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Why dream of kissing a man: interpretation of the dream books

Why dream of kissing a man: interpretation of various dream books

Dreams about kisses leave pleasant impressions after awakening, but not all the plots in which a woman has to kiss a man can be regarded as a good sign. To properly decipher this dream, you need to remember the smallest details: how was the kiss and how long it was, the friend or stranger was a man, how he looked, what was around, what day of the week had a dream and other details.

Kissing in a dream with a beloved is an ambiguous sign that can bring trouble or, on the contrary, indicate a strong relationship with the other half.

Kissing with a man — interpretation of dream books:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
MillerIf it was pleasant to kiss — to exquisite pleasures and unforgettable pleasure.
LofaDreams reflect a real sex attraction to this guy.
TsvetkovaTo the perfidy of the beloved
FreudProblems in intimate relationships. Perhaps an adventure of a romantic nature, which for a woman will end in tears. The man will be Alfonso and a womanizer
FemaleTo break the love affair and hopeless sadness
WangiThe dreamer will behave arrogantly and impetuously towards friends
NostradamusA heart friend can cause unbearable pain to the dreamer
AutumnTo public insults and humiliating situation
LoversForeshadows happiness in the family and complete idyll in relationships
ChineseThe dreamer fell into the trap that her worst enemy gave her
FrenchForetelling good luck in all things
RussianTo pleasant changes that will concern heart matters
SmirnovaTo the breakdown of strength and disease on nerves
ItalianThe sleeping woman will look for a reason to quarrel with her beloved
GypsyTo quarrels, fights and squabbles with a loved one
SummerTo the grand family scandal
FamilyIf a married woman dreamed that she was kissing a stranger, — to parting with her husband. If the dreamer loves her spouse with all her heart, then you need to work on relationships to prevent a break.

For an unmarried girl — in front of a fateful meeting with a member of the opposite sex, who will become her faithful husband and reliable friend. For a married lady — personal problems

Small VelesovGood sign, foreshadowing happy eventsSpringTo a long separation, which seems like an eternityApostle CanaaniteSymbol of infidelity and falsehoodEroticTo increased male attentionMartyn ZadekiTo reconciliation with the enemy. If the dream of an unmarried girl — the dreamer will soon marryJewishLoved one will disappointEnglishSign of hypocrisy loverUkrainianTo a series of unpleasant events both at home and at work

Why dream of kissing a man: interpretation of the dream books

Values ​​of sleeping on kisses with a man, depending on the scene of action and other details:

HouseNeed to do household duties. You can do general cleaning, please the household with a delicious dinner or make a rearrangement in your apartment to create a cozy atmosphere.
The outside

Such a dream testifies to fatigue and a feeling of inner devastation. The dreamer spends a lot of time outside the house, which negatively affects her psychological health.

If a kiss in a dream occurred at night — in reality you happen to find out about unpleasant things concerning a loved one, which he kept in secret. Kissing in the rain — to get rid of a long-standing problem and a sense of relief. And also a kiss in the rain may indicate the inconstancy of a sleeping woman and the transience of feelings.

CafeFor unexpected expenses. The dreamer neglects her finances, which can lead to a difficult situation. She should not go on about the short-term desires to accumulate a certain amount and spend it with benefitCemeteryThe dreamer with her current relationship, but not able to break them. She no longer feels the former attachment to a man who is near, but is afraid to hurt him. It is necessary to speak frankly with a partner and gently explain to him that love has passed, because the young man feels that the beloved’s attitude towards him has changed and is looking for a reason in himselfBathhouseTo disease, bad luck, quarrels and other unpleasant events. The dreamer will have to go through a difficult period in which failures will lurk at her every step. You should not plan important things for the next month and make responsible decisions, because the dreamer is at great risk of making serious mistakes that cannot be corrected later.TheaterTo insignificant profit. This may be a small amount of a wallet found on the street, additional income or return of debt.MovieYou need to spend more time with your loved one and try to diversify your leisure time together by walking under the moon, visiting galleries, exhibitions or going to the cinema to the last places for lovers.Public transportKissing in public transport with a married young man — the dreamer is afraid of condemnation of the public and values ​​his reputation in real life too muchConcertFor fun and noisy companies. Perhaps the dreamer will receive an invitation to a grand party where she will be able to have fun from the heart, or her friends will invite her to go to a nightclub for the weekendChurchTo fall. A sleeping woman will commit a shameful act and with all her might will try to hide it from people from close surroundings. Upon learning of an unpleasant act, relatives will turn away from the dreamerKissing under waterThe dreamer sees her lover not as he really is. He only gives the impression of a respectable and honest young man, but is a two-faced and deceitful person.Cosmos (kissing in zero gravity, in the air)

Such a dream has several interpretations:

  • The dreamer lives with illusions and does not want to recognize obvious things.
  • The woman spent a lot of time and effort to deal with a difficult problem, but she did not find the right solution.
  • To unrealizable dreams and empty hopes

Deciphering a dream about kisses on the beach, depending on the details:

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