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Why dream of gloves on dream books and the main interpretations

What do gloves mean in a dream — transcript by dream books

Gloves in a dream — a sign of change, danger, fragility and caution. Usually gloves protect the delicate skin of the hands from cold and weathering.

Representatives of creative professions and gentle ladies are particularly sensitive to the perfect skin of the hands and wear gloves with the slightest wind, or if necessary, to do homework.

If you do not do this — the skin of your hands will become overburdened, cracked, an infection will penetrate into the cracks, the joints will swell, the hands will completely lose their grace. In medicine, until the invention of disposable thin gloves, surgeons constantly had to smear the skin with iodine solution. The appearance of latex disposable sterile gloves is an imperceptible but important revolution in medicine.

Find out what dreams of dreaming dreams are, and what values ​​the hand protection in dreams can have.

Why dream of gloves on dream books and the main interpretations

Basic Values

  • Many beautiful and elegant gloves means a wide choice of partners or partners. If women change men like shoes, then men change women like gloves. Alas, this does not apply to economic or construction. Rather, they indicate a lack of funds and the need to do hard work with their own hands.
  • Workers, household gloves, in addition to protecting hands, perform an important psychological role, making it possible to reduce tactile sensations and to disengage from unpleasant work. Nobody will draw or play the piano with dressed hands — the sensation and sensuality of fingers are important, but washing dishes, keeping hands dry, doing cleaning without touching the dirt is important. If in a dream you touch someone in a glove, it means that touching this person is unpleasant to you. The same applies to items. If you dream that you are doing your job in hand protection, it is unpleasant to you.
  • If in a dream you are wearing gloves — this is a sure sign of an introvert, you tend to move away from the world and close in your own armor.
  • To open your hands is to open the sensual component.
  • Gloves, mittens that do not warm your hands in the cold, you feel cold — to misunderstanding, low self-esteem.
  • If a man finds a female glove on his hand, this is a sign of danger from a woman.

Why dream of gloves on dream books and the main interpretations

Actual value

Freezing hands and feet may be symptoms of anemia or heart failure. If you are too often disturbed by dreams in which you go through the warmest mittens, try to find the right ones, but your hands are cold anyway — it makes sense to go to a cardiologist and get tested.

Pay attention to proper nutrition, the presence in the diet of vitamins, iron, magnesium, potassium. Freezing hands and feet may be symptoms of an onset of a nervous disorder.

Why dream of gloves on dream books and the main interpretations

Interpretations from authorities

  • Dream Miller explains the joy of new gloves in a dream and promises complete well-being in material and spiritual terms. Your caution and reasonable thrift in business create you a good reputation.
  • To lose is to experience disappointment in love, but do not despair and quickly find a replacement for lost feeling. Find others in a dream — is expected a new hobby, a novel, flirt.
  • Medea’s dream interpretation treats gloves as a sign of a desire to step back from the situation, to interrupt emotional involvement. If the gloves are torn, dirty, old, worn — this is the need.
  • Freud’s dream interpretation considers gloves in a dream as a sign of the desire for sex without problems and obligations, with the maximum guarantee of safety.
  • A female dream book notices that if in a dream you see a person with hidden hands, it does not favor frankness. Something he conceals, and significant. Wear hand protection — prepare to do unpleasant work that you are not ready to get involved emotionally.

Why dream of gloves on dream books and the main interpretations


Hand protection is necessary in cold regions and in the middle lane. The choice of practical gloves shows a person’s concern for their health or, on the contrary, disorder, irresponsibility.

Sleep reflects your anxiety about appearance and health.

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