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Why dream of green onions?

Why dream of green onions?

Why dream of green onions?

In reality, the bow and useful, and brings tears. And what to expect from green onions, if we see it in a dream?

Why dream of green onions?

Vegetable does not always bring tears and sorrows. It is important to correctly interpret the vision and pay particular attention to details and nuances.

Sleep details

  • Farmland planted with onions, symbolizes the dreamer himself and his unwillingness to accept the outcome of the situation or loss. If you want to take revenge, then remember that you will not receive joy and relief, but on the contrary aggravate your spiritual problem.
  • Bundles of green onions with heads They talk about major changes in the personal and professional sphere. Success and prosperity will acquire new beginnings in these areas. In addition, a good time to increase their capital.
  • If heads with green feathers began to rot, then the dream predicts imminent health problems. Be careful.
  • Saw green onions in the garden. If you grew it, you may lose personal belongings or property. The more onions you saw, the greater the loss. In addition, scammers or thieves will be able to fool you for a large amount of money. The dream warns you against excessive frankness with unfamiliar and unfamiliar people.
  • If the beds were seen with green onions, but did not do anything, then you will fight with envious and detractors. In opposition, all methods will be good.
    Why dream of green onions?
  • Collected green onions. The sign is good for everyone. The goals will be achieved, but it will have to go the hard way, filled with tears and disappointment. Sometimes the dream promises betrayal. A loved or loved one will bring tears.
  • If you dug a green onion shovel, then you need to wait for unexpected material benefits. Money will fall on you in large quantities and unexpectedly. In addition, interesting and good news will come.
  • If a man dug onions using a shovel, then he should beware of the opponent.
  • Sliced ​​Green Onions brings the dreamer misunderstandings and scandals with others. Close people are so overgrown with self-interest and selfishness that you can no longer put up with it.
  • We bought green onions? Soon will be the owner of the securities or property. If someone is surrounded by someone, then he will hear of his recovery.
  • Traded with the seller about the price of onions? Trouble will approach you, be careful not to succumb to the entreaties of hidden enemies.
  • If you cut onions, then pay off soon for wrongdoing.
  • Saw onion and dill on the table. After bitter tears, relief will come. Hard way and work will be rewarded.
  • If on the beds saw side by side growing onions and dill, you will be able to confront your ill-wishers.
  • Onion feathers seen on the table, they talk about grievances and sorrows. Enemies are plotting. Sleep warns you about deceit because of greed and envy, so be prepared.

Dream interpretation

Dream Miller

Green onions symbolizes black envy and anger. Negative emotions are so envious that they are ready for the most despicable acts.

It will be difficult to resist the wiles of enemies, but you will succeed.

If you have seen a lot of green onions, you will be able to succeed after a certain time. Ate onions?

Get rid of detractors.

If you saw how onions grew, then know that the envious and the enemies will be on the way a lot. Fighting them will not be easy.

Cut green onions dreams to success in the financial sector. If the bow caused you to tears, then without rivals you will not be able to achieve the intended goals.

If you cut the green feathers, then enjoy the sharp and vivid emotions.

Why dream of green onions?

Assyrian dream book

Bow feathers dreams before hard and long work. After completing the case, you will receive a well-deserved reward.

Collected onions? Soon you will receive a reward that you did not guess and did not expect.

To eat green onions in a dream — to problems with others.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

Bow feathers on the beds promises a new partner. He will be younger than you.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

Green onions foreshadows tears or a spoiled mood. Eat onion feathers — to the disclosure of your secrets by someone.

If planted onions, you lose health or money.

Modern dream book

Green onion reflects envy of enemies. Ate onions?

You will meet good and good people who will help to achieve a lot.

Cook or cut green onions — for profit. If seen in pots bulbs with green feathers, then wait for big expenses.

Gypsy dream book

Saw green onions? Wait for joy.

Great wealth will fall on your shoulders.

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