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Why dream of killing a snake in the dream-books of Nostradamus, Vanga, Miller

What does it mean to kill a snake in a dream for various dream books

Surely after a dream in which you defeated a dangerous cobra or a viper, you feel like a hero. However, the dream book is flipping through with caution: what if a dream warns you about a real danger in the future?

What dreams about the victory over the poisonous reptile?

Why dream of killing a snake in the dream-books of Nostradamus, Vanga, Miller

General interpretation of this heroic dream

This is one of the most ambiguous dreams, and it is interpreted not in general, but on the basis of a set of details. While the dream is not forgotten, try to remember (and just in case, write down) everything that you saw.

After that you can read the interpretations below.

The dreamer is who?

  • Woman. A dream in which you destroy a reptile, protecting yourself, promises nothing good. He warns: soon you can catch a beloved lover red-handed.
  • Did you protect your child (s)? Killing a snake in a dream, not letting it bite the baby, is good: some woman stares at your spouse (boyfriend), but nothing will come of it. If you didn’t manage to strangle a reptile in a dream, a break might occur in your real relationship — it is quite possible that your close friend will play a key role in it.
  • Have you protected your beloved from aggressive vipers (or snakes of other species)? In real life, you can protect your marriage by saving it.
  • Pregnant. To choke a reptile in a dream means light, absolutely not problematic childbirth.
  • Young girl Is there a young man you like? Does another young lady wind around him? Sleeping with killing a snake means: you will be able to defeat the wicked.
  • The man. The dream says: your opinion will have weight, relatives and (or) colleagues will listen to it. The main thing — never lose your presence of mind and determination.
  • Have you seen in a dream a pregnant woman trying to “kill” the reptile with your bare hands? Sleep promises problems.
  • Ill person. In this case, the dream is good and promises you health.

Where was the reptile killed?

Why dream of killing a snake in the dream-books of Nostradamus, Vanga, Miller

  • In her own nest, which you ravaged. The dream says: soon you will finally say goodbye to a man from close circle who has long been bothering you.
  • In your apartment (house). It was a huge python, which suddenly fell to the size of a small snake, and you easily dealt with it? This is a typical «female» dream, promising: you can easily defeat your rival.
  • In your house, were you able to strangle a small black snake? This is exactly the case when the snake means wisdom, namely, a well-thought out idea (idea) that you implement.
  • In bed, and the reptile was white: you will not let your beloved (loved one) change you.

What exactly did you kill her?

  • Why dream of killing a snake with a knife? During the «battle» with your competitor or an enemy of another plan, someone’s innocent head might fly off.
  • Did you slaughter a bastard after it bit you? Again, a dream warns of a future conflict with a foe. If you cut off the creepy head, you will defeat the enemy.
  • Shovel, stick. Fate is preparing you a serious test. Anu-ka, can you think outside the box? This skill will come in handy very soon.
  • There were many snakes, some kind of bitten you, and you began to destroy nasty creatures with a stick? Your subconscious hints at your inner war with yourself. It’s time to work on your own character (you can’t just consist of continuous contradictions), but it will be hard.
  • Did you have a firearm in your hands? A great dream that promises you victory over an enemy, and it will take place in unequal «weight categories» — you will be much stronger.
  • An ax. Where creeping hissing rascal? If in your house, the dream warns: bad things will happen in your family that will shake the well-being of this house.

Snake destroyed the cat?

  • Yes, but the reptile had time to bite the animal: while your enemies are biting, listen to Eastern wisdom and wait. Non-interference is what will not harm you, and will bring some benefit.
  • The cat not only strangled the snake, but also bit off its head: in order to reach and neutralize you, the enemies are even ready to turn to the witch.
  • «Domestic tiger», which protected the child from the reptile in the house: a dream warns that you can poison with stale products.

And how do authors’ books look at such a “murder”?

Why dream of killing a snake in the dream-books of Nostradamus, Vanga, Miller

You will be surprised, but each author dream book to kill a snake treats in its own way. Or maybe these transcripts in their own way complement each other?

Dreaming nostradamus

This book writes that a murdered hissing and creeping creature in a dream should expect a change in reality. What will they be?

Positive, and completely different: you can make friends with a new good person, change your internal (say, outgrow some of your shortcomings), apply for a new job, or do something useful and bringing in profits.

Dream Vanga

  1. For the Bulgarian seer poisonous reptile — a sign of betrayal, deception. It turns out that having destroyed a reptile in a dream, you and in reality will be able to bring some liar to clean water.
  2. Sometimes such a dream brings with it the receipt of material benefits due to the victory over a competitor and other enemies.
  3. However, if during the fight she managed to bite you, the dream becomes less rosy: after it you should beware of the disease.

Dream Miller

  1. A living reptile is a big problem. If you dealt with him, wait for great news.
  2. If you are sick, the dream comforts: there is not much time left to suffer, soon you will feel better, and then the ail will leave you alone. If it is not you who are ill, but someone from your family, then your dream promises recovery to him.

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