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Why dream of hair in a dream

What dreams of thick, sick, light or dark hair

After an unsuccessful haircut, I often began to dream of my hair. In the real world, from the mirror, I looked at some kind of little sparrow with a chelle box, but in a dream I was the happy owner of long and thick chestnut, sometimes blond, and red curls.

Such dreams continued even when my unfortunate bangs (not without the help of expensive cosmetics) grew back, so I realized that dreams are not dictated by my desires, but by something else. Maybe fate?

Therefore, I bought the biggest dream book, which was in the store. And that’s what I learned …

What were they like?

Why dream of hair in a dream

  • Whites (light). If in a dream you saw too blond hair on your head, you will soon get sick. If one of your friends or relatives suddenly became blond, he may get sick.
  • Black. This is a good dream: you get a gift, or fate will present some kind of surprise. And it does not matter in what form this hair was. True, if the dreamer is blonde, cardinally dark hair can warn her about the danger of a serious illness.
  • Both dark and light at the same time. To see such an original painting on your own head — to a difficult choice, which will affect the whole subsequent life.
  • Redheads. On your head, you envy someone (perhaps not even wanting to admit it to yourself). On someone — this person is jealous of you, and maybe trying to deceive you.
  • Graying. Did your head whiten in your sleep? You are very tired and need rest. If you do not relax, you will have to be treated; and if you ignore the bells of the body and refuse to visit the doctor, everything can end in death. If in a dream only the temples turned white, on the contrary, it is a good dream, meaning that you occupy a decent position in society, you are respected and you are reckoned with.

Long hair is a sign of the road ahead. And the longer the strands, the more fate will carry you.

If a long-haired girl in a dream admires a man, this means that a certain charmer in reality will lead him around the finger.

Why dream of hair in a dream

Short hairstyle can warn about problems with money. So think well what you are buying (especially on credit) and where you invest your money.

Especially careful should be people who actually have long hair.

If short hair was decorated in a very beautiful hairstyle, this is not the worst dream — it promises success in business. If they were cropped aby as patients, with «living creatures» (that is, lice), you will not escape trouble.

A special interpretation has a dream in which the hair grow just before our eyes. You will find a lot of «rake», but after passing them, you will achieve your own goal.

If your hair was too thick, the dream tells about your hard inner core, great spiritual strength. Whatever task your life throws at you, you can handle it, so don’t be shy, set big goals for yourself.

The dream in which you saw many curls on your head has the same meaning.

If the hair was thin, thin, bad, or poverty awaits you, or a serious illness.

Pretty haircut

Why dream of hair in a dream

If it was on your head, this is a great sign: you simply gush forth with energy and energy, and nothing will knock you off the intended road.

The same interpretation has a dream in which the hair is laid (at least on the cover shoot), stylishly extended or just very beautiful, well-groomed look.

If the hairstyle was neat, smoothed, even sleek, this is also good: you are an open person and you are surrounded by sincere friends.

If your hair was curled, that is, you saw curls on your head, you will meet with a very pleasant man, a friend who has not been seen for a long time.

And natural curls in a dream is a sign of levity. Let’s say you can spin the novel, which will soon end.

If a young woman saw such a dream, she should be careful — some sneaky people will try to draw her into a scam.

To wear wig in a dream — to deception, and if you start something new, suffer a fiasco. Lost a wig in a dream — enemies can make fun of you.

Wigs were worn by other people — you are surrounded by solid schemers.

Hair problems

Scruffy, tangled

This is a bad dream. If you saw a real mess on your head, or your hair was very greasy, in your life you are destined to be very to be dishonored.

Think well what you are doing, otherwise you will not escape repentance and shame because of utter stupidity.

But the hair, powdered dandruff (or white flakes on the shoulders), in a dream they see a wealth that they did not plan to receive.

Why dream of hair in a dream

Lose hair in your sleep — these are your fears in real life. You are afraid of losing your power or power, losing, or falling out of the cage due to illness.

However, banal fatigue and recycling are not good for anyone. If you do not want to weaken, take the time to have a good rest and sleep off, as a last resort, take a vacation.

If you didn’t see the dropout process itself, but noticed strands of hair on the floor or hairbrush, or someone pulled them, in real life, you can lose a person who is important to you — a business partner, a friend. And it is unlikely to be death — most likely just quarrel.

Be attentive to what you say to others, and you may be able to avoid it!

Matted shred hair dreams of financial difficulties. You will solve them, but you will have to spend a lot of time on the problem.

Wherein beautiful curl (say, exactly cut and tied with a ribbon) — this is a positive sign, promising to meet with your beloved / beloved. But if you had such a lock, but you lost it, then on the contrary, you can quarrel with a dear person.

No hair, bald head

Why dream of hair in a dream

To see yourself bald (bald) in a dream — to lack of money, poverty or disease.

More interpretations of dreams with bald heroes will tell this video:

Body hair

If you remember that in a dream on your feet There was a lot of hair, do not be alarmed. This is a sign that you have a strong, courageous character.

And nowadays even a young girl will rejoice in this, because with a persistent, unshakable disposition, you can overcome any life obstacles (as stated in the popular joke, “For any difficulties, remain a man, Natasha”).

The only thing: do not forget to weaken the grip, communicating with family people. Old parents, spouse, children — for them, even the bravest lion should turn into a cute cat.

If hair grows on the palm, it is to profit. True, if in a dream you cut them off, because of low self-esteem you can refuse a profitable business and not get anything.

What did you do?

If you have not done anything with a hairstyle, you need to interpret a dream only by the color and condition of the hair. However, any of your actions bring new meanings to the dream.

  • Braided braid. For a man or a married lady, this is a sign of new connections (and they can often be intimate). For a young girl — a message about the future proposal of the hand and heart.
  • Combed. In real life, you are in a tangled situation and you want to put things in order. Be patient, and everything will work out for you.
  • Washed his head. Soon you will succeed or clear your conscience and rise in your own eyes, or achieve the respect of others, and then — and a good position in society. And if you did it in clothes, this is a warning: foolishly, you can suffer financial losses or quarrel with an important person for you.
  • Dried hair dryer. The problem that does not go out of your head is not so terrible. Stop thinking about her and live as before. Already a couple of weeks later you will forget about this annoying misunderstanding.
  • Hair styled with gel: you feel guilty that you would like to make amends. As an option: there is a conflict, the «corners» of which you want to smooth out.
  • Pinned hair with a hairpin. A dream in any case promises good luck in your personal life. To a person in a relationship, he says that this very relationship will become more “even”. Lonely man pin in a dream guarantees a meeting with his fate.
  • Dyed hair: You can intentionally deceive someone. If in a dream you immediately tried to wash the paint off your hair, you will regret alive that you have dishonestly acted against your neighbor.
  • Hooked hair for something: in your personal life complete confusion. The time has come to bring order to her, otherwise it will only get worse.
  • Hair extensions. Soon additional work will fall on you, which takes a lot of energy and strength.

Cut hair

Simply to cut off hair in a dream itself is a warning sign. You are in danger, so be careful.

If you shortened the hair of another person, you are very lucky.

In a dream they cut you: you are destined to fail.

You will learn more about the haircut process in a dream in this video:

Why dream of hair in a dream

  • In dreams with hair, their shade is important, especially if you see a color that is not “your own”. Yes, if your hair suddenly turned black, it means that you will get a gift, if you turn white — this is a disease, and reddened hair speaks of hidden envy.
  • What is important is what you did with your hair. Weave a braid well or wash your hair in a dream. It is worse to see how you are cut (or trim your hair yourself), dye your hair or cling obliquely to something.
  • Particular attention is worth dreams, in which there were problems with the «mane.» Yes, if you remember that your hair fell out, it means that now you are surrounded by fears; turned gray — you need peace; you are suddenly completely bald — this is to poverty and other problems.

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