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Why dream of hiding: interpretation by dream books

Why dream of hiding in a dream from a man, an animal, bandits, enemies, rain?

If in a dream a person hides from someone or something, but does not remember all the circumstances of the dream, it means that he is overcome by the fear of the future. The girl, who climbed a tree to hide from an angry animal, will meet the man of her dreams.

However, it will take a long time until he takes the first step. If the guy was chased by a bird of prey, but he managed to run away from her, then he will be able to escape punishment for serious misconduct.

If a woman hides from another woman, this dream reflects her dissatisfaction with her appearance.

In order to decipher the dream in more detail, it is necessary to take into account all its details.

If the day when a person dreamed that he was hiding from someone, fell on a significant date (birthday, Christmas time, holiday of Ivan Kupala and others), you can interpret the dream using the following table.

MondayThe man overestimated his opportunities and is now worried about the result. One of the reasons that triggered the failure could be improper prioritization
TuesdayIf you had to hide in a place that is on another continent, such a dream promises a journey. The road will be difficult, but the impressions will be enough for several years to come.
WednesdayPointing to the fact that in the case in which the dreamer is now engaged, he will no longer be able to reach heights. It’s time to think about changing jobs or profession
ThursdayA man dreamed for a long time about something, and now, when the opportunity arose to turn the dream into reality, he doubted that this was exactly what he needed
FridayThe dreamer has a lot to do to change his life — to improve relations with relatives and friends, to correct the mistakes of the past.
SaturdaySomeone from a colleague or business partner wants to break the conditions of cooperation and get more benefits from it, leaving the sleeper with nothing.
SundayMost likely, the dream will not come true, or its impact on the life of the sleeper will be minimal. If not so long ago, a situation resembling the plot of a dream has arisen in reality, the subconscious mind simply reminds of the need to be vigilant.

Why dream of hiding: interpretation by dream books

The identity of the pursuer is important for a more specific analysis of sleep and the correct interpretation of the images that it encountered.

From whom was the dreamer hiding?Interpretation
From bearTo solve their problems, the dreamer must use the mind and ingenuity. A man who then confesses to a woman in love, then leaves him, must make a final decision. If a guy dreamed that his girlfriend hiding from the bear, she dislikes the advances of the dreamer. A woman such a dream promises a quick marriage with a rich man
From prying eyesThe sleeper feels abandoned. He lacks attention and support, but he does not dare to ask anyone about it. Hiding in order to do something bad is afraid of being deceived. Hiding from people with your soulmate and indulging in love joys — to an unexpected gift
From shellingWe will have to mobilize all the physical and moral strength to bring the work begun to the end. Sitting in a bomb shelter — the dreamer refuses something very desirable because of health problems
From the rainMan skillfully avoids problems. If in a dream he was hiding in a strange house, where he had never been before, it is a sign that outside intervention will destroy his plans. To stand under a tree that reliably protects from drops — to a fun pastime
From thugsIt will be possible to prevent a situation in which the intrigues of ill-wishers would harm the professional reputation of the sleeper. If you managed to hide, but the person lost or threw away the valuable thing (wallet, watch, phone, chain), in reality someone will try to disgrace him
From parentsHiding as a small child — the dreamer lacks affection and tenderness. Perhaps he wants to seem serious and independent, so he deliberately deprives himself of the opportunity to feel someone’s care. To see yourself in a dream as a teenager who is hiding from his father or mother in order to quietly smoke a cigarette — a person is confused by his appearance or certain character traits. Hiding from parents in adulthood — unwillingness to go into conflict with the boss or an influential person
From the policeOnce the sleeper committed an act that seemed to him the only true, however, now he repents of his deed. Hiding from the police, being not a criminal, but a witness — to mentally protest against someone’s order, not daring to express their displeasure aloud
From husbandIf a man hides from the husband of his mistress, he often acts recklessly, and this prevents him from successfully implementing his plans. The woman is hiding from her ex-husband — changes are outlined in her life, which she would like to avoid; from the present — the fear of talking with the boss or official; with the child — fear of being responsible for your words or actions
From an unfamiliar manSuch a dream promises a meeting with an imposing and gallant man, who in fact will be a swindler or gigolo. The girl hid from a stranger in the ladies’ toilet — she feels her power over the guy she meets, and uses it for personal gain
From the killer maniacSleeper will be subject to pressure from others. If it was possible to neutralize the attacker without contacting him (shot from cover or police was aimed at him), you can expect a promotion. Hiding from a maniac chasing someone else — to unpleasant news
From friendsThe dreamer has accumulated a lot of unfinished business, and he can not find the strength to complete them. Hiding from a friend who has borrowed money — to a joyful event
From the enemyIf the place chosen for hiding is below ground level (cellar, ravine), soon a person will have to save money or other valuable resources that he is not yet able to replenish. If higher — you can win the lottery or other crazy profits.
From the dogUnwillingness to devote time to solving problems; hopes that everything will turn out by itself. To run away from an animal that sits on a chain in order to hide in a place where the dog lacks — a person is used to shift his problems to others
From fansTo be in a dream a famous person who is being chased by the fans — the sleeper had long fenced off the problems hanging over him, and now it will be necessary to solve them all at once. Hiding from a religious fanatic — fiercely defending their views, imposing them on others
From the dead manThe forerunner of anxiety. The dreamer will be worried, although there are no apparent reasons for this. Later it turns out that the subconscious did not deceive him. You need to carefully think through every step and personally control the situation.

Playing hide and seek dreams of those who are looking for a groom or bride. Also, such a plot of sleep indicates the presence of hidden motives in a person who has made a tempting offer to the dreamer.

Why dream of hiding: interpretation by dream books

A building or other object that seemed safe enough for the dreamer to hide there also affects the value of sleep.

Where did you have to hide?Treatment
In the atticA person does not have enough resources to take up the embodiment of their ideas. He hopes for the help of others, which he will not receive. Hiding in the attic of an abandoned house — forget something important
Under the bedA series of attempts to forget the unlucky love. The dreamer plunges into a new relationship, convincing himself that the current partner is the one he needs; seriously going in for sports; will begin to devote all his free time to work. Hiding under the bed from a ghost or an imaginary monster — the desire to return to childhood or at another time that the sleeper associates with joy and happiness
Behind the curtainThe dreamer learns information that was hidden from him and that has a huge impact on his future life. Hiding behind a curtain with someone — this person will entrust the secret to the asleep
In the closetFear in the broad sense of the word. To hide in a closet in a strange house, when its owners unexpectedly returned — the sleeper has a phobia, and she really prevents him from leading a normal life. For example, he is afraid of dogs or ride in an elevator. Sitting in a closet that is being taken away by loaders — fear of something new
In the bushesThis dream promises a series of failures. To get into raspberry bushes — someone will betray the dreamer, having informed the police or tax information that compromises him. Hiding under a bush, picking berries from it and eating them — by chance, you can get out of a difficult situation without serious losses.
Behind a treeIf there are no leaves on the tree, and the branches are located high, the person will try to pay off the claims that are available to him with money. Hiding in the branches of a flowering tree — in reality the sleeper will receive news from a longtime friend
In a haystackThe time has come when the sleeping one wants peace and solitude. There is one more explanation of such a dream — a person will lose something very necessary, not necessarily a thing, but also a skill or an opportunity. Hiding in the wet hay — making money by hard physical labor
In the snowDepression. The person is in turmoil and does not know what to do next. To build a kind of hut out of the snow and sit in it — the dreamer’s plans are realized, but this will not make him happy
Under the tableSoon there will be new opportunities that will fully satisfy your desires and ambitions. If the one who wanted to crawl under the table didn’t fit there completely, he would doubt his abilities, although, as before, they allow to receive a good income.
In the barnDuring the week, the dreamer will receive good news related to his property or legal matters.
Behind the doorThe sleeper understands that he has no competitive advantages, but he is afraid of changing anything in the structure of the business or his life. Looking for a child and finding him hiding behind the door is not wanting to admit his own mistakes. Standing outside the door and eavesdrop on what they are talking about in the room is the fear of being face to face with problems.
Under the blanketSuch a dream indicates that a person does not need company to be completely happy. Every time, being among a huge number of people, he is under stress, which negatively affects his health. Hiding under a blanket with a flashlight — wait for someone to take on the solution of problems or responsibility
Behind the back of a man standingA person is looking for a patron. A child hides behind an adult — someone spreads bad rumors about the dreamer’s personal life. Seeing yourself in childhood, hiding behind the back of parents, is a thirst for selfless love
In the HouseIn someone else’s — there will be a visit to people whom the sleeper will not be happy to see. In its own way — immersion in its own world, some selfishness. Hiding from the danger in an unfinished house — a sign that you should not trust strangers
In carWe’ll have to in real life from someone to hide. Climb into the back of a truck to go unnoticed to another place — well-being will be shaken due to unforeseen circumstances

Hiding, but still being discovered — to the extra hassle of household chores.

Why dream of hiding: interpretation by dream books

The differences in interpretations are explained by the fact that the authors of the dream books were guided by different systems of decoding characters. Some of them used their own long-term observations.

Dream interpretationValue
MillerHiding, fearing is a sign of self-doubt. A person does not trust his intuition and does not want to rely on his previous experience, so it is difficult for him to decide on further actions.
  • Hiding in a cave is a sign that man is not interested in sex as a way to satisfy carnal desires. The reason for this is an old psychological trauma.
  • Running to hide in the attic is an intimate relationship with a man who has long been sympathetic.
  • Hiding in a hole — the sleeper has BDSM inclinations, and he tries to implement them in bed
WangiHide and eavesdrop on what was said in another’s confession — the time has come for changes in outlook. The believer will become an atheist, and opposed to the church will be interested in religion
  • The sleeper will have to give something (to repay the loan, leave the position he held temporarily, to give up undeserved regalia), which he does not want to do.
  • See another person hiding — get help from others
WandererDreamers overwhelm doubt and anxiety. He has several solutions that suggest different scenarios, but they all cause internal contradiction
  • I dreamed of an ostrich that hides its head in the sand — the sleeper has a desire to get rid of the responsibility entrusted to him.
  • I had to hide myself — sleep warns against frivolous acts. One of them is able to radically change the whole future life of a person.
  • To search in a dream for your boyfriend or husband, who hid somewhere, is a symbol of a quarrel between lovers, but it is not too late to fix everything.
Witch MedeaSuch a dream brings trouble and problems. You should not be afraid of them, because, having shown courage and ingenuity, a person with dignity will get out of the situation and will feel more confident in the future

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

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I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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