom the dreamer considers to be friends are self-interested and tend to harm;
  • kiss with an unfamiliar woman — promises immoral and reckless acts, should be more restrained;
  • with a sweetheart in the dark — troubles and troubles;
  • contact with light — the dreamer will not change the noble attitude towards women.

Freud’s dream interpretation treats the kiss as a sexual act, and this description applies to both sexes. Nevertheless, for a woman, what he saw promises to become acquainted with a man who, in the course of a relationship, manifests the qualities of a gigolo.

A dream to a man indicates an insufficient amount of attention directed at the chosen one. If others kiss, the dreamer will inevitably be drawn into an unpleasant situation.

If the initiator of the contact is a dreamer, the author describes the latter as a person who prefers to take the leading role in the pair. If the sleeper has a kiss, then in a relationship the person is in no hurry to intercept the initiative, shifting the problems to the partner.

The nature of the touch plays an important role. The compiler believes that the hotter the dream was in a dream, the more serious problems of an intimate nature are inherent in a person in real life.

The authors of the dream book offer many different interpretations of what he saw, in the end, the description depends on the number of memorized details.

Sleep detailsDescription
The touch of a woman to a manPromises events that will make the fair sex experience anger, aggression, and after irritation and grief
Contact with the desired personIt promises heavy and sad thoughts, unfounded and unspoken claims
Kissing executionerSeen predicts receiving an unexpected gift from a stranger
Touching the partner’s handsPromises fast matchmaking, marriage. Possible meeting and acquaintance with the future relative. If the dreamer was kissed in a dream by his hands, then events will occur that will lead to the disappointment of the latter.
Kissing childrenPromises successful completion of the cases initiated and a happy resolution of conflicts within the family
Contact between birds or animalsWhat he saw heralds a quick marriage and the associated pleasant chores, joy and positive emotions
Touching the groundPromises separation from a loved one or stepfather’s house
A young man kisses many different womenA dream promises an acquaintance with a person with whom you will later develop strong friendships

Kissing a partner in a dream foreshadows a person success and success in business and future endeavors. To feel another’s touch promises to the dreamer an event that will bring joy, positive emotions and success to life.

Contact with the partner’s legs symbolizes situations in which a person will be humiliated and subsequently will experience a strong offense.

If in a dream the dreamer observes how others are kissing — this means that he lacks attention and affection in real life from close people. To kiss someone in a dream foreshadows a harmonious relationship that the sleeper will have with a person who has dreamed.

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