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Why dream of kissing a stranger in the dream?

I dreamed of kissing a stranger — nuances of interpretation

Why dream of kissing a stranger? The treatment of this dream is quite contradictory and ambiguous.

Usually, representatives of the stronger sex in dreams promise good changes, while bodily contacts are often associated with negative consequences. To understand the true meaning of your night dreams will help the dream book.

Why dream of kissing a stranger in the dream?

General interpretation of sleep

Kissing with a stranger, most often, means a further change in the conditions of your life, changes in your annoying life. However, these changes will become unpleasant for you.

Perhaps this is due to the rashness of your actions, or with the result of bad deeds in the past.

A passionate and long kiss with an unfamiliar man among a crowded place means your excessive talkativeness about your personal life with strangers. With these conversations, you risk ruining the harmony in your relationship and bringing trouble to your couple.

Do not cross the line in the stories about your intimate life.

A light touch with lips with a beautiful and dreaming man at someone’s wedding speaks of a quick trip to exotic countries. This trip will bring you a lot of positive emotions and a possible meeting with an interesting person who will change your life.

Kissing a respectable man at some official event means deserved rewarding and a desire to express gratitude to some person.

Touching a portrait with a stranger by the lips is a symbol of the fact that there is a person in your environment, towards whom you experience strong envy and vexation from his success. You should stop paying attention to your inner states of anger and the desire for revenge, since it will bring nothing good.

Kissing an unfamiliar man on the cheek in night dreams means trouble that people who you least expect to be caught or fooled will bring you. You should be more careful about your actions and statements so that your envious persons will not find a reason to gossip in your direction.

Kissing someone else’s man’s neck in a dream means the possibility of discord in your family relationships due to someone else’s business and gossip. However, you should rely on friends of your family who can restore harmony in your married couple.

A passionate kiss from your former partner, who in a dream seemed unfamiliar to you, means your torment in the past. You should learn to live a new life and let go of past feelings.

You have a completely different fate, much more stable and happier, but you yourself do not take steps to meet it.

Why dream of kissing a stranger in the dream?

For lovers with disgust, kissing another person in a dream means cooling real feelings in reality. Passionately kissing a stranger — to amazing future events, surprises.

If during the kiss with a stranger you felt dislike, then soon you will expect bad news and disappointment.

If in a dream you saw passionate hot kisses that you think ended in an intimate relationship, then in your present relationship you lack bright colors and pleasant sensations, or you will soon have a fantastic novel.

Kissing with a young guy who is much younger than you — to new discoveries in life. You should not be afraid of something unusual and new to yourself, all discoveries will lead you to success.

A kiss with a stranger in the rain means that in real life you have certain difficulties that you can overcome and learn from this very valuable and important lessons. You will only help your perseverance, patience and self-confidence.

A kiss with an unfamiliar man who has long pursued you in other dreams means that a momentous event will soon happen in your life. Perhaps something so important will be accomplished that you can never forget.

However, this may be a pleasant accomplishment, and not very prosperous.

Interpretation of different dream books

According to Miller’s dream book

This dream book presents several interpretations of dreams with kisses to a stranger:

  • touching your lips with a stranger at night — a warning about impious acts in your life;
  • kissing a stranger in the morning is a sign that soon there will be a person in your environment who will remain your sincere and loyal comrade and soul mate for many years;
  • a dream in which you kissed a stranger, and you were caught — to the minor troubles that will arise because of the actions of envious people. You should be more selective about your surroundings, and do not trust the innermost secrets even to close friends;
  • kissing you like a stranger — to pleasant pleasures in reality;
  • the appearance of a stranger in a dream pushed you away during a kiss — to chagrin in the future. If in a dream you managed to see the physical defects of a stranger, then someone from the circle close to you will disappoint you.

Why dream of kissing a stranger in the dream?

According to Freud’s dream book

This dream for a woman means the appearance in her life of a new partner, who later turns out to be Alfonso. For a man, such a plot predicts that soon his second half will show his true face, which will bring him unprecedented disappointment.

A kiss with an unfamiliar celebrity in a dream is a reflection of your desire to change jobs, residence, or find another lover.

According to the Nostradamus dream book

Dreaming with a kiss with a stranger in Nostradamus’s dream book means that the circle of your friends and good acquaintances consists of false and selfish people. You should weigh every word in this company, as it will soon be able to play against you.

According to the dream book Hasse

The well-known medium believed that a kiss with a stranger in a dream promises passionate and strong love in the future.

According to the dream book Grishina

Kissing an unfamiliar man in an intimate place means that soon you will have a great temptation to do bad things. Weigh the pros and cons before you take decisive action, as this will indelibly affect your future destiny.

If in a dream, a stranger kissed your hands, it indicates your excessive pride, which prevents you from being happy and living in harmony with yourself.

According to Tsvetkov’s dream book

In this dream book, the kiss of a stranger means the separation or betrayal of a beloved through the fault of your acquaintances. You should look at people who enter your home, because not all of this company can be trusted.

If in a dream you had a kiss with a stranger of your sex, then soon you will face enmity with someone.

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