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Why dream of kissing a dead man: interpretation of the dream book

If a person had a chance to kiss a dead person in a dream, this image does not always have a negative meaning. Usually such a dream is a warning, allowing you to listen to it, draw conclusions and avoid trouble in a certain area of ​​life. For example, he may warn about an emergency illness or problems at work that can be prevented in time.

However, when interpreting it is important to pay attention to the details of the dream, the description of the kiss and the identity of the deceased person.

The interpreters say that if you had a chance to kiss a recently deceased relative or just a close person, the dream predicts anxiety and distress in real life. But if a long-term family member is dreaming, then in reality one should expect a change in the weather.

The interpretation of the dream may differ depending on which of the relatives or close people had a chance to kiss:

DeadValue of sleep
HusbandA kiss with a deceased spouse is a negative sign. The dormant state of the psyche is observed in the sleeping one, which in combination with constant experiences can lead to depression.
BrotherTouching your dead brother with your lips is a warning symbol. There may be significant difficulties in the workplace. There will be tension in communicating with others, old conflicts may escalate.

The image has a positive meaning, foreshadows financial well-being and improvement of relationships in the family. If you dream of a kiss with a dead father happened to an unmarried girl, it says about the meeting with a worthy fiance. Future marriage promises to be successful and long

GrandfatherHigher forces approve the plans of the sleeper, in all upcoming projects and planned affairs he will be luckyGrandmotherA kind of appeal to take care of what the dreamer has in reality. Dead woman warns that a dismissive attitude can lead to a serious lossMotherThere are unresolved conflicts in the human family. There comes a prosperous period for their peaceful settlementDaughterWarning of a very serious illness that can even lead to death without proper treatment.

A kiss with a deceased beloved man is a sign of possible betrayal or betrayal in real life.

A dream in which a sleeper kisses an unfamiliar departed is considered favorable with regard to financial matters. A person will be lucky in matters relating to material well-being.

But in other areas of life can cause trouble.

Unfavorable is a dream in which a dead person dreams as if alive. A kiss from him in this case is a negative sign warning of the dreamer’s immediate illness.

Why dream of kissing a dead man: interpretation of the dream book

Depending on where the person kissed the dead, you can get additional information:

On your cheekIf the dreamer kisses the deceased on the cheek, then in reality he seeks to know something unknown. This desire can cause a quarrel with the second half, so you should pay more attention to the relationship
On the lips

Warning about the difficult life period. A person will have to face a series of unpleasant events and troubles, it is possible that sad news will be received

In the neckA kiss in the neck indicates a foe who is surrounded by the dreamer. This person tries to subordinate his will and use it for his own purposes. Should repel the enemy as soon as possibleIn the eyes

Positive symbol: the sleeper will feel a certain load falling from his shoulders. The value varies depending on who had a dream. He promises a young girl a meeting with a new fan, a single woman — soon marriage, a married one — an increase in the number of relatives

Head-onSymbol of a quick change of weather. Some dream books also say that a person will have to part with someone closeArmsThe dreamer has difficulty defending his own point of view, as he is too dependent on the opinions of other people.

For women with different social status, a kiss in the lips seen in a dream predicts various events:

  • Widows: hidden disease, which, if untreated, can lead to sad consequences.
  • Unmarried women: troubles that are likely to be associated with a new sexual partner.
  • Married women: petty trouble and risk of becoming a victim of fraud, so you should be more careful.

Why dream of kissing a dead man: interpretation of the dream book

If a kiss in a dream with the departed is accompanied by an embrace, their character can also influence the interpretation:

  • If the deceased embraces the dreamer, and the person does not feel fear, then in reality he will acquire a new skill that will definitely come in handy in the future.
  • Hugs, the initiator of which was himself asleep, promise positive changes in his life, perhaps a cherished dream will come true.
  • Hugging with close, deceased relatives — you should be more circumspect, bolder and more serious about life.

Why dream of kissing a dead man: interpretation of the dream book

In popular dream books a different interpretation of a dream about a kiss with a dead person is given:

Dream interpretationInterpretation
Dream Miller

According to Miller’s dream book, sleep has several meanings:

  • A sign that loved ones or relatives really need the help and care of the sleeper.
  • Symbol of problems for the dreamer. He should be careful in dealing with people, keep his secrets with him and not get involved in questionable activities.
  • Herald that the dreamer draws exacerbate an already difficult situation. Be careful in expressions and your own actions.
Dream song gypsy

Kissing and hugging with the dead — to the coming significant changes in life. Kissing a dead person who has dreamed alive is a good sign that heralds an improvement in financial status and success in all spheres of life.

A kiss with a dead man who is alive alive promises large and sudden profits. Perhaps a person will win the lottery

To dream of a dead man alive and kissing him — the sleeper is tormented by a sense of guilt towards him. If, however, the person who is alive is dreaming of the dead, then the dreamer feels hostility towards him or even wishes death.

If a young girl on the eve of her wedding dreams of a kiss with a deceased relative, her family life will be unhappy because of the constant quarrels and serious conflicts with her spouse

Sleep symbolizes parting with a secret dream because of lost time.

If the dead person dreamed of being alive, then in reality the sleeper will have to sort out the relationship with a loved one, otherwise you will not be able to avoid conflict

If the deceased dreams to be alive, then it is worth preparing for the sudden arrival of guests from afar. Kissing a dead man in a coffin — to receive a significant amount, you can win.

If, touching his lips to the dead man’s eyes, the dreamer notices his tears, there is a high probability of a major quarrel. Both a relative and an absolutely unfamiliar person can become its participant.

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