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Why dream of hiding in the dream books of Winter, Morozova

Hiding in a dream, in jest, or from terrible danger is good or bad.

For children, playing hide-and-seek when kids like mice sit in closets or under beds and are afraid to exhale so that they are not found — this is fun fun. But, having become adults, people no longer play games, and if they are hiding, then from serious trouble.

And if this happened to you in a dream, how will the dream book react to it, and in general, why do you dream that you are hiding from a person, a wild beast or an otherworldly ghost?

Why dream of hiding in the dream books of Winter, Morozova

General interpretation of sleep with «hide and seek»

  • Most often, such a dream is explained as follows: you are a conservative, do not want to change your life, the main thing for you is not to be pulled out of your comfort zone.
  • If at the same time you also felt fear, in real life you need to solve something important, but you still can not decide.

From whom exactly did you hide?

  • Why dream that you are hiding from a woman? Sleep says: you do not like your own appearance.
  • Fleeing from a man (hiding or running away): in real life, your nervous system is plagued by a pile of unfinished business. Do not pull everything on yourself at once, it will not become easier from this. Smash problems by importance and solve them one by one.
  • Was it a well-dressed stranger? You will get acquainted with a swindler or gigolo, who will try to fuck with you for the benefit of yourself.
  • Was it a maniac like a movie? A dream warns: a threat will soon hang over you. Be carefull!
  • Was it a neighbor (neighbors)? Sleep to the hassle of home, or some kind of misunderstanding. If you were hiding figuratively (they simply did not open the door for them), the dream says: you have bad gossip about you. Think well what and to whom you are talking.
  • Have you seen yourself as a kid hiding from mom, dad, parents? In real life, you need a caress.
  • You yourself don’t know who you were hiding from? You will spend your time on visual work or meaningless chatter.
  • Did you hide from the ghost? Various thoughts are swarming in your head, you are literally confused about them.
  • Was it an animal? If it was with horns (goat, deer, elk, and so on), the dream says: you are very afraid that your partner is unfaithful to you.
  • To escape from a bear — to a quick marriage.
  • Hiding in a dream from a huge predatory cat (lion, tiger): you fear that the boss will call you to the «carpet».
  • Was it a bird, a predator? You were wrong and deserved punishment, but you manage to dodge it.

Where were you buried?

Why dream of hiding in the dream books of Winter, Morozova

  • In your house (apartment): you are locked in your inner shell, ignoring the outside world.
  • The house was a stranger: you will soon be visiting.
  • Under the bed: you suffer because of the unfortunate love that you have not yet been able to get out of your head. Second interpretation (from Freud): you want tenderness and affection, such as you received in childhood from your mother.
  • At the entrance (the danger was on the street): you hope that your loved ones will give you a helping hand.
  • Around the corner, running away from some person: towards decisive changes in your life. It is possible that soon you will change jobs, and maybe move.
  • On the roof: you are tormented by your own complexes, and you are trying to «cure» them.
  • On a tree: you are waiting for your partner (partner) to take the first step. Such a dream is most often interpreted if the dreamer is a woman.
  • In the forest: fate will force you to make a difficult decision.
  • In the closet: you dream of an “introverted rest”, that is, without witnesses. If you also locked the door, it means that you want not only to isolate yourself, but also to break off all former contacts. If the door is open all the time, an old acquaintance is looking for a meeting with you.
  • The wardrobe was empty: bad, dishonest friends would enter your life. It was packed: your choice is right.
  • Sitting in the closet, playing hide and seek: you deserve a reward, and you will be handed it.
  • You saw yourself as a lover, diving into the closet: you would do something stupid, reckless.

«Hide and seek» were associated with the war?

  • As the dream book says, to hide from the bombing, armed soldiers, the bullets of the enemy in a dream can be a man whom in reality is gnawing at some uneasiness.
  • You were hiding in the basement from enemies: in real life, you will have to “turn on” the economy mode.
  • Sit in the barn: some news will make you happy.
  • Hiding in a bomb shelter from enemy aircraft or artillery: you are worried about your own health.
  • Sit in the bushes from the bullets: you worry about whether you will be safe during the rest.
  • You were hiding in a strange house (a city, and maybe a country): you care about a long trip.
  • If you did not have time to hide and were in the heart of the fighting, the dream warns you about problems in business or at work.

And what do famous books write?

Why dream of hiding in the dream books of Winter, Morozova

Despite the maximum completeness of the general interpretation of dreams according to the dream book, many people prefer author’s books. They are not so verbose, but sometimes they are more insightful.

What will these interpreters advise you?

Dreams of Dmitry and Hope of Winter

  1. If you are hiding from an evil person or something unpleasant, your subconscious says: you prefer to “sit out” the troubles in real life. But the “ostrich position” has not yet made anyone a winner. Pull yourself together and finally solve your problems!
  2. If you were not hiding, but other people (or hiding something), the dream says: you are shocked by something unexpected.

Dream Dream Morozova

Your nightly hide-and-seek can alert you to problems you may soon encounter. Maybe it will be a serious danger, and maybe you will quarrel with relatives or loved ones.

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