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Why dream of killing a dog according to the dream books of Lofa, Vanga, Grishina

Dreamed a dream in which you had a chance to kill a dog — what does it mean

A dream in which a sleeping person kills a dog can cause different emotions — the joy of victory over the attacking beast, or regret for the act committed, depriving the creature of life. The interpretations of this image may be just as different.

Dream interpretation will help to figure out what dreams to kill a dog, if you compare with it the details of the picture of night vision.

General interpretation

Night vision, in which the dreamer killed a black dog, is an auspicious sign that heralds victory over enemies. If a sleeping person had a chance to take the life of a dark, but not black dog — in reality you will have to deal with an internal conflict, apathy and depression are possible, the manifestation of old complexes.

A dream in which you saw the head of a dead dog urges you to exercise caution and caution before letting anyone into your circle of friends. If in real life you have a dog, and in a dream you have slept it, you are surrounded by a lot of envious people who obstruct you in various ways.

Why dream of killing a dog according to the dream books of Lofa, Vanga, Grishina

Extremely unfavorable sign — night vision, in which you personally lead your pet to sleep. This image warns you of a possible attack by robbers or street hooligans.

Avoid walking in the dark.

If already killed dogs appear in your night vision, this is an unfavorable sign that foreshadows bad news in real life. Perhaps the news will relate to the death or mortal danger of a close friend.

If the dreamed dead animals were in the blood — such a danger would threaten the relative.

Kill the evil dog

Night vision, in which a very angry dog ​​appeared, and the dreamer deprived her of life, speaks of his incontinence in reality, of the unbridledness of the primary animal instincts, of emotional behavior. If you succeed in killing a dog in a dream — and in real life you will defeat the bad qualities of your personality.

A dream in which the dog bites you, and you kill him, foreshadows a quarrel and an argument in a raised voice with loved ones. There is another version of the interpretation of such a dream — according to her, you will be drawn into an argument, the main subject of which is money.

However, you can not worry — you will come out the winner.

Why dream of killing a dog according to the dream books of Lofa, Vanga, Grishina

If a night vision in which a biting dog was killed kills a girl, in real life she will have to refuse an obsessive suitor. In the case when the dog killed by the dreamer bit him to the blood, the dream foreshadows enmity with the relative, the gender of the dreamer no longer plays a role.

Night vision, in which you killed an extremely aggressive attacker on your dog, is a favorable sign that says that in reality you will be able to avoid an erroneous step or minimize its harmful effects as much as possible.

Interpretation of the methods of murder

The meaning of the dream will depend on how you destroyed this animal. A dream in which you have deprived the dog of life with a knife, says that in reality in some situation you will not show the best qualities.

Interpretation of other ways:

  • If the dreamer killed a dog with an ax — for domestic affairs.
  • To strangle the dog — in reality you will have to put a lot of effort to successfully get out of some difficult life situation, but in the end you will cope with this task, no matter how difficult it now seems.
  • To kill with the help of firearms — the dream speaks of unjustified and excessive self-confidence of a sleeping person. If the dreamer missed when shooting at this animal or he had misfires — in real life this trait of character will let him down and play a cruel joke with him.
  • Drown — at the moment in your life there are some difficulties, perhaps now they seem insignificant, but with further inaction, they will grow like a snowball.
  • To death to stick with a stick — an unfavorable sign, foreshadowing a serious illness. The severity of the disease depends on how difficult it was for you to fight the beast in the night vision.
  • Poison — will have to show reliability and stability.

Dream Vanga

According to the interpretation that the dream book composed by the famous seer leads, to kill a dog is a warning. A dreamer who has received him should pray and ask for help from God, otherwise he risks being not in the most pleasant situation in which he will suffer and be depressed.

Why dream of killing a dog according to the dream books of Lofa, Vanga, Grishina

Dream loft

If in your night vision you killed a peaceful dog that does not show aggression — in real life you will end up in a conflict situation, because of which you will be very worried afterwards.

A dream in which you watched from the side as this animal is killed by a stranger promises the help of friends, which will arrive in time and help resolve a difficult situation.

If you kill a dog that bites you — the malicious people who hurt you will get what they deserve. Most likely, they will suffer not from your own hand revenge, but from the boomerang law.

Dream Grishin

According to this dream book, a dream of killing a dog is a harbinger of danger and danger. The sphere in which unpleasant events are expected is unknown, therefore in the near future after such a dream one should be careful in everything.

It is possible that you will try to slander or substitute. Do not show undue confidence, as to unfamiliar people, and to friends who can not sincerely be called the closest.

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