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Why dream of killing a mouse, interpretations of different dream books

Why I dream that I kill a mouse — interpretations according to different dream books

What man dreams of a mouse? The dreamed rodent causes contradictory associations, a particular perplexity can cause if in a dream you happen to kill a mouse.

In itself, the vision can be both pleasant and terrifying.

General interpretation of dreams about mice

A flock of gray robbers who, when you appear, scattered in different directions, often testifies to a certain number of oddities and problems that lie in wait for you. Rodents themselves often dream of petty quarrels, empty conflicts, troubles due to ridiculous accidents.

Dealing with them can be difficult and rather difficult. But to destroy, to kill a mouse in a dream often means that you will manage to brilliantly cope with the maximum number of problems and defeat people who are hostile to you.

What do the mice in your dreams mean?

Why dream of killing a mouse, interpretations of different dream books

Those who want to know what the plot of a dream really means, you need to learn to pay attention to the small details and memorize them. Most often, they are the main key link, which will help to guess the plot that awaits you in the future.

Killing a white mouse in a dream for a dreamer can mean adultery. If the mouse was gray, you expect financial difficulties or problems with self-realization.

When you suddenly dreamed that you were throwing a stone at a rodent in order to kill it and seek your own, in reality you will have to “go over the heads” to achieve something. It is possible that when dealing with opponents will have to use dirty methods.

Trying to strangle a rodent, you struggle with your own fears and complexes.

Often with the murder of mice in a dream are mental torments in reality. You are trying as quickly as possible to stop the old boring life to start a new, interesting.

When you kill a little white mouse, you can talk about the impending loss of innocence.

Killing mice is a plot that often means that the dreamer copes well with his own responsibilities. Unmarried girls can assume that such dreams are harbingers of a successful marriage.

Married ladies can be sure that their family life will be happy and relaxed.

Some interpretations assert that such visions clearly show that you can get rid of the illness, perhaps not only of the dreamer himself, but also of one of his family members. This refers not only to physical ailments, but also to problems with the psychological state of people.

Killing a mouse in a dream is a quick victory over detractors. If you had the opportunity to hunt rodents, with the intention to kill them, soon in reality you will be able to test a lot of conclusions in practice, find out what will be your usual society in other circumstances.

The interpretation of the image based on information from different dream books

The killing of a rodent committed in a dream is considered an auspicious sign. But many professional interpreters have different opinions on this matter.

After examining the above interpretation, you can get an idea about your own dreams and choose a further course of conduct.

In the interpretations of the famous Miller there is an opinion that the murdered mouse dreamed is evidence of the many minor troubles that await you in everyday life. When killing a rodent, who was your pet, and not just a wild mouse, it is recommended to carefully look at their own environment.

Most likely you will find there people who pretend to be your friends, but in fact they are not. If the dream was seen by a woman, reality will turn for her in constant attempts to protect herself from attacks from outside and unfair statements about her.

A female dream book, when reviewing dreams of dead rodents, leads to a current that to do so in a dream is to be able to win over your friends. For young girls, such visions can turn into deceptions that a person close to them will make.

Perhaps the dreamer should not trust the recklessly unfamiliar people and relatives, communication with which happens infrequently.

Why dream of killing a mouse, interpretations of different dream books

In the dream book of Aesop it is said that a mouse caught in a mousetrap is in reality represented as important and not an easy task. To successfully solve all the problems associated with it, the dreamer must call upon all his intelligence and ability to find a way out.

If in a dream you killed a bat, you can easily cope with all the upcoming difficulties.

Interpretations of the Slavic collection of such dreams are said to be a harbinger of a sad ending for a cause, which at the moment occupies all your thoughts. They can foreshadow sadness, loss, parting with something important.

If you had to chase a pet for a long time before depriving it of life, an important event in your life will fall through — this could be, for example, a wedding or a lucrative contract.

The killing of the rodent also foreshadows a successful light childbirth or deliverance from a serious illness. Often, such visions indicate that the dream will not actually suffer from a dangerous event.

The interpretation of Nostradamus speaks of such dreams as a precursor of financial decline. If you survived a bats attack in your sleep, from which you had to kill several individuals in order to defend yourself, you should be wary — a collision with a real evil is expected.

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